Fossil Smartwatch: Introducing The Sport Smartwatch

Fossil Smartwatch: Introducing The Sport Smartwatch

The Fossil Group has been in the “smartwatch” game from a good time now selling millions of wearables worldwide. They have been designing stunning smartwatches for different brands (like Michael Kors and Emporio Armani) and the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

With this new wearable, it is not different but they are targeting a clientele that wants a stylish sporty smartwatch with limited budget. Introducing the Sport Smartwatch, the latest Fossil smartwatch that brings style, high-end technology and versatility and of course, great fitness tracking. Presented this month at the Fossil Sport Pop Up Shop in New York, we will tell what this wearable is all about.


Teaming Up With Model and Marathoner’s Candice Huffine

The American fashion designer has created a partnership with Candice Huffine, marathoner, entrepreneur and also known has a plus size model breaking barriers and prejudices in the fashion industry. She’s inspire many with his physical motivation and empowerment for women all around the world.

Candice was on front line with the creation of this new smartwatch. His signature is all over the wearable. We can see the funky side with the wide variety of strap colors that Fossil is offering.

In total, 7 colors for the silicon strap are available at this time: black, blush, gray, neon, red, light blue and smokey blue. You will probably find your match with one of these being unique and colorful.

Lightweight, Customizable and Swimproof

From all the users that have initially tested this smartwatch, all of them found it surprisingly lightweight This is important if you love to feel like you are wearing it when you perform your daily activities or workouts. Fossil says that it weight between 36-40g, similar weight as the Apple Watch Series 4 (around 30g) or the Fitbit Ionic (50g). Really impressive.

With 7 case colors and 28 model of bands you will find the style that you appeal to you the most. The straps are easily replaceable by using the little pin on the back of each strap as you can see on the picture. The variety of combination is huge and you can purchase a strap online or from your local Fossil store.


Also, notes that the silicon band is comfortable and doesn’t irritate the skin when the watch is being used during workouts.

A feature that potential users will take in count is if this smartwatch is swim proof (5 ATM). Who doesn’t hate to remove his watch when cleaning the dishes or taking a shower? This is the second smartwatch from Fossil that is waterproof (Note: you need a third party app to track swimming). The other model is the Gen 4 smartwatch and cost about the same but looks more classy.

Gen 4 Smartwatch VS Sport Smartwatch


There’s two case sizes available: 43 mm and 41 mm and both of them come with a 1.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen. The AMOLED display should give more brightness and an easy to read experience to the user. Take notes that the case is made of a combination aluminum and nylon/plastic. The rotating crown let you navigate between menus and the two buttons are programmable so you can open different apps with them (like a Timer or Google Fit).

There’s 3 Fossil watch faces that allows you to change how the time and fitness features are displayed. You can also download a dozen of watch faces using the Android’s PlayStore.


Latest Technologies Embedded

Wear OS

Many of us have been waiting for the new Wear OS to make his debut and are finally there. The Fossil Sport Smartwatch comes equipped with the latest Google OS and it a great improvement compare to the last interface. It is more user-friendly and you get used to it pretty quickly with less navigation through the menus. With a couple of swipes, you have access to what you need, no worries there.

Wear OS comes pre-loaded with Spotify and Noonlight (we will talk about it on the last chapter) and they should be downloaded automatically if you open the PlayStore app. Of course, you will get a better user experience if you are using an Android phone instead of an iOS device. By example, to always receive your notifications the Wear OS app always need to be set in background and notifications interactions are almost non-existent.

Snapdragon 3100 processor

Qualcomm’s latest wearable processor (Snapdragon Wear 3100) make this smartwatch a bit faster than his predecessor, the Snapdragon 2100. You can notice less lag when you are swapping menus or opening an app. New users are also telling that Google Assistant also feel faster when you load results after giving a command.

With the new processor, the Sport Smartwatch battery (350 mAh) can last up to 24 hours on a single charge and you can add up 2 days extra if your battery saver mode is activated. This smartwatch is also capable to do fast charging using his proprietary charger (with magnetic pins) that connects easily with a simple clip. It takes only around 1 hour to get a full charge.

For more info about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processors you can click here.


Good Fitness Features But Nothing Impressive

Beside is nice look, the Sport Smartwatch comes with the fitness features that we need. The built-in GPS leave you phone free if you go for a run and the heart rate sensor tracks your daily heart rate or your HR during a workout.

