The PowerWatch 2 Is Delayed! Here’s why…

The PowerWatch 2 Is delayed! Here's why...

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a PowerWatch 2 from the Californian company called Matrix Industries. If you guys don’t know their technology well it is simple, they have build a fitness smartwatch that doesn’t charge…at all!

Packed with a brand new solar-cell system that adds-up to the solar-cell technology from the first generation, the PowerWatch 2 is one of a kind in the wearable industry. It now also comes with built in GPS and better third party app compatibility.

I just can’t wait to try this watch but unfortunately I will need some more time due to bugs issues that the Matrix’s team has found. On their Facebook page, they have published a quick statement concerning the shipping delays to his backers.

From Matrix's Facebook page

The bug they are talking about seems to be controlled and an update is needed to fix the problem. Good thing.

The company told me that I will receive a shipping notification shortly since they have re-started shipping units. But I have been more than 1 month already and nothing yet… Let’s not stress out and wait.

Take note that this watch cost almost $400.00 that is backed by normal people like you and me on a public and I am so impatient to try it!

I will post a full review that will also include an ”How-To” Section as soon as I will get on this nice watch. So, stay connected with me and log into my new YouTube Channel! It’s going to be great.

For the PowerWatch 2 complete list of new features, please read my article that I posted a couple of months ago.

Would you pay for a $400 watch that promote no charging with his technology?

What wearable are you using right now?

Have you ever backed/bought something on Kickstater or Indigogo?
Have a good one. Let’s go!


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