Fitbit Versa 2 Review! Here’s What You Should Know!

Fitbit Versa 2 Review! Here's What You Should Know!


Product Name: Fitbit Versa 2

Overall Rank: 4/5

Price: 199.95 USD (on

Best Place To Buy: Amazon and Fitbit Online Store

Guarantee: 1 year with Fitbit


Launched in late August of this year, the Fitbit Versa 2 is now available to purchase since a couple of months already. With price tag identical to the previous model, the Versa 2 got great new improvements like 6 days battery life and added features like female tracking or Amazon’s Alexa support. Let’s break down what does this watch bring to the table with this review. Let’s go!

What’s in the Box

Right from the bat you can see that this watch has been ”pimped” compared to his predecessor, the Fitbit Versa. The new model look slick with more smooth rounded edge making it a little more appealing.

Credit: MobileSyrup

Credits: MobileSyrup


Versa 2 Watch

2 sizes wristbands (small and large)

Charger (with dock)

Instructions to download the Fitbit App

Hardware and Design


The watch case shape has been slightly redesigned and looks more smooth. The kind of look like the Apple Watch… Beside that, the watch seems to be very similar to his predecessor.


Unboxing the watch is not ”sexy” like Apple Watch by example but once you wear the watch, you won’t regret it. It is comfortable and looks great on the wrist. With the smooth rounded edges, the Versa 2 looks sharp on the wrist. Feeling classy and discrete in my opinion.

Credits: The Verge



The 300 x 300 Colorful AMOLED display (25.07 mm x 25.07 mm body) is also touchscreen so you can navigate easily through the menus. Something that was already working well on the previous model. This smartwatch also let you display your real-time fitness data all day on the screen. Good for intense users.




Having two sizes of wristbands is a plus even if the design and material looks like the original Versa. What stands out when you have a Fitbit is the possibility of customizing the wristband how you like it. They have a bunch of models that can be purchased as an option.

Many types of optional wristbands are available for the Fitbit Versa 2 (Picture Credits: Fitbit).

Are you a classic type of person or a more sporty one? The world is yours ! Having to tweak the body of the watch with the wristband can be fun. Isn’t? 🙂


The charger for the Fitbit Versa 2 looks exactly the same as the one from the original Versa (and Lite) but seems to different if we look into the Fitbit store. Some users are saying that this new charger is worse than the previous one due to charging instability or cable too short. Does it really matter to me? Not really. You know you need to be ”gentle” with wearable tech !


Charging cable with dock for the Versa 2 (Credits: Fitbit).

It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge the Versa 2 and the battery autonomy has now been boosted to 6 days (compared to 4 days for the Versa). The Lithium-polymer battery will last more than 2 weeks if you use the Versa 2 as a standard watch (no notifications, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connections or use of fitness features).

Standard Features

Waterproof (50 meters)

The Versa 2 is once again waterproof up to 50 meters of immersion, so no problem if you want to wear it while swimming or taking a shower. Still, Fitbit doesn’t suggest you use the Versa 2 in hot water like in a sauna or hot tub. This could create inside condensation. It did happen to me once!

Always-On Display Mode

This new display mode will allow you to see your workout stats and check the time with just a glance.

Female Health

Logging your period, record your symptoms and compare your cycle is what any woman needs. Using the Fitbit app you can store and get more insights and suggestions from Fitbit medical team.

Sync wirelessly

No more need of synchronizing data with cable. Everything is done via Bluetooth for faster sharing.

Fitness Features

24/7 Heart Rate Tracking

Continuous HR tracking shown over time and with real time HR zones.


This Fitbit feature record automatically every exercise that the watch sense. Exercises like swimming, running or aerobic workouts are recorded and shown using the Fitbit app.

Cardio Fitness Level

Like my TomTom Spark 3 Watch, the cardio fitness level evaluate your fitness level and can tell you how to improve over time.

Sleep Tracking (and Sleep Score)

This feature helps you monitor and check how your sleep is each night in light, deep and REM sleep stages. The app will also help and improve your sleep with some tips.

All Day Activity

Track steps, HR, distance, calories burned, floor climbed, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time

On-Screen Workouts

Ability to see an ongