TOTOBAY Smartwatch Review! Should You Buy This Cheap Smart Watch?

Product Name: TOTOBAY ST05 Smartwatch

Overall Rank: 3.5/5

Price: 73.95 $ CAD

Best Place To Buy:

Guarantee: 1 year (2 years bonus on registration).

People are now more sensitive and aware with their health than before. This is why a smartwatch or a fitness tracker can be helpful to give them more information about their health and much more.

Finding a great cheap smartwatch on Amazon can take a lot of your time and can also be confusing with so many models in the market. Being myself a smartwatch user I can point you to the right path. If you are looking to purchase your first smartwatch, there’re many things you need to know about a smartwatch by example which fitness features are the most important to track to improve your health on the long run.

In this post, I will do a full review of the TOTOBAY Smartwatch that you can find on (Amazon’s Choice) for less than 100 $ (I bought it on Prime for 69.99 $ CAD!). I will strip down everything this smartwatch has and what it brings to the table so you can make a clear decision in the end. Simple right? Let’s get down to business!

Please note that there’s another version available on that is well acclaimed too.

What’s in the Box

The TOTOBAY Smartwatch comes packed on a box like a standard wristwatch that you buy on a jewelry store. It reminds me the times that I was buying normal watches, there was always something ”magical” and ”classy” about opening a new wrist watch in the past…

unboxing totobay smart watch

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • The TOTOBAY Smartwatch with the silicon strap
  • Magnetic 2 pins charging cable (USB)
  • Flyer with 2 years extra warranty
  • Manual

The best thing beside the watch is definitely the flyer that allows you to add 2 years to the original warranty when you register online. This is AWESOME since normally you only 12 months of warranty on wearables in the market.

Hardware and Design


totobay band length

The black silicon band is 25 cm (10 inches) long and 2 cm large*. The thickness of the strap is 3 mm making it a bit more thick than most of the smartwatches in the market but once you wear it, it is comfortable and sits fine on the wrist.


The body of the TOTOBAY Smartwatch looks great and feel robust. The middle portion of the case is dark gray compare to black for the rest of it. Around the display you can see the minutes (15,30 and 45) engraved, good if you are using the needle watch style watchface. Beside that, it is only good for aesthetics.

The watch diameter (including the body) is 45 mm, a great dimension for most wrist sizes. I got medium wrists and it looks great on me. Maybe for some very small wrist users this smartwatch could be too big. Hard to judge… The gray casing has a matte finish that I found beautiful and feels like you are wearing a solid smartwatch.


TOTOBAY smartwatch display

The rounded display of the TOTOBAY Smartwatch looks bright and sharp. Of course, you cannot compare to a AMOLED display of a high-end smartwatch but it is still good. You can choose from up to 6 different brightness levels that can be adjusted into the menus of the watch.

Once you configure the watch with the companion app you can also set it to turn on the screen automatically when you twist/lift your wrist (pretending you are looking at the time).

The display is not touchscreen. It has a capacitive ”sensor” at the bottom of the screen that allow you to navigate into the menus.

capacitive sensor totobay smart watch

Watch Faces

You are limited to 5 watchfaces to choose from, that are really different one from the other. Samsung smartwatches will probably laugh at this (there’s a ton watchfaces available) but it is better than nothing. I love the classic and the red/white numeric styles.

Smartwatch Features

Waterproof and Swim-Ready

waterproof ip 68


One of the best features that the TOTOBAY Smartwatch includes is that it is fully waterproof (IP68) and swim-ready. So, no worries about keeping your watch on wrist while taking a shower or working out outside during storm. It will survive! The only restriction the company tells us to pay attention is to not use the watch on a hot tub or sauna. This could lead to condensation inside the watch and affecting the accuracy of the sensors and stability of the device.

Push-On Notifications

If you are a social media time of person, this watch allow you to receive push-on notifications directly on the watch. You can receive a lot of social medias and messaging apps notifications but you can’t answer them. By example if you receive a text message you can read it but you cannot reply to it. Here’s a list of the most popular apps that the TOTOBAY watch can receive:

  • Social Medias: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Messaging: WeChat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • Emails: Outlook, Gmail
  • Others: Call and SMS Reminders

Device notifications named ”Device Reminders” can also be activated using the app:

  • Take Medecine
  • Meeting
  • Sedentary
  • Drink (water)

DIY Background

This feature allows you to take a picture/image from your phone and set it as a background on the phone display.

Fitness Features

Multi-Sports Modes

You can track up to 9 different sports with the TOTOBAY Smartwatch. This can be accessed directly on the smartwatch by select the proper menu (Sport).

Here’s the list: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Mountain climbing and table tennis (really?).

Heart Rate and BP Monitors

hear rate sensor

With a 24 Hours continuous HR and Blood Pressure Monitor this great to have but don’t get overexcited. They accuracy still remains questionable and the data cannot be used as a medical reference. It is always best to see your doctor (unless you have an Apple Watch?).

Automatic Sleep Monitoring

Are you really sleeping deeply? If not, your body may not recuperate quickly. In conjunction with the WearHealth app, you can track and see with a chart what type of sleep you get every night. This could help you improve your sleep quality on the long run.

Step Counter and Distance

Directly through the watch you can track how many steps you have taken on a day and the distance traveled. You can set up the amount of steps you want to achieve everyday (e.g.: 10000 steps) by setting up the watch with the app.

Calories Burned

Being able to track how many calories you have burned during a day can also guide you know if you are eating enough food(for better performance) or too much (for weight loss). A must in my opinion.