Talking about workouts, one downside is that this watch doesn’t automatically detect your workout. You need to select from a pre-loaded list. Not a big issue but having an automatic workout tracking would have been great. It also can track your speed, altitude and location. To have more in depth data, you will need to use a fitness tracking app.


Music Storage, Apps and NFC feature

You can store up to 4GB of music within the Sport Smartwatch and use Bluetooth headphones to listen to it. I’m curious to know if the battery last a day with a Bluetooth connection. My guess is probably not but who doesn’t like to listen to music at the gym without any wires between you and your headphones?

There’s a lot of applications that can be loaded inside this watch. There’s some already pre-loaded like Spotify or Google Pay but you can tweak your smartwatch the way to want. Google Pay and the NFC feature (wireless payments) are good to have but nothing exceptional there. Most of the Android based wearables have these features…

The apps that can be used with this smartwatch are huge. From weather to fitness, you name it! Apps like Strava, Edomondo, Facebook, Uber or Spotify, can easily be downloaded. Thank god for Wear OS. This watch comes with Google Fit and Workouts for fitness tracking.



Lightweight and customizable (watch faces and bands) smartwatch

Swimproof (ATM5)

Latest Wear OS and new CPU (Snapdragon 3100)

4GB of music storage (capability to use Bluetooth earphones/headphones)

Built-in GPS (no phone connection needed) and HR tracking


Battery Life

No Auto Workout Tracking

Watch feels a bit cheap compare to others in the same price range

Limited capabilities for iOS users



Does It Worth Buying?

So does the Fossil Sport Smartwatch is worth buying? If you are looking for a nice looking sporty smartwatch that can be customize depending on of your activities, this one could be a winner. Some new users are saying that the hardware feel a bit cheap compare to other models. It really depends on of you and what you really want.

Fossil has been in the design and watch market for many years now. With this smartwatch, they wanted to add sport model to their collection. If you love Fossil wear already, then this watch will give you all you need in term of fitness tracking. If you are not, then there’s other models like the Garmin Fenix 5 or the TicWatch S that will give you the same results.

I hope the pros and cons will help you make your decision.

What do you think about the Fossil Sport Smartwatch? Are you a Fossil user? What are you looking in a smartwatch?

Let’s engage, you comment will be really appreciated!




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6 Comments on “Fossil Smartwatch: Introducing The Sport Smartwatch”

  1. I own the Fossil Smart watch and I think it’s an amazing watch to have on your wrist while working out. The main reason why I bought it is because it’s waterproof. I swim a lot in lakes and pools while wearing it and it’s absolutely amazing. Each and every product has it’s own drawbacks but this one is worth every penny. 

    1. Hi AV. You are damn right! This watch is great for swimmers or anyone that want a wearable that is waterproof (at some level since it is ATM 5). In my opinion, waterproof/swimproof is a MUST in a wearable that you use all the time. The only downside is that you need an app for swimming (you can correct me if I am wrong) and it is not pre-installed or doesnt comme with the workouts or Google Fit. Thanks for your comment! Have a good one. Al 

  2. This looks like an excellent product! I’ve heard of fossil’s brand before but I did not know they were coming out with a smart watch! I love that it is swim proof and it has so much storage for all the music I have. I have been looking into getting a smart watch as I am going to start swimming for physical therapy and i have waterproof headphones but until now I didn’t know how I was going to use them!

    Very impressive, Your article was very well written and easy to understand! 

    Where can I get one? 

    Best wishes!


    1. Hi Aaron, 

      Thanks for the compliment lol. This watch can do what you need. If you love a watch that has a sporty look, then this is the good one. This one is completely different than what Fossil presented so far in term of sportwatch. Great addition that will make Fossil’s lovers fell in love for this product. One of the cheapest smartwatch out there too. 

      You can buy it directly from the Fossil webestore or an Fossil retailer near you. 

      Or you can also get other models (Gen 3 and Gen 4) on Amazon. 

      Here’s the link:

      Have a good one. Al

  3. I have had Fossil watches in the past and really liked the style of them. Although I can’t tell the quality of the case and band from the pictures it is a very good looking watch and I think I would like it except for the fact that apparently to get full use of it I would need to change my brand of phone (currently IOS). Not sure it would be worth that on it’s own but since I’ve considered changing to a different OS phone anyway it might be. Thanks for the review. It was helpful. 

    1. Hi David, I appreciate you comment. 

      The iOS compatibility can be an issue if your planning to do more with the watch but in general, the original app (called Fossil Q) does the job on both platforms. Of course due to his Wear OS structure, there’s going to be more apps on Android than Apple. Have a good one, Al. 

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