Samsung Galaxy Watch Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Review

Product Name: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Release Date: August 2018

Overall Rank: 4/5 Stars

Price: $295.99 (46 mm version)

Best Place to Buy: Amazon (#1 Best Seller) – For direct link click here.

Guarantee: 1 year (extended warranty can be purchased)

The Latest Samsung’s Smartwatch

So it has been more than 6 months now that Samsung has released the Galaxy Watch, his latest smartwatch that was announced with a lot of excitement at the Samsung Note 9 Unpacked show in August. It was announced with big drums and trumpets to be a spark of innovation and evolution into the smartwatch world.

Does the Galaxy Watch really competes with Apple’s big gun (Apple Watch 4 Series)? Is it really a true innovation compare to the Samsung Gear S3? We are presenting you our Samsung Galaxy Watch Review. Let’s not waste more time and let’s dive in!

The Design

Circular Watch available in 2 sizes and 3 colors

The Galaxy Watch is waterproof and swim-ready

The circular watch comes in 42mm and 46mm sizes and you can choose from 3 different colors: Rose Gold, Black Midnight and Sliver. Both dimension looks great on the watch and they will fit perfectly if you have big or small wrists. The metal body is mounted with 2 push buttons on the right side, one of the ways to navigation into the watch.

It is waterproof (50 meters) and swim-ready if you want to take it for a dive and follow your progress (using an third party app),

Rotating bezel

The rotating bezel that we saw in previous models (Gear 3 by example) are returning with the Galaxy Watch and it is a great feature since it is one of the easiest way to navigate between menus on a smartwatch. Two conventional ways (side buttons and touchscreen) to surf are still good but the rotating bezel make the Galaxy Watch stand out of his competitors, much easier and fun.

The Straps

If you purchase the 46 mm version, the watch will come with a 22 mm silicon strap. The 42 mm version includes a 20 mm strap. Wristbands are interchangeable comes in different sizes and colors.

The Hardware

Bright and Rugged Display

The touchscreen is a 1.3 inch sAMOLED (360 x 360) that is super bright and very responsive when you need to press it to select a specific menu. The Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ make the display more robust and also prevent the display to get scratched.

Fast processor, great flash memory but lacks storage

With a dual core 1.15Ghz processor, the Galaxy Watch is capable of performing many tasks (like opening several apps at the same time) without slowing down the watch efficacy. The smartwatch is also packed with 1.5Gb of RAM to run the apps smoothly but for internal storage it is lacking some. Even if the specs shows 4Gb of internal storage, the real available space is about 2Gb due to native apps installed by default. That does leave a lot of room for music, pictures, adding watch faces or apps.

Awesome GPS and HR sensors

Credits: Youtube
Credits: Youtube

The Galaxy Watch is Built with an accelerometer (to detect your movements), GPS (for tracking your route) and Heart Rate (for cardio workouts or and sleep patterns) sensors that delivers with great accuracy. All sensor tracking are monitor directly on the watch or on your specific app if you are linked via Bluetooth with your phone. This watch can also track 39 different exercises

Long Battery Life?

To me, a long battery life should last at least 5 to 7 days. I guess Samsung doesn’t have the same mindset has me! We all know that recharging your phone or watch in the middle of the week is a pain.

You get a bigger rechargeable battery (472 mAh) with the 46 mm Galaxy Watch than the 42 mm model (270 mAh). If we put it to the test and use the watch by performing normal daily workouts and activating all useful health (Auto Heart Rate, Auto Stress) and communication (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) settings, the watch last about 3 days for the 46 mm version. Expect at least a day less with the smaller model.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Watch is conformed to the QI Wireless charging standard so we should be able to use third party wireless chargers but it seems that is not the case if we look at the GSM Arena’s report:

Credits:  GSM Arena

LTE Capability needs improvement

One of the main feature that Samsung has announced at first was the LTE capability. Of course, you need to purchase the LTE version (more expensive) of the watch if you want get full access to that feature. Take note that your normal sim or micro sim card won’t work in the watch. You need to activate an ”e-sim” card with your mobile carrier to be able to use the LTE for sending text messages or calling someone directly. Note: You cannot not send text messages using the Wi-Fi.

We don’t suggest going with the LTE version due to the lack of response from the watch when giving some vocal commands. Also, not all phone carriers works with the watch LTE service. Make sure you check out the list of compatible carriers by clicking here. Also, during a call, the voice can also sound robotic.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth works fine with any smartphones that you want to use with the watch for data synchronization. Once you sync your data, you can export it into a third party app like Strava or Facebook.