The WearHealth App

WearHealth app

The WearHealth app can be installed on any iOS (8.0 +) and/or Android (4.4 +) device. A good thing. Whiting the app you can check your daily health information (steps taken, distance, etc…) with a health index that is a bit confusing. This is something that I don’t like at all. It doesn’t give you any insight about your health data (like Fitbit does by example).

The Sport menu allows you to start recording your run/walk showing you in real time the duration, the speed and the distance. Pretty simple and easy. You are actually recording the position/location used by your smartphone. Nothing fun there.

The Care menu allows you to add contacts/friends in case of emergency. I haven’t really try this feature but it seems irrelevant.

mine menu wearhealth appThe Mine menu is what you will use the most. It allows you to show the battery life and set up many parameters like a Target steps and sleep. Accessing the Device Management will give you more parameters that can be added to the TOTOBAY smartwatch once set up.

Pros and Cons


  • Good battery life while using most of the features (6 days)
  • Waterproof (IP68) and Swim-Proof
  • Nice look and great design for a low-cost smartwatch
  • Good variety of push-on notifications (emails, text messaging, sedentary reminder, call, etc…)
  • Really easy to use
  • Comes with an extra 2 years warranty (after registering)


  • No built-in GPS
  • Push-On notifications cannot be answered/reply
  • Blood Pressure and HR sensors are not that accurate
  • Sometimes the Sedentary Reminder acts up even if you are active
  • The app is too basic and need to be more agnostic with insight functions

The bottom line…

If you are looking for a cheap smartwatch the TOTOBAY Smartwatch can be a good choice. For counting steps and calories, you won’t be disappointed but if you want deeper health data (like heart rate or blood pressure), forget about this one! Beside these two downsides the TOTOBAY smartwatch is a beautiful and rugged watch that can be wear on any conditions (waterproof).

If you are looking for more accurate readings you can also check my video review about the Kungix Smartwatch, that cost about the same price.

I hope you enjoyed this blog review about the TOTOBAY smartwatch. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment at the bottom of this post.

Stay active! Have a good one.

Alvaro ”Al” Paez

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16 Comments on “TOTOBAY Smartwatch Review! Should You Buy This Cheap Smart Watch?”

  1. My grandson is a fitness geek and needs a smartwatch so I am going to get him one of these as he doesn’t need the blood pressure and extras about his health, just a great watch to keep him on track and this looks like a great buy for his 20th birthday coming up soon

    He also loves to swim and has killed a few watches forgetting they are not waterproof so this one will be so great-= Thank you

    I also really love the fact this watch has an extended warranty because 20-year-olds especially men can be a little tough on gear and equipment

  2. Hello Alvaro, I think that this smartwatch is not a bad pick at all judging from all the awesome features that it has. There are some other ones that I would have loved the wristwatch to have but I still think that it is very impressive especially because of the awesome waterproof feature. I will grab one since it can do the basics and most importantly, it is cheap. Lol, Thanks.

  3. Hello Alvaro, smartwatches happen to be one of the best and favorite watches I would want to wear always. Inhabe had a couple of similar featured watch, and this doesn’t have the heart rate tracker which most people look out for. Aside that, this watch is well built when it comes to feature and its warrantee time is really good to help us buyers and the pride for this device is okay.

    1. Hi Benson! 

      You are right. On my side, not having the HR is a no go. I run a lot and with my training I must monitor my heart rate to see if my intervals are good or not. Still, for someone that needs a first smartwatch that wants to check the calories burned or the steps taken, it is a great buy. Thanks for the reply! Al 

  4. I must say that though this TOTOBAY smartwatch lacks in some basic areas that the top industry leaders are thriving on like screentouch and that, I do not think that it would be very easy to consider it as a pushover because it has got some great and cool features too. I really like this watch a lot. One thing is very certain these days, every one is very conversant with their health demands and the best ways to get to the peak of their health is getting gadgets such as this to help us check our health demands. hence, this is very well priced in line with what it offers. I feel it is worth giving a trial to

  5. Hey,

    I really enjoyed your review of the Totobay. It does seem like a good watch if you’re not yet ready to throw a bunch of money on the flagship watches of better knows companies.

    According to your review, it has most of the features you need from a smartwatch, including sleep tracking and heartrate. But, despite having all the bells and whistles, do you think it is the right watch, build quality wise, or people might want to find a slightly more expensive, better quality watch?

    1. Hi Walter, 

      It is a good all around watch but it lacks accuracy when you are monitoring your heart rate. If this feature is something important for you, then stay away. If not, it will be a good buy. With 3 years (2 extras) of warranty and a slick design you will be pleased. Have a good one! 

  6. I guess the decision to buy or not rests solely on the people and how they want to make use of this smartwatch. For the price and the fact that it is relatively cheap, I feel that everything that has been offered here are simply good enough coupled with a sleek design. However, it lacks a lot in the aspect of the major features that should be considered as reasons t buy a smart watch. Well! this is strictly based on individual desires, I think.

    1. You are right. On my side, It wont be useful for my runs and workouts since I must incorporate heart rate and real deep health insights for a long period. But for others it could be a great option. By example, if you want to track your calories or steps. Al

  7. This is a very awesomely done post that you have here on this cheap smartwatch. I wouldn’t have ever thought that there would be a smartwatch that will be that cheap for one to buy. That is very awesome and I think that I should buy one to gift to a friend. It has all the basic needs that it should. I would like to know how good the battery life is though.

    1. Hi John, 

      I’ve been using the watch for a couple of says now and the battery is good. I can get around 5 days when using the watch with the fitness features. If you are not using any features and use the watch like a standard watch, it will last you more than 2 weeks! 

  8. I am not able to find out how to show battery life remaining – it just displays the time. I am in the ‘mine’ tab.

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