King Link Smart Watch Review! Should You Buy This Cheap Smart Watch?

King Link Smart Watch Review

Product Name: King Link Smartwatch (AK18)

Overall Rank: 2.5/5

Price: $ 59.99 CAD

Best Place To Buy:

Guarantee: 12 months

Amazon is packed with millions of wearables that can help you track health data and at the same time monitor your workouts/fitness activities. Using these parameters you can have an overall view of how healthy you really are and where you need to improve to get better.

The price range of a smartwatch can variate drastically. The cost can differ due to many things like the technology embedded, accuracy of the sensors (HR, GPS, Acceloremeter, Barometer, etc…), hardware quality and much more, keep that in mind! Still, you can purchase a cheap smartwatch and get decent readings, it is only a matter of testing and comparing.
And that’s what I love to do. Giving you the more info possible so you can take the right decision when you are hunting for a wearable device. In this post I will review the King Link Smartwatch that cost only $60 CAN. It is a cheap smartwatch that worth taking a look into due to his good features (waterproof IP68, HR and BP sensors, nice design, etc…).

Let’s see if this smartwatch is worth buying!

What’s in the Box?

The King Link (who though about this name anyway?) Smartwatch made in China comes with strictly the basic.

So this watch comes with:

  • Operation Manual
  • 2 pins USB magnetic charger
  • King Link Smartwatch with black/gray strap

The manual comes in different languages and it is easy to understand. All the manipulations to navigate in the menus of the watch are well explained. You also have the QR code that you can scan with your smartphone and it will link you directly to download the companion app H Band.

The 2 pins magnetic charger can be connected to a USB port of a PC/laptop or to a USB power supply.

Hardware and Design

The smartwatch body looks pretty nice. I ordered the silver/metallic version that looks more business style and classy than the other color. The black model looks great too but I wanted something more appealing visually.

The only problem that I see with the silver model is that sweat can stay deposit between the sides of the watch and the end of the strap. If that happens you will need to clean it with a Q-tip and soap/water to make it disappear

The size of the case measures 3.5 cm x 3.8 cm (1.37” x 1.49”) and it looks pretty good on my wrist (I am a medium wrist person). Not too big and not too small.

The smartwatch feels very comfortable. You need to tight it a bit more than expected if you want to have some decent readings with the heart rate and blood pressure sensor. The King Link smartwatch feels robust and a bit heavy since it is weighted at 59 g, but as soon as you wear it you get used to it.

The Display

The display comes with a 2.5D tempered glass lens with a 1.3 inch IPS touchscreen. IPS (in-plane switching) technology is a type of LCD display panel technology. These are often used with cheaper wearables in the market since the parts are low cost. Still, the quality is pretty good.

The brightness of the display is remarkably good! During my last week testing the wearable No problem to look at the time or data in any type of light conditions. You can select between 12 levels of brights by accessing your watch’s settings (displayed as ”More”). I normally set it to 7.

The Touchscreen

Touchscreen is a big word. You actually don’t use the complete touchscreen surface to change menus or selecting a specific feature. The bottom of the screen is capacitive so it reacts to the change of charge on a specific point of contact. You don’t have any swipping to do, pressing and holding the bottom of the screen allow you to get in a menu like the sport mode or the settings.

Bottom touchscreen button

Bottom of the touchscreen is capacitive. Only way to select or navigate into the menus

That touch button function is pretty easy to use with a slight laggy response that you can barely see when you switch menus in the watch.

Only three watchfaces to choose from

A bit disappointing when it comes to watchfaces, the watch can only use three different (that actually looks similar) watchfaces. You can see the three options that you have on the picture below.

I prefer the last one with the time in bigger characters. Unfortunately you cannot take pictures or background images and use them as a watchface. It would have been good…

Waterproof (IP68) but not ATM rated

Being able to use your smartwatch of fitness tracker when is raining outside or when taking a shower should be implemented on all wearables in my opinion. The King Link Smartwatch is waterproof with IP rating 68, meaning you it is dust tight and can also be immersed in 1 meter of water.