Software and Apps

The Tizen OS (version 4.0)

The Tizen OS runs on a 1.15 dual-core processor that makes the watch fluent when navigating between menus. Say thanks to this OS for incorporating the rotation bezel feature into the watch. Android based smartwatches doesn’t have that capability.

Good notifications but can be frustrating

The notifications that you get (once paired to your smartphone unless you have the LTE version) are easy to read, no problem there. The only bug is the 2-3 seconds that it takes to open the app that you want to use, by example, Gmail. You will see the Gmail icon with that delay every time before you get access to the email that you want to look. Imagine doing that for a full day, it can get annoying.

Bixby is very limited

Samsung’s virtual assistant cannot be compared to Google Assistant. Many users have complained about not getting answers from Bixby when asked easy commands like ”How tall is the Eiffel tower?”. Still, the assistant does decent job if you want to call someone or want to create an alarm. Let’s hope Samsung will improve with a future update.

Great variety of watch faces

You can select for a wide variety of watch faces to fit your own personality. You can choose from the normal look of a watch to a rings Apple style watch face. has created a list of the best watch faces available if you need some inspiration or can’t choose from the multitude of watch faces. One great feature on the watch is that you can also activate the ticking sound of a standard watch to feel even more real. A lot of people love it.

Apps in abundance

This smartwatch can be tuned with many third party apps. Sport apps like Strava or Map My Run are useful for runners, or TaylorMade if you are a golfer. If you like streaming music, Spotify is available or Uber if you need a cab. The list is pretty big and you will customize it your own way.

Here’s a list of the bad and the ugly for the Samsung Galaxy Watch


Bright and rugged display (one of the best in the industry)

Fast processor and good RAM memory make the watch run quickly and smoothly

The rotating bezel for navigation is addictive

Compatibles with iOS and Android phones

Waterproof (50 meters) and swim ready

GPS and HR sensors are fast and accurate

A big list of third party apps available


Lacks Internal Storage

Battery Life could be better (3-4 days of all features are activated)

Bixby Assistant is weak

Pre-installed apps for fitness are not as great has his competitors (Apple’s Watch Series 4 and Fossil Q series)

Does It Worth Buying?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great high-end smartwatch and is a great competitor to the Apple Watch Series 4. In terms of hardware, it is one of the best. The fast dual core processor and great RAM memory makes the watch run quick and smoothly without any lag if you are switching from one app to the other or during navigation.

If you love to track your runs or walks, the built-in GPS will satisfy you without any doubt. On the downside, the installed apps are not that intuitive and don’t get the most out of the GPS and HR sensors compared to other expensive smartwatches in the market. You will need to install different fitness apps to get the most out of it and it will take more space from the ”already limited” internal storage.

The battery life (3-4 days in normal mode) can be a pain for many of you (and me!). There’s other smartwatches brands that last more than a week like the Withings smartwatch. If GPS is not a must, this smartwatch is more affordable and last almost a month!

Finally, if you are looking for a beautiful Android smartwatch that is packed with stunning hardware, you won’t be disappointed with the Galaxy Watch even if the battery life is limited to 4 days. The advancements that Samsung has announced 6 months ago (LTE capability, charging capability, health tracking, Bixby 2.0) are still not perfect and will need improvements if Samsung wants to bring more users to purchase this watch.

I hope you have enjoyed our Samsung Galaxy Watch Review!

You can drop a quick comment below if you want to talk about this watch.

Do you own a Galaxy Watch? Do you think this watch can compete with the Apple Watch 4?

What feature you love to have on a smartwatch?

Thanks for reading and have a good one!


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37 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy Watch Review”

  1. Great review about this smartwatch! I’m looking for a decent device on Android and this one could be a good fit.
    I saw on some of your recent posts that you will start Youtube videos for reviews. Is it started yet? All the best. Roro

  2. This post really came at the right time because I have been thinking of buying wristwatch online due to the fact that I consider online products to be more durable than stores product. The features of this Samsung galaxy watch is really convincing,the battery life and others , I think I’m going to get one .

    1. Lok, 

      Im glad this post has help you right on time! You can click on the Amazon link on top of the post if you want to get it from Amazon. Note: I may get an affiliate commission if you get it. All the best. Al 

  3. This Galaxy watch seems to be better than Apple Watch that I own. I feel you, it is frustraining with the Apple Watch that I have to keep charging it every night. Sometimes, I did not work out or even did that many activities to the watch at all and it just die in me. I need that battery life because I tend to stay out late, I don’t like checking my phone in from of my company (it’s rude) so that notification on the watch helps. I also do a lot of work out as well, I am training for the half marathon in May. Great gadget. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Nuttanee!! 

      Do you own the Apple Watch 4? If yes. Then the battery life is a little bit less durable than the Galaxy Watch. Generally it should last about three days. Still it depends of the usage of your watch. Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE functions are the one that drain the battery way faster. 

  4. I can say that this article is very interesting and helpful. I like the Samsung brand and I often use their products or services and I honestly believe them. I already have this watch and I can confirm that it is definitely worth the money primarily because it is waterproof (I tested it lol). I will buy one for my cousin as he is getting 18 in February.

    1. Hey Daniel, 

      Good choice! Samsung makes many great smartwatches like the Gear S3 models and this one. Tizen os with rotation bezel is a feature that users love and that’s only on Samsung for now! 

  5. I am a lover of watches, i think its what i collect. I always love smartwatches but i never know which would be a good one to get because they can be so similar. There is no doubt the Samsung makes good technology and i am happy i read your article to prove that, However i would like some more battery life as you so rightfully said in your post. Thanks for sharing, will be looking into picking up one for this year.

    1. Hi Jamiro! 

      You can go wrong with the Galaxy Watch but yes, the battery is the problem with more than 75% of smartwatches. If it bugs you. You should check the Withings HR Sport (less expensive but no GPS). No charge at all? The PowerWatch is the one to acquire : it charges with your body heat. The new version will be release later this year and will also add solar charging and built in GPS. All the best. 

  6. Thank you for reviewing these watches. I’m a little confused as to what the watch looks like since I see two different looking watches on top of this this page. I can’t seem to find the link where to buy it. I’m looking for a gift for my husband who likes to use Androids so I’m thinking about giving him one of these. My husband is from India and he also has business there while working with me in America. So does this watch has a multiple time zone feature where he can easily check different time zones such as India and Pacific Time?

    1. Hi Shelly! 

      Thanks for your comment. You can find a direct like if you click on the Amazon link at the very top (Amazon is written in blue). You can also purchase it directly from the Samsung store. 

      For the time zones it needs to be set manually or you need to be connected to the Wi-Fi so it can be automatically set.

  7. I do not own an Apple Watch I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S9 waiting to get the S10. I originally switched from being a Motorola fan over to a Samsung fan with the S8 and I haven’t left the Samsung family since then. That being said because I had more of a Health Fitness mindset I picked up a Fitbit. Currently I use the Fitbit ionic. I’ve been tossing around the idea of just getting a regular Smartwatch. For the same price it seems to be more intuitive I guess would be the right word. This article pushed me over the edge on that. Looks like I’ll be listing my Fitbit on Facebook Marketplace shortly. The Fitbit was just so limited….

    1. Hi Johnny,

      My wife got an Fitbit Charge 3 and she likes it but it freeze sometimes for no reason. It can be frustrating. The Ionic is a great fitness tracker with advanced fitness features but yes it can be hard to navigate and find the workout you need. The Galaxy Watch is for sure more user friendly and you get most of the fitness data directly on the watch using the good watch face. 

  8. Al – thanks for this review of the Samsung Galaxy watch.I would be using something like this for tracking where we go walking.Can you setup the gps recording period to save power or is it fixed in the app?I like the idea of the amoled display covered with gorilla glass.we used the gorilla glass on a military project for toughness.I am still amazed at what tech they can squeeze inside a watch housing now.Just let down by the short operating time, but hopefully that will improve with advances in battery technology.

    1. Hi Phil, 

      You can activate the GPS sensor only when you are performing your workout/run. Then you can turn it off to save battery or activate the power saving mode. Gorilla Glass is one of the best display if not the best. Just think that Apple uses Samsung screens on their phones! lol 

  9. Hi, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a smart watch because I never liked the looks of them. I really like the round face. The battery life seems like it may be a pain, but all my electronics are a pain anyway! Thanks for letting us know the pros and cons. I would definitely rather have the Galaxy. This has been really helpful.

    1. Hey Bonnie. 

      Thanks for the comment. Always trying to improve. Of course this watch wont please to all. Me too! Battery Life on a smartwatch/fitness tracker always was a pain! Want to go chargeless? This thePowerwatch 2! 🙂 Al

  10. My husband is a smart watch user. He’s got Amazfit, Moto, Huwaei but what he likes best is the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It’s my anniversary gift to him last year and I observe that he wears it often than the others. I bought the bluetooth version because I know he would always use his phone anyway. It has lots of feature you will love. The best one of course is the rotating vessel which gives satisfying clicking action, and it really glides smoothly. Battery life is commendable. For 3 days it stil on its 40-50% so it really does what it claims. I’m just happy that he liked it very much because it runs better than any of his android watches. Thanks for covering all the feature of this product. It’s really one of the best.

    1. Hey MissusB, 

      Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. 

