The Motiv Ring: A New Way To Monitor Your Fitness Life!

The Motiv Ring: A New Way To Monitor Your Fitness Life!

Most of us know what is a fitness tracker or a smartwatch looks like. These two are generally designed as a wristband but what about people that doesn’t like to wear a wristband or watch? Some companies understood what ”being original with style” means! 🙂 Like Level’s folks, who got creative with their smart glasses, Motiv is thinking out of the box with the Motiv Ring. Wristband haters would be pleased with this one, offering them most of what a fitness person needs.

Something Refreshing In The Wearable World

If you are looking for a new way to monitor your fitness life, this one is for your! I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like so much to wear stuff on me to monitor my fitness health. The only time I use a fitness tracker is when I run (I use a TomTom Spark 3 GPS Fitness Watch) to monitor my distance and pace (I’m training right now for a marathon).

Beside that, I don’t use a fitness tracker because I found it distracting (I hate getting notifications) and not convenient. The Motiv Ring is the perfect wearable for a person that doesn’t want to use his smartphone or a wristband (fitness tracker/smartwatch) to check his daily fitness level.

The Design

The Motiv Ring looks exactly like a normal ring but with all the electronic and sensors to track and give your fitness data on point. Made of titanium, this ring is beautiful, light and stylish that comes in three different colors: silver, black and rose gold. There are many sizes that should fit most of active persons and Motiv send you first a size set to confirm your ring size. Once the size is known, your go to their website (using a redemption code) and they will send your the ring’s kit in 2 days.

Size Chart SetThe sizing set provided by Motiv

Note: You can share your sizing set with your friends and family. If they purchase a Motiv ring, they will get a 20$ discount.

The titanium shell is resistant to most chemicals that your touch and also water-resistant (165 feet of depth, ATM5). So, no problem is your want to wear it at work, washing your hands or while swimming! The ring is less than 0.1 inches thick and weighs less than a penny, so it feels comfortable on your finger.

The battery (Lithium Ion) should last 3 days on normal usage and takes about 90 minutes to fully charge. The Motiv Ring comes with both a USB magnetic charging dock and USB dock key chain. The standard charging dock connects to a USB port on your PC/laptop to charge and the USB dock key chain is when your are traveling or ”on-the-go”. A little red led ignite on the ring when it is charging and green when the battery is full.

The USB charging dock and key chain

As your probably noticed, there’s no display (beside the charging LED) on the ring. The ring can log fitness data for about 2-3 days in his internal storage and as soon as your connect it (via Bluetooth) to a smartphone, it transfers the data to the app.

The Ring’s Features

Its pretty incredible what this company has made with a product that small. They packed two sensors inside the ring: 3-axis accelerometer and an optical rate sensor. Most of the tracking features are available in this wearable that we can compare with a Fitbit product without hesitation. Here’s the features list:

Active Minutes (and calories burned)

Activity Types and Intensity

Sleep Duration and Resting Heath rate

Steps and Distance

There’s no internal GPS and it is normal due to the power consumption of a GPS module (this would drain the battery pretty fast). The ring includes a 1 year of warranty and you can exchange or get a refund 45 days after it ships.

Software and Compatibility

Motiv App

Motiv has already published his app (Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker) on the AppStore (iOS). It is a complete version and users love it. You can find more information about by clicking here. Concerning the Android side, it still in development. They have recently released (since February) a beta version but it doesn’t include all the features like the iOS version.

Still, they seem to ask users for feedback to improve the app on a daily basis. Also, there’s a limited list of compatible smartphones for this beta version. You can find more details about the Android version by clicking here.

Going back to the iOS app, it is pretty slick. The activities that your have performed are shown in different blocks with an image card. You can edit or create the card to customize your own routine of exercises. The app also tracks your sleep time and resting heart rate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give your more details about your sleep patterns (deep, light, etc…).

The app is compatible with iOS 9 (iPhone 5s and up) or later and Android 6 (Marshmallow) or later.

Is It Worth Buying It?

This is a tricky question. This fitness wearable is not for everybody. If your love to track and see your fitness data right on the spot, then I suggest your go with the standard type, a fitness tracker that shows everything on a display. If checking your data post-workout is not a problem, then the Motiv Ring would be a good fit. This new wearable is focusing on people that want to stay wristband or phone free and to records all fitness data that a newbie or sport geek needs.

The downside right now is the app on Android (beta). On a personal note, I definitely want to try the Motiv Ring since I hate working out with a smartphone but I will wait until the complete version of the app is ready on Android (I am use a Samsung S8).

For extra details about the Motiv ring or to purchase it, you can click here to visit Motiv Inc. website.

==>Click here if you prefer to purchase the Motiv Ring from Amazon<==

UPDATE (December 2018): The ring is now available to ship to Canada.


What do your think about this fitness wearable?  Do you prefer to have a normal fitness tracker or  are morComment below!



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6 Comments on “The Motiv Ring: A New Way To Monitor Your Fitness Life!”

  1. I’m not really into watches, but a ring is a great idea. Back in my personal training days I used to let clients know to purchase some sort of gadget which would help them to stay on top of their fitness goals. This ring looks discret and lovely. Maybe I will be the next one to get one! 🙂 Thank you for this great review.

  2. hey Al,

    what  cool device! i didnt know they had fitness trackers this small! one would even know it was a tracker!

    does it come in any other colour?

    is the app free or does it come with in-app purchases?

    sorry for all the questions – but for $200 i wanna know all the details possible!

    1. Hi Tarun, 

      I appreciate your comment. It comes in 3 different colors: black, rose gold and silver. 

      The app from Motiv can be download for free on the PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (iOS).

      Bet regards,


  3. I’m on the fence about the Motiv Ring, but then again I like the idea of wearing a ring better than a watch to track fitness activity. I’ve never really warmed to the idea of using watches or other gadgets, but the Motiv Ring actually seems like a good product. I might consider getting it!

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