Still, the manufacturer don’t suggest you to use in a hot tub or sauna because it can damage internal components and also create condensation inside the watch (screen would become foggy). This watch is not ATM rated but it is O.K. to swim with it on a pool of 3 meters water depth at maximum.

Fitness Features

There’s a couple of cool fitness features that worth mention. The stopwatch and the counter are good to have but you probably won’t use them much. All the fitness features can be monitor directly on the watch by accessing the specific menu.

Goal Interface

The first menu that you have access (after pressing the bottom of the screen) is the goal set interface. To be able to set your goals (daily steps and sleep hours) you use the H Band app. After configuring the watch you are ready to go.

Sleep Quality Information

On the second health menu you have access to your previous sleep time with the quality, deep or light sleep. Having a deep sleep is better and it will help your body recover much faster than with light sleep. Having these parameters is a good thing. Based on your heart rate beat, it calculates your sleep quality.

I noted on one occasion that the Sleep wasn’t recorded, it can be because the watch wasn’t tighten enough on the wrist or maybe because I deactivated the HR automatic reading whit in the app.

Heart Rate sensor is not accurate

The third feature uses the optical sensor to read the heart rate. Unfortunately the watch took bad readings when I used the HR sensor when doing a workout (treadmill run). It measured my heart rate up to 170 bpm compared to 135 bpm with the chest strap/treadmill combo. Something bad to remember.

Take note that HR sensor menu on the watch can be a pain. Sometimes the heart rate is measured but sometimes it is not. The screen turns off (due to the screen-on time set) and the measure is not taken. Using the sport mode was the best solution for me.

Blood Pressure

The blood pressure can be monitor using this watch and once you fine tune it with the app it can be a good companion for some that need to monitor is BP on a daily basis. I didn’t use that feature much so I cannot give you more insights.

Sport Mode

Once you enter into the sport mode you can start a workout and the watch will monitor your bpm, calories burn and steps taken.

Software and Connectivity

The H Band app needs improvement

One of the things that I really dislike with the King Link Smartwatch is the companion app called H Band. No problem when trying to connect to the watch though (like I always have with my Fitbit Charge 3). Once you start the app interface you see right away that is outdated. It looks like a beta app.

The three main menus are Dashboard, Running and Mine. The Dashboard board interface gives you info about your active time and daily steps. You can also see the battery charge of your watch on that page and once you tap the fitness feature that you want you can have deeper details about it. By example, if you select Sleep, it will give you info about your last night of sleep.

The Running tab allows you to start a run with the help of the internal GPS of your smartphone. Unfortunately, the information that you see on the app is not transmitted in real time on your watch.

You can see your previous runs from that same running menu. Once you select the run to look, you will see your pace, active time, calorie burn and speed. The map sometimes don’t refresh properly and you get only a white screen instead of seeing the map route.

The Mine tab let you configure your watch the way you want it. From activating the automatic heart rate to setting your steps goals, everything is made in there. Here’s a quick list of what you can tweak:

  • Steps and Sleep Goals
  • Unit settings
  • App change theme
  • Messages Notifications (SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram and more).
  • Alarm Settings
  • Sedentary setting
  • Turn wrist detection
  • Heart Rate Alert
  • Screen-On Time
  • Blood Pressure Private Mode
  • Take Photo and Countdown Timer

You get plenty of smartwatch features that you will love. I still think that setting more watchfaces would have been better (like the Kungix Smartwatch).

Pros and Cons


One of the cheapest smartwatch on the market (

Battery life can last up to 2 weeks (1 week when doing workouts and/or using HR and BP sensors)

Smartwatch looks beautiful, classy and appealing

Display quality/resolution and screen robustness are surprisingly good

Waterproof (IP68) allows you to wear the watch in the water without problem


Heart Rate sensor and Calorie Burn information is innacurate.

No Built-In GPS
Navigation through menus is easy but can be boring and repetitive (pressing and holding the touch button)

Only 3 watchfaces available

The H Band app lacks of deep health insights and no community available for healthy competition

Should You Buy This Smartwatch?

My answer would be no ! Since the King Link Smartwatch fitness features (like heart rate, step counter or calories) are not accurate at all, I wouldn’t suggest you this watch. Go instead with a watch like the Amazfit Bip that gives more precise readings and also includes a built-in GPS. Or even the Kungix smartwatch that a reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Using correct values when you are working out or checking our calories intake is a must and unfortunately, this smartwatch don’t do the job!

The companion app (H Band) is also a big deception. There app algorithms don’t give you any health insights that could help you get healthier or lose weight. Instead of using the GPS tracking with the app you should use another app like strava or Runtastic that give you more health details (premium versions).

I hope you liked this review and I hope you will fix a better option in terms of smartwatch than the King Link Smartwatch. You can look at my other reviews to help you find the perfect match!

Thank you for tune in!

Stay active, keep it up!

Alvaro ”Al” Paez

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10 Comments on “King Link Smart Watch Review! Should You Buy This Cheap Smart Watch?”

  1. Hi Alvaro, thanks for reviewing the KingLink smartwatch for us. I’ve have been looking around for an affordable budget friendly smartwatch and was considering the KingLink smartwatch until reading your review. Saved me from wasting valuable Christmas money on a gift that probably would have driven the recipient nuts lol. Whats your favorite budget friendly smartwatch? Thanks Alvaro.

    1. I am happy that you stopped into my blog and read this review! I prefer the Kungix Smartwatch in terms of really cheap smartwatch. A little bit more expensive would be the Amazfit Bip. Check the review by clicking here. Al

  2. Smartwatch is so eye-catchy and useful. It’s cheap that’s why all will be effort it. All functionality is available and good looking. As it is waterproof that’s why it’s easy to use and can useable for all time. There is a stopwatch and counter functionality are available which is very useful.

    1. It comes with some great hardware features but lacks on the fitness features side. If you are looking for something cheap and accurate, try going with the Amazfit Bip or at least the Kungix smartwatch. 

  3. It would have so much been nice had it been this King link watch had done a complete check on it’s features. A fitness watch should cover heartbeat rate and other features accurately, but since they are not well packaged here, I’ll just go for the other suggestion you gave. It’s nice of you to share this article, it is very useful.

    1. Thank you!  Not all smartwatches are good to buy. We are here to test them and at the same time give a real concrete verdict of what you should expect at the end. This smartwatch doesn’t pass the typical criteria of a great smartwatch. Heart rate and Steps are one of the most commons fitness features that you need to help you lose weight or improve your health (with a wearable device). Al

  4. Its very true that the market is flooded with products with inferior quality and at such, it’s always hard to get a good fitness smart watch. The price is another thing, I believe quality comes with expensive, sometimes we’ll have to spend the equal amount for the amount of luxury we want, so a reasonable and good price can get you a very durable, useful and all round smart watch. 

    1. Hi Wildecoll! Thanks for the comment! You always need to pay attention to wearable that are cheap since they can be really innacurate like this one. People don’t know until they compare it with other watches. That is what I do to make life easier for all of you! 🙂 Al

  5. Actually, I like this smart watch. There has many smart functions. Its rate is not high. I am so happy to know that it can help me to track accurate data and monitor my workouts. The watch is very light and comfortable to wear. It can also measure blood pressure and oxygen level.It’s all quality is very good.This large display screen help me to read anything.

    1. Hi Mili, 

      Take a time to read the post until the end! Yes it can help you with some fitness features but they are not accurate at all. I suggest you go with another cheap smartwatch. The Amazfit Bip is one of the best out there in terms of accurate readings and low cost. Stay connected to my website to know more about wearables and how they can change your life and health. Al

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