What Is The Matrix PowerWatch?

What Is The Matrix PowerWatch?

What?!!! A watch powered by you? This is crazy man… Well! I guess not! An awesome team from California has build a watch that charge by heat transmission. They call it the Matrix PowerWatch. What is the Matrix PowerWatch? Let’s call it something refreshing into this world! This watch is already well acclaimed. At the latest Customer Electronics show (CES 2018 in January) it won the Best Wearable award. Let’s take a first look at this watch!

How does it Work?

Good question. Your body produce heat that we call energy. The watch uses a thermoelectric generator that senses body heat and convert it to energy! The TEG will absorb the heat flowing and transfer it to electricity. That powers the Matrix PowerWatch. Depending on of the temperature recorded by the watch, the charge will be slower or quicker. The wearable doesn’t charge if the temperature rise higher than 90 Fahrenheit. The wearable company has created a table/chart that shows the charging time depending on the ambient temperature.

From Matrix Industries website.

If the battery can’t be charged, no worries. It still gonna work for 1 year and it will keep your fitness info and time for that period too.

To know more about their thermoelectric technology, click here.

Real Time Display

This feature shows how much heat/energy is absorbed from your body. It is represented by bars around the watch face. It can up to 11-12 if you perform an intense exercise/workout.

The Features

The main features of this wearable are pretty basic but are backed up by Matrix’s technology. You will get the steps count, calories burned and sleep displayed on the watch. Calories burned are accurately calculated using their thermoelectric technology and data. A difference from most of the fitness watches/tracker in the market that based their calorie data using step counting (and other external factors).

You also have the stopwatch feature. Not a big fan… But the Running mode is interesting since I am a runner. I wish I had a PowerWatch in hands to test and measure his accuracy versus a built-in GPS watch.

The menu are controlled by the two buttons (Mode and Set) and the scrolling knob of the PowerWatch.



Here’s the complete list of features that you will find on the PowerWatch

– Activity Tracking

– Running mode

– Stopwatch

– Sleep Tracking Mode

– Real Time Energy Harvesting

– Sync Data (with a smartphone)

– Time and Date


The power consumption is probably why the company doesn’t include more fitness features but let’s cross our fingers for improvements in the near future. Also, integrating sensors like an accelerometer or built-in GPS will suck up much more power than now. Only the future will tell us if they will incorporate more fitness features into their watches.

PowerWatch models

There’s three models up to now: The PowerWatch, The PowerWatch Black Ops (Pack) and the PowerWatch X. Each models looks rugged and stylish.

The PowerWatch X is the latest watch released by the wearable company. It is a bigger and looks more rugged than the original PowerWatch. The diameter increased to 50 mm and the watch is 10 grams heavier. You can now use the watch in 200 meters of water depth, the original model can take it up to 50 meters (that was pretty impressive already!). This makes it one of the best for waterproof watches in the wearable market! It is also able to receive phone notifications.

All models have the same processor (ARM Cortex-M4F) and uses a highly integrated micro controller (Ambiq Apollo). Combining both parts together allows to process each task with a very low battery life consumption.

The third model named PowerWatch Black Ops Pack is completely black with a Milanese strap instead of the default nylon strap. Internally, the Black Ops model and the original one are the same.

The prices are not the same though:

$199 for the original PowerWatch

$239 for the Black Ops edition

$279 for the latest PowerWatch X.

For the complete specification list, please click here.


Useful App But Can Be Better

Like the watch, the app is pretty basic in terms of features. It only gives is the same information as the watch does.

On both platforms (iOS and Android), the reviews and comments are pretty average. Let’s hope the company will provide a new update fixing all these known bugs (sync and update issues).



Comments from Android’s users (PlayStore)


The app first show you how to configure your watch and will sync to your phone. You can choose between 9 display languages (pretty impressive). The fitness data recorded by the watch (up to 1 week) is well shown on the app but it seems to be missing ”more in depth ” info that any fitness athletes love to have. By example, a food tracker or the ability to add and connect automatically to different social communities like Strava or Endomundo.

You can at least set your activity goals (steps, calories and distance) and change your general parameters (language, password, units, etc…). The ability to change watch faces (that are popular with many other wearables) are still not available for the PowerWatch.

In other words, the app lacks functionalities and seems to undergo different sync connectivity issues. Be aware until a major update is announced by Matrix Industries.


Is It Worth Buying?

If it was just for me, I would buy it hands down! When your been using wearables for quite some time, always reminding yourself to charge your watch is a pain in the butt. With the PowerWatch, you are eliminating that major problem that most of the smartwatches and fitness trackers have in the present. But to call it a revolutionary product you will need more in my opinion.

If they can include more fitness features into the watch and update (big time!) their PowerWatch app, it will be a true competition to the rest of the wearables in the market. But keep in mind that this California based company has launched his first model only last year (November 2017). So, there’s probably more to come up!

If you are a person that loves to check/evaluate his fitness data or going social with his smartphone, I suggest you take another route (for now at least). This watch is promise to a bright future. Let’s hope they will be able to juggle with sensors integration and a tweak of their Android and iOS platform. We will keep you up to date!

If you guys are looking to purchase and try this wearable, it is available in the Matrix Industries’s webstore or on Amazon.

What do you think if this wearable?

Is it something that you are looking for? Do you think that this watch will be a game changer in the wearable industry?

If you have any comments, please write them below.




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12 Comments on “What Is The Matrix PowerWatch?”