      You are right, the rotation vessel is one of the things why this watch stands out from the pack. It is so easy to use and the movements are quick and slick. There’s Android watches that worth taking a look. The price for the Galaxy is a but high if your just starting to working out/doing exercises. High end watch for sure. 

  11. Hello Alvaro, I must say that this review on the Samsung Galaxy Watch is very helpful and informative. I actually recently found that this watch was released so I decided to read more about it.  You shared great info, my favorite part about this watch is that it is waterproof as I often go swimming. it is not so expensive compared to all the benefits it has. I will definitely get one.

  12. Hello — I came across your website accidentally and was intrigued by the idea of a “smartwatch.”  I am afraid I am technologically challenged, and, never having seen one of these watches up close and personal, I don’t quite understand how it works.  Does the watch actually have a small “screen” for getting online messages, or does it notify you of some activity and then you go to your smartphone or computer to access it?

    How does the watch alert you that you have a new message from email, say?  Does it have a beeper or does it vibrate?  I am sure my questions are beyond basic, but want to find out exactly how this new gimmick works.  Can you tell I live far, far away from a city?

    Thank you for this post.  You have alerted me to something new, and now I will be searching out more information about the subject.

    1. Hey Fran, 

      I am happy youv discovered my blog. It is a pleasure that it helps you understand more what a smartwatch means and can do for you on any day. You get pop up message with our without vibration too. Regards, Al 

  13. This is really awesome to see here and I must say that the review of the samsung galaxy watch is just perfect here. I am in the process of buying a new watch since I just lost my wristwatch and being a big fan of the samsung gadgets, I was looking to get a new one. The pricing of this seems rather steep but then, it is perfectly okay so far the quality of performance is top notch. thanks for this post.

  14. Hey, nice website and good to see you have plenty of engagements in the comments section!

    I like the layout and I like your review and style of writing.  I actually own a Samsung Galaxy Sport smart watch, my second smartwatch so I am pleased to say I can quantify the accuracy of your review.  In fact, watchface being shown in the section for Hardware is actually the same one I use, except I have the heart rate tracker showing on the bottom left corner.

    Had I seen your article before when I was researching the watch, it may very well have moved me towards purchasing it

    I also TOTALLY agree with you regarding your line about Bixby….

    All in, a nice website and one that I’ll be keeping an eye on when my next wearables purchase comes around!

    1. Thanks for your warm reply. 

      It is great to see that you are loving you watch. Im still waiting for my PowerWatch 2 but I will soon but the Samsung Frontier 3 and this watch. 

    2. Hi JD,

      Thank for your comment! Good to know that you are an happy user! The Galaxy Sport is a great watch that delivers with his high end technology.
      Sure, make sure you come back anytime! I just released a new review about the Fitbit Versa 2. Go check it out! Al

  15. Samsung galaxy watch is definitely the perfect go-to watch for people like me and I can only spare good words for the wristwatch. I just love everything I have read about this watch and the performance level of this watch is also top notch. I have seen very little difference between this and the apple watch and this makes it to be a really big thumbs up from me. it is a beast in its own right. Thanks for the review

  16. I have always rated Samsung as one of the best phone making company in the world. Their smartwatches has been nothing short of awesome as well. I have to say that i am very impressed with the make of this. One thing that can serve as a downside is the fact that it has a minimal battery life. I will definitely like to give this one a try still. Great review.

  17. Well this smartwatch is not cheap that is for sure. However, I think it brings a lot to the table. The fact you can connect it to so many aps and such a lovely screen and hardware, gives this watch a special feel. I will definitely check the offers on Amazon you suggested.

    1. Hello!

      It does bring a lot. Still there’s a lot of lower cost watch that does similar if you are looking for a watch to start. If you need great features plus addons, these kind of watch worth buying. Al

  18. Hi Al, 

    This is a very informative post.  I have never wanted a “fit” watch before, however, reading your post has given me information about them that I never knew.  I never could see what use  they were, but after your informative post, I learned that the watch can track your location (GPS), keep track of your vitals, movements and exercise activities.  And, the one question I had; it allows you to talk on the phone.  It also allows you stream music so you can keep your rhythym while walking or  running.  It evens looks out for transportation, just in case, with apps that can be added.  The galaxy watch  does all this and more with style, beauty, and practicality (waterproof). 

    The modest battery life is not an issue for me as I am used to recharging everything anyway.  All in all, your post helped answer a lot of questions for me.  

    Thank you for the information, it has made me rethink my views on fit watches and reinforces my opinion about Galaxy.


    1. Hey thanks for the reply! 

      It is an high end watch that worth looking around of you want all the features.

      Battery life will also be a problem unless then add any solar charging system (like Powerwatch and Garmin). 

      Thanks for warm message! 


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