Matrix PowerWatch 2: The Chargeless Smartwatch Strikes Back With Brand New Features!

If you have read my first post about the PowerWatch, you know that this smartwatch was capable of charging itself by our own body heat making it a first of a kind. Just brilliant. A smartwatch that doesn’t need any charge at all that gives you some good insights with some fitness features like calories burned, step taken and also tracking your sleep patterns.

This time, Matrix Industries have pushed the limits far beyond with their next generation of smartwatch called the PowerWatch 2. At this time, the PowerWatch 2 is still in development but will be released this summer and you can support the Californian company by purchasing the smartwatch up front with Indiegogo for $249 USD.

Matrix strikes back with the PowerWatch 2 with brand new stunning features that worth purchasing this wearable without any doubt.

Charging Your Smartwatch Is a Thing of the Past…

Like the first generation, the PowerWatch is capable to charge via their trademark thermoelectric technology (using their patented Matrix Gemini generator) by using your own body heat and transforming it into electricity. The electricity is capable to charge the smartwatch all the time and the power generated depends on how much heat your body emit. So, you will charge the watch faster if you are working out compare to just wearing it and staying inactive.

This could be a great thing for people that needs any kind of motivation to get out and exercise. You can still use the Power Meter that tracks the energy that you produce directly on the display.

We Now See The Light

With this new generation, Matrix has pushed their advancements/technology a step further. Introducing solar-cell power into the mix. This means that now you can also charge your watch with ambient light. This doubles the electricity generate by the smartwatch helping keeping this smartwatch free of charge and with more fitness features added to the list.

Built GPS and Heart Rate Sensor Now Included

This is what most of the first users were complaining about. The original PowerWatch (including the X and the Ops models) didn’t came with an on board GPS to track your run/ride/swim or a Heart Rate sensor to see your cardio intensity when exercising. The company heard their customers and added both features into the PowerWatch 2. This watch is really become an all-in one watch that will tempt more potential users to get their new product. I can tell you that I will be one of them.

The PowerWatch 2 is also packed with a stunning calorie counter that the company say that is the most accurate in the market.

Full Color LCD Display with New Microcontroller

(Credits: Indigogo)

Another new feature with the PowerWatch 2 is the 1.2 inch full color LCD display. The last models were only black and white making it less appealing to the user since most of the smartwatches in the market come with a color display. Using different colors on a smartwatch help differentiate more easily each parameter or fitness features when they are shown on the display.

They also have boosted the microchip with their new Ambiq Apollo 3, making the levels of energy efficiency to the watch increased. Their algorithms have lower the active power consumption without sacrificing quality. This also helps on the software side making it easier to implement more third party apps that were lacking on the previous generations.

Third-party Integration With Advanced Push Notifications

The third generation of PowerWatch is not more compatible than ever with third party apps. This matrix appincludes health and fitness apps like Apple Health Kit or Google Fit just to make a few. It is compatible with iOS and Android, so most of smartphones will sync with the watch and we hope that Matrix will so release a list of tested devices that will work fine. Most of the time is more a matter of iOS or Android version.

The PowerWatch 1 didn’t come with push on notifications but the PowerWatch 2 does now. Nothing has been shown yet in terms of notifications by the supplier but it is noted as ”advanced”. We hope to know more in the near future even if the main purpose of the watch is to be a pro smartwatch that last forever wherever you are.

The Matrix app seems to have been updated compared to the last version but it doesn’t seems that advanced compared to other apps like Strava, GoogleFit or other well-known fitness apps. Still, it is a plus and we can’t leave it aside.

Top Notch Design and Waterproof (200 m)

The watch front is 47 mm in diameter and 16 mm thick. It is pretty light weighting about 60-70 grams, lighter than the Garmin Fenix 5X (85 g) and the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak. Two of the best pro smartwatches in the world. Like the PowerWatch X, this new baby is waterproof up to 200 meters, so no worries about taking a dive in deep waters or just when you’re washing the dishes.

The watch comes with a rugged and durable silicon strap that is hypo-allergenic that can also be customized.

In Conclusion

The PowerWatch 2 is one of a kind and can’t be compared in all aspects with other great smartwatches. His technology is what a lot of people were waiting including me. Now that solar-cell technology, on board GPS and built in HR sensor are also included this smartwatch is worth to take a look. I will get mine for sure and will let you know if this smartwatch is really worth buying.

Feel free to visit Matrix’s website by clicking here. You can also pre-order the watch from Indiegogo for half the price ($249) that it will cost once it will be officially released in June 2019.

Is this watch appealing to you? Does charging you smartwatch frustrate you every time you plug the charger into the wall?
What feature you love the most from the PowerWatch 2?

Drop a quick comment below and I will be happy to engage with you!

Have a good one.


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16 Comments on “Matrix PowerWatch 2: The Chargeless Smartwatch Strikes Back With Brand New Features!”

  1. When smart watches first came, it was just like magic to me. I was really amazed at how much technology had advanced. Now, finding out that smart watches won’t need to be charged is something so interesting. I mean, it gets charged by body heat. I’m so going to get mine. 

    1. Hey Dhayours, 

      Technology move so fast and we can also say that with wearables. Still, many manufacturers (big guns) don’t go that way but want a better user experience with what they have already put in place. This is good but now great. This is why this smartwatch is a great relevation to me. Thanks for the comment my friend. Al 

  2. Great post and good info.

    This is a very big wow to me, looking to which kind of technology this watch has. It seems that this brand are way ahead than the competitors, a solar charging system, and the other features.. It looks like science fiction, but it is real. 

    And the price is cheap for what you get. 

    I will check it out, me and my wife go biking a lot so this can be very helpful. 

    Thanks for sharing! 

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Hahaha! It is for sure a fiction type of device but this is what many users were waiting for. No charging is a blessing lol. It will be a great fit for your guys since it records your route if you go cycling. All the best. Al 

  3. This watch is quite expensive but it worth the money. The features of the watch, I really love it, it is even waterproof. I will be getting this , it’s fashionable and this will be a match to my dressings. I’m really in need  of watch , thanks for bringing this brand to my notice.

    1. Hi Lok,

      You are right. I don’t like to pay that much for a smartwatch but the innovative technologies and new features are just great. They where missing a lot of fitness features that a pro need to have but not anymore! It worth all your pennies! 

  4. Thank you for this great information about the Powerwatch 2 smartwatch. I read your previous post and I really think this is a great upgrade. I like that it eliminates the stress of charging the wearable. I think for less than $300 is still affordable. I will read more about it features and try to Pre-Order.

    1. Hey Clement,

      Thanks for your comments! Feel free to subscribe or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more great news like these. All the best. Al 

  5. oooh, what a great discovery, I never thought of getting such a power watch, I always want to purchase one to my uncle who has always asked me about this fitness wearables, but due to lack of adequate research about then I have never come to a continuous the best model to buy. I’ve learn more about this watch and I believe it matches my uncle’s description especially in the part that it provides colored LCD, Also, having the heart sensor, regulating the sleep and other activities. I am really greatful for coming across this post.

    kindly attach some affiliate links with images that have affiliate prices fixed on them to make it easy for a customer to purchase the original product. 

    I have already subscribed to your newsfeed,now I am looking forward to learn more from your posts, thank you.

    From Joy.

    1. Hey Joy,

      I appreciated your comment. I’m happy to hear that this post has bring you more information about what your uncle was telling you. This watch is what a lot of people wants: no charging with great functionalities and fitness features. 

      I will try to add more links when the Powerwatch 2 will be released in late June of this year. All the best. 

  6. wow! uplifting news, it’s great to realize that the new Matrix PowerWatch 2 came with this features you referenced. I extremely like that it will never require a battery since it runs totally on body heat. The meter around the border of the showcase really gives you a visual on how much power you are generating.

    1. Hello Favour! You are right. And that’s why I will put this wearable ahead of a lot of smartwatches that I know. It’s a matter of time until they be known as one of the best. Body Heat and now solar cells…it’s just amazing to me. Al 

  7. Hi Alvaro, your article is quite informative. It is interesting to know that the Powerwatch is capable of charging itself through our own body heat. This will definitely reduce the stress of charging.The powerwatch 2 looks promising especially with the new features added to the previous powerwatch. I mean with it, one can track his run/swim through the follow-come GPS. One of the fastest way of growing a company is to listen to customers’ opinion. The company gave a listening ear to the customers’ requests and improved their products tremendously.I also love the fact that the Powerwatch 2 is packed with stunning calorie counter.

    1. Hi Gracen,

      Thank you for the warm comment! 🙂  You are right, some big companies don’t listen that much to their users and just tend to take the lead to be the best instead of concentrating into our real needs. Matrix Industries definitely understood that.

  8. Awesome review! This smartwatch is a really smart idea. I love the fact that it charges itself by your own body heat. That is amazing. Technology has come so far, it is just so incredible the things that can be done with it these days. This smartwatch can do so much with the built in GPS and all the other features and things that it can track wow, can’t wait to check it out and see what things they will come up with in the future.

    1. Hey Andy!

      Thank you for the comment! It is indeed a true innovation in the smartwatch world. It’s not for nothing that they won’t a CES price last year! Can’t wait to have mine! I will do a full video review this summer when it will be released. Al 

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