  1. I have to be honest, in that I have never been a big fan of “fitness trackers” of any kind really, only because I know so many people who use one and will tell me, wow I’ve done 10,000 steps today and used 800 calories and then go and eat some junk food. However bit by bit I am coming around to the fact they can be useful and I really love your article and the concept behind this watch in that you are charging it with your body heat. I have often said we should create a gym where all of the machines and lights etc. are powered by the users. Your review has really got me interested in the matrix and I will be watching to see if a model with more features becomes available in the future. Thanks again for a great article.

    1. The pleasure is mine Kevin! 

      I am happy that you found this post interesting. This is what I was trying to do: To talk about other wearables that exists and are emerging in the wearable’s world. I am expecting they will add more features to the PowerWatch. The poor amount of features is probably due to the sensors power consumption. They will need to re-think how they will do it. I will stay alert in case some news comes up from Matrix. 

      Regards, Al

  2. It sounds like the watch is everything I am looking for in a fitness tracking device with the added benefit of my effort actually powering it! I am a bit disappointed that the app doesn’t have the ability to track things like food/carbs/calories.

    Since it is so new, I would suspect that they will be upgrading it as the demand for more functionality arises.

    How long does it store your stats that it does keep? For example, how long will I be able to look back at my steps for the day?

    Since I enjoy swimming, having the waterproof options are a big plus. My Apple Watch has a few problems when it gets wet, even from sweat while working out! 

    I will be checking this out more thoroughly as I am in the market for a new fitness wearable.

    1. Hello Karin, you are right about the ability of tracking your daily calories burned. It does tracks calories burned for a specific workout (like running) tho. I am sure they will come up with new advancements in the near future. I will get mine soon and I will do a Youtube video review by the beginning of next year after testing it deeply. 

      The Powerwatch store your fitness data for a week, then it is erased. The Apple Watch (version 2, 3 and 4) should be water resistant to a specific depth. You can swim with it but not go in deep depth. 

      Go visit my reviews on my site if you want to purchase a new wearable. 

      Here’s the linkhttps://mrfitnesswearables.com… 

      I hope this helps. Regards, Al

  3. Hi Al, gamechanger for sure.  I have a Samsung Gear Sport and love it.  I am in the fitness industry and it does most of what I need it to do (not uite to the standard of the Garmin that is for sure).  However the biggest problem with all of these watches is the need to charge them at some stage.  I do mine overnight but then obviously lose the ability to track sleep.  A watch that charges itself whilst wearing it is genius.  I can’t beleive Apple and Samsung have not put that in.

    I gues that raises the question.  Do you see this as something that will be copies by other manufacturers in the near future?  Regardless, this watch is defiinitely something I will be considering for my next purchase.


    1. Hi Paul. Who knows? Maybe the big leaders will buy the technology to implement it in the future. It will be hard at this point since everything is so packed up inside a wearable device. That will mean to remodel everything. Having a sim card or a GPS sensor in the wearable is the challenge due to power consumption. Still, if Matrix can do it, the big companies like Fitbit or Apple can do it too. But is there really a demand on their side for this? We are comparing a company with specific needs against an all around experience wearable like the Apple Watch. 

      Thanks for the comment my friend. All the best. 

  4. Cool watch. Good for my area, temps are 50 to70 degrees F. I wonder how would hotter areas work out, like Florida.
    I had a Fit Bit Blaze, but sold it. Always running out of batteries and losing it’s Sync all the time. This could be great watch if they could add more features, and I think they will. Like the new technology, look forward to seeing new Improvements.

    1. Hi Paul,

      I Paul, the temperature shouldnt be a problem for this watch. Correct about the Fitbit Blaze, it lacks battery life. Fitbit has recently boost battery life on the Charge 3 and also the Versa. You can go take a look if you loved the Fitbit wearables. I did a post about the Charge 3 and the Versa if you want to have more info.

      Let me know if you need any help picking the right one for you. All the best. Al

  5. This looks like a really great watch and the fact that It’s charged by body heat?, I think that’s a very cool innovation. No more work as about plugging in a cord. I REALLY like that.

    I don’t own a smart watch but I sure would consider this one as my first and, yes, With a few more extras I think  this watch will definitely be a game changer.

    The price seems to be reasonable as well and compares well with other brands I have looked at.

    Thanks for the review and all the best,


    1. Wayne! 

      You are damn right. This watch is everything about innovation, new tech and Fitness tracking. 

      When someone think ” outside the box” it deserve to be talked about. I will probably get one myself in the near future because I hate to recharge my devices and I am a waterproof wearable lover. I’m using a TomTom Spark 3as we speak but this one is one of a kind. Thank you for the comment. Al

  6. This is a very interesting concept and totally new to me. I did not know that watches like these existed. I think that is really ‘cool’ that it can transform one’s body heat into a ‘power charge’ for a watch. This TEG technology is ‘neat’ – another new terminology to me. Is this what you mean when you also refer to this watch as a ‘wearable’?

    I like the features you also listed. So, are you also saying that this is somewhat similar to a ‘fitbit’? My girlfriend has one and she likes keeping track of her steps. For myself, I don’t see the ‘need’ of such a gadget. This watch is something I would be interested in – especially from the standpoint of using my own body heat to ‘run an apparatus’. 

    I will it check out.

    Thanks for the suggestions as well.


    1. Hi Michelle! 

      I appreciate your comment! You are probably not the only one that didn’t knew that this type of wearable existed. That’s why FW gives you more than just the normal standard fitness wearable. 

      A wearable is an electronic device that can be worn on the body and adding fitness to it, it can help you with your health, fitness level and much more. 

      This is the first watch that stand out so much with a new technology and it needs to be told 😀. 

      Have a good one. Al

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