Level’s Smart Glasses: A New Wearable To Track Your Daily Activity

Level's Smart Glasses: A New Wearable To Track Your Daily Activity

We have seen the Google Glass that can be used as a tool (accessing to technical information) for factory workers and the Solos smart glasses that helps cyclists track their cycling data (like speed, cadence heart rate) in real time. But what about tracking your daily fitness activity goals? VSP (Vision Service Plan) will launch this March, the Level’s smart glasses that has all the basic fitness features that you need. Let see how this new wearable can track your activity level.

Company History

VSP Global is an eye wear leader supporting improvements that promote the value of eye health while using the latest technologies available. In 2014, they start working on Project Genesis that had as goal to track activity using technology in a piece of eye wear.

After a lot of work and partnership (and academic study) with the University of Southern California Center for Body Computing, the company created a new technology with frame designs and a smartphone app called Eyes of Hope (a charitable giving program). Let’s put it that way: If you get active while wearing these Level’s smart glasses, you can help others.

From VSP Vision Care YouTube channel


The activity-tracking sensors are all inside the body of the glasses. It can track overall active minutes, steps, calories burned and distance,all displayed in their app. The Level frames are made from hand-polished-cellulose acetate with stainless steel and comes in four different colors (black, tortoise, slate and grey).

Their beautiful frames are unisex and are sold at $270 USD without the lenses. You can purchase them in the U. S with or without prescription (clear or sun lenses) at an independent optometry practices in the VSP Global Premier Program.

Since the sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and digital compass) are centered on your body axis, tracking step count is precise and accurate. The battery last about 5 days (according to the website, depending on use) and takes only half hour to fully charge it. The charging cable (USB to micro USB) and wall adapter are universal, so if you lose them (or want a spare), you can purchase a replacement on a local electronic store. Once connected to the charger, there is a LED near the front of the glasses that will turn ON. It blinks purple while charging and stay solid when the battery is full.

From VSP Vision Care YouTube channel

The glasses are water-resistant but not waterproof. I guess it can be a nice improvement for the near future if they add more features like a built-in GPS for runners that want to use the glasses in the rain. Just saying…

Apps (Eyes of Hope and Find my Glasses)Eye Of Hope VSP

The global charitable fund called Eyes of Hope is a great initiative that is included in the Level companion app. It is simple: based on a system point, if you reach your daily goal, you get a point. Once you have reached 50 points, Eyes of Hope automatically gives an eye exam and a pair of glasses to someone who needs them. Awesome! You can find more details about the Eyes of Hope charity fund by clicking here.

The Level app doesn’t track advanced features like heart rate but by counting your steps and calories burned, the app motivates you to overcome your goals and stay active by moving more. Keep in mind that we are talking about glasses if you have forgotten. 🙂


Level appThe data is initially stored (up to four weeks of typical activity) in the glasses until it has a charge. So it’s not a obligation to have your phone with you but still, it is strongly suggested. The app updates approximately every minute if it’s open and every 15 minutes with it is closed.

You can connect with friends and family using the Level app by entering their email address that they to create their Level account. VSP has announced that iOS devices (iPhone 5s and higher) are already compatible with the app (via Bluetooth) but Android users will need to wait a bit more.

The Find my Glasses feature a great addition to the Level app. If you are paired with your mobile device, you can use the app to locate them.              Similar to the Find my iPhone app with iOS devices.

A Bright Future Ahead

With the Intel’s Vaunt and now the VSP Level, the smart glasses market is opening a new era in fitness wearables. People who are looking for a wearable that doesn’t stick to their wrist would definitely find a match with a smart glass moving forward. Adding advanced activity features and a more third party apps will be the next steps to this promising wearable that could definitely capture the attention of persons that want to get healthy, stay active and help others.

Do you think this wearable device could be a fit for you?

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