The Galaxy Sport: The Next Samsung’s Smartwatch Will be Launched in 2019

The Galaxy Sport: The Next Samsung's Smartwatch Will be Launched in 2019

The rumors of a new Samsung smartwatch were right. The tech giant is working on a brand new smartwatch that will lead the pack in 2019. It was first announced by SamMobile, a reliable source in the past for other gadgets and wearables leaks and reported by Forbes in a recent post from their consumer tech group.

The leaks also report that the next wearable from Samsung will probably be named the Galaxy Sport, re branding the name like their latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch (leaving aside the ”Gear”) doing the same with a model, the Samsung Gear Sport.

Will Use Tizen OS, Like His Predecessors

Tizen OS (Credits: Wikipedia)

The Galaxy Sport would run the Tizen OS as expected since all Samsung watches are running that platform since day one. The operating system has been acknowledge in the past due to his compatibility, flexibility and support. All this to get a better user experience and end product, the OS would probably come with version 4.0 from scratch (the Galaxy Watch needed a OS update).

It should also be packed with 4 GB of internal storage that would help for installing apps or adding music into the smartwatch. The Galaxy Sport would be fitness focused, a way that many other smartwatch’s leaders (Fitbit with the Versa or Fossil with the Sport Smartwatch) are now sibling their clientele. By being more specific to their needs instead of just doing all-around wearables.

Bixby and Bixby Reminder Embedded

Bixby Assistant Launched At Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017

Like the Galaxy Watch, the Sport model will include Bixby (similar to Google Assistant) but will add Bixby Reminder as a plus. So, Bixby users (that comes with all Samsung smartphones), will have their push-on notifications directly into the watch. This will be a great addition since Bixby is does a great job to stack up many apps notifications in one assistant. A software update will probably come in 2019 for Galaxy Watch users to support that feature.

What More Should We Expect?

Since this smartwatch will be fitness focused, we should expect a deeper fitness analysis within the watch and also the app. We can think that the watch won’t come with LTE compatibility for the standard model but maybe as an option. Waterproof should be a no-brainer for this wearable and let’s hope they will add different display size like the Galaxy Watch. The battery should be like the Galaxy Watch (several days) or better depending on if LTE or Wi-Fi are built-in.

We will probably know more about Samsung’s new baby by August 2019 with their Unpacking Show that always take place at the same period every year. We think that it will be one of the highlights of the night with the new Samsung S10. So, the countdown is started!

From a new report from IDC (International Data Corporation), the shipments of wearables will reach 125.3 million devices an increase of 8.5% compare to 2017. The popularity of smartwatches are taking more and more place compared to basic wearables (like activity trackers) due to their affordability, versatility and operating system quick evolution. In these 125 million, 72.8 million are smartwatches (58.2%) and it will keep increasing for the next 5 years.

Will you be tempted to change from a fitness tracker to a smartwatch? Are you a smartwatch user? If yes, what do you like the most of it?

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6 Comments on “The Galaxy Sport: The Next Samsung’s Smartwatch Will be Launched in 2019”

  1. First I’d like to say that you made the topic very interesting and readable. So many of the tech blogs always sound like they are only interested in talking to other techies and they talk down to the rest of us by using a lot of jargon. Your style is very engaging and readable.

    The topic is, of course, very up to the minute on a fast moving area or consumer gadgets. I’m not a fitness guy plus I’m an iPhone user so I wasn’t that interested in the product but it is always fun and important to keep up to date on what is in the market which you do very well here. 

    1. Hi Joe, 

      Thank you for your warm comment. That’s what I try to be: simple and easy to understand for anyone that comes to my site/blog. It is a honor to be able to express my opinion and also news about wearable products a passion that I have since many years now. It is a good think that wearables are becoming more and more affordable. You are more than welcome to come back or follow us if you want more wearables news! All the best, Al ! 

  2. That looks like one great gadget to have for sporting  and still look cool with it   I can imagine a watch with a 4gb Worth  of memory that is a huge place and alot memory for a watch I sure. You can add enough music their to last  an year continues play.

    1. Hi Charles,

      I think this wearable will be similar (in term if storage) to the Galaxy Watch that has been launched in August of last year. Still, this Galaxy Sport will be more for the fitness geek that want to step up a notch. We will know more about in Angust 2019 with the next unpacking show that Samsung will do. Stay tuned! 

  3. Wao a site just focused on fitness wearable. Another victory for samsung to bear other sports smartwatches. Literally I will compare this smartwatch with Apple sports watch . It should be great as compare to Apple.

    Thank your this article.

    1. Hi Jack,

      Many sees the Apple Watch as the king of all wearables but it really depends what you want to do with it. Apple is definitely focusing on complete health analysis, if that’s what you are looking for then go for it. Still, there so many wearables that can do great things. Make sure you look at our wearable reviews section. Let me know if you need any questions. Al

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