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My YouTube Video Reviews!

Hey guys, let’s make it quick.

In this section I added all the fitness wearables that I tested so far. More video reviews are to come!

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i10x Homestec Review (2/5 Stars)

KUNGIX Smartwatch

Price: 80 $CAD
Best Price: Amazon
Amazon link:
Rating: 3.5/5

Good battery life
Bright LCD display
Multiple Fitness Features
Affordable watch

H-band app is very limited
No Touchscreen
No Built-In GPS

Stay tuned for more video reviews shortly!

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Stay connected! Have a good one.


2 Comments on “Video Reviews (YouTube)”

  1. Wow I love the idea of using a YouTube video in your post. I love the smart watch you have displayed in your video and I must say I am impressed. I would love to get this smart watch as the one i got last is developing some fault and I don’t really think it can be fixed. Considering the price of this watch I feel its worth it. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hey Dane, 

      Thanks for the warm reply. That is what I am trying to do for now: getting the most out of cheap/affordable wearables and review them for everyone. You don’t need a very expensive watch now to monitor your fitness level and calories burn to help you lose weight. We can show you how. 

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