The HOMESTEC i10x SmartWatch Review

The HOMESTEC i10x SmartWatch Review

Amazon has a wide choice of wearable devices for everybody. From fitness trackers to smartwatches, the list is huge and it can be a pain to find and choose the right wearable for you. This time, we have the HOMESTEC i10X smartwatch that cost only 50 bucks! It is well acclaimed on Amazon but is it truly a smartwatch that delivers ?

Let’s take a look!

*Update (Jan 2019): Take note that on, this wearable is more expensive.

Product name: HOMESTEC i10x

Wearable Type: Smartwatch

Price: $40.00 CAN on

Guarantee: Only 30 days with Amazon (no info found by the supplier)

Product Rating: 2/5 Stars

What’s Inside the Box?

As soon as you open the box, you see the smartwatch well packed. It comes with a removal film on the display to protect it against any scratches during the shipment. The LCD display has touchscreen functionality and works only if you tap the bottom of the screen and it allows you to change between features/menus. Same thing happens if you press the left button of the watch. The HomeStech i10X also includes a proprietary charging cable, a cleaning cloth and a user guide.

If we go back to the smartwatch, the overall quality is good but not great. The strap is made of silicone and comes in two different colors (black/red or blue/white). The length of the strap is 249 mm with a width of 20 mm. If you have large wrists and want to know if it will fit great on you… It will probably. I have medium size wrists (170 mm/6.7 inches) and it looks a little bit too big for me. (see my pictures below).

Don’t be too overwhelmed by the user guide, it gives you enough details concerning the modes and menus but nothing more. The steps are explained correctly beside getting into the options menu. I will talk more about that in the Features. One thing that I noted is that they added a QR code in the manual that you can scan with your phone (using a third party app) and it will redirect you to the download page of the i10X app. The same QR code is also available by entering in the settings of the smartwatch.

The proprietary charging cable come with magnetic pins that connects to the back of the wearable device easily. You can use a standard USB charger to hook up the cable or a normal USB port from your PC/laptop. It takes about 45 minutes -1 hour to fully charge the Lithium CR2 battery that last between 4-7 days depending on usage.

A plus for this smartwatch is that it is waterproof (IP67), so you can wear it if you take your shower or washing hands. Still, the manufacturer doesn’t suggest using it for swimming (not ATM recognition). This can be something bad on the long term…

i10X Features

The iX10x smartwatch is capable of monitor most of the general feature that a smartwatch or fitness tracker should have. Here’s the features list of this wearable:



Heart rate (bpm): min and max HR can be set within the IXFIT app.

Step counter: you can set up your target steps goal within the IXFIT app.

Distance: shows distance (km or miles) and calories burned (k Cal).

Blood Pressure: with SBP and DBP (a calibration is necessary using the IXFIT app and by entering your own results)

Note: Your results must has been taken by a medical blood pressure measuring equipment.

App and Connectivity

The IXFIT app looks old and not user friendly at all. 4 menus are available: Movement, Heart Rate, Sleep and Me (settings).

Movement: Includes calories burned, steps and distance with a graphic. The last 7 and 30 days are also represented with a graphic.

Heart Rate: shows your current HR in graphic mode if connected via Bluetooth with your phone.

Sleep: Display your sleep pattern (need to wear the wearable at night).

Me: Settings to manage your watch as you want. To change your profile, add phone notifications or change units, etc…

Note: The sharing button in the app includes some Chinese apps that are not useful besides Facebook and Twitter. Also, the number of characters when receiving a phone notification on the watch is too limited. Overall, the software features are not good and we should expect more.

Does It Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a good looking smartwatch to monitor your fitness data, the Homestec i10x can be a good choice. For the price that you pay (and you probably know that fitness wearables can be expensive), you are getting OK quality with all the fitness features that a smartwatch should have. If you are a social medias geek, you will be disappointed since the social medias apps in the IXFIT app are limited to Facebook and Twitter. You are also unable to share your stats and workouts with a community like Strava.

The  good reviews on Amazon have decreased about this product  went .

Amazon Customer Reviews

Pros and Cons


OK quality product for the money invested.

Most general fitness features are included (HR, Step Counter, Sleep monitoring, distance and blood pressure)

Clear LCD display

Good battery life (4-7 days) and charging time (less than 1 hour)

Easy connectivity (via Bluetooth) with your smartphone.


The LCD touchscreen display is laggy and be frustrating

App feels kind of old. Unable to share fitness data with other communities like Strava or Runkeeper.

Some sharing apps are useful while others (like Instagram) are not available.

Accuracy of the sensors could be better and a bit laggy when changing between features.

Bottom line, if you really have a limited budget and you want to start using a wearable, this one can help you. track the basic stuff that everyone needs.  But since the touchscreen can be a pain in the butt and the app connectivity and sharing capabilities sucks, it can be a downside for many persons like me.

Let me know what you think about this wearable device! You can add your comments below or share. 🙂

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