Samsung Gear Watch : What’s new?

Samsung Gear Watch: What's New?

Samsung has officially released on August 9th, their new smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch, a high-end smartwatch for everyone, was launched at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked show in New York who also included the new Note 9 and the Galaxy Home. The South Korean company told that this new Samsung Gear Watch was designed as an ”all-lifestyles” wearable that will fit on everybody. Here’s a breakdown of the new features that have been spoken during this unveiling show.

Visual and Hardware

Samsung never disappoint us on looks and designs, the same goes with this new Galaxy smartwatch. Senior Director of Marketing, Elina Vives, took the lead and emphasis on the ”real watch look” and their signature circular bezel that you can find on previous wearables from the electronics giant.

Elina Vives unveiling the Galaxy Watch at the Note 9 Unpacked Show (from Samsung’s Youtube channel)

The watches will come in two sizes (42 and 46 mm), three different colors (silver, midnight black and rose gold) with military grade durability that can be customize with a multitude of strap types. Adding to more than 60 000 watch faces and integrated touch function, it comes with a high resolution AMOLED display (360 x 360) that used the new Corning Gorilla DX+ glass to increase strength and scratch resistance. It also comes with a new Exynos 9110 Dual core 1.15 GHz processor.

Note that the Galaxy Watch is water resistance up to 5 ATM, making it an improvement compare to the Samsung Gear 3. So you can now use the watch while swimming without any problems.

Standalone LTE Connectivity

Finally, Samsung has heard his clientele. They wanted direct mobile connectivity inside a smartwatch and they got it. They are a bit late since the latest Apple Watch 3 has already LTE connectivity but waiting time is over and Samsung will definitely make tech geeks happy now. The company had to go toward that path to keep Apple close by, technology speaking. The standalone connectivity will be available in more than 15 countries with more than 30 carriers.

LTE connectivity is finally here! (from Samsung’s Youtube channel,  Note9 Unpacked Show)

Battery Life and Charging Capability

Using a new low power architecture and optimize processor the battery (472 or 270 mAh, depending on of the size) will last ”several days” on a single charge. Pretty impressive but they didn’t gave us any specifications depending on of the type of usage that you do with your watch. Samsung has also announced a new charging dock that will allow you to charge the Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch together. A great addition for Note 9/Galaxy Watch duo users.

The Features

Like all Samsung Galaxy/Gear watches, this smartwatch got all the features that you need and they are well done. And more specifically, there’s three big features that they provide to monitor your health:

Stress Management: monitors you when you should take a break and calm down (inhale/exhale).

Ultimate Personal Trainer: exercise recognition of 6 of most common exercises plus 39 more that you can select.

Resting (sleep patterns): Monitors your sleep patterns and help you improve your quality of sleep.

Bixby and Spotify

As you know, Bixby is the replacement of Google Assistance for Samsung phones. It is almost confirmed that the Gear Watch will include Bixby 2.0 (the Note 9 already has Bixby 2.0 installed). That would be a nice addition since the latest version of Bixby comes packed with improvements. More to come…

In the Unpacked Show, Samsung as also announced a new partnership with Spotify with all Samsung devices. Could this also means that the Galaxy Watch will be loaded (in the future) with the Swedish streaming service? We will keep an eye on that.


Unfortunately, the unveiling show didn’t told us about the new Samsung Gear Watch price but it will come soon. Expect to pay at least $350.00 for this quality smartwatch. Samsung had to step his game up since the Apple Watch 3 and they brought great improvements like standalone LTE capability, better battery life, a more rugged display and a watch that is ATM 5 water-resistant ”swim ready”.

These new features will put Samsung at the same level of Apple but I am not sure that it will give them the lead due to delay (Apple Watch 3 was released in September 2017) but it will at least take a portion of the high-end smartwatches sales. Time will tell how the market will react to this new wearable. Samsung fanatics are already excited about this watch but will it be enough to acquire more users and boost up profits? The mountain will be hard to climb…

If they can soon confirm the addition of Bixby and Spotify, this would definitely help!

Let me know what you think from Samsung’s new wearable device.

Are you an Samsung user? Do you think this wearable is a winner?

Does Apple’s haters will be tempted to use this device ?

Your comments are more than welcome!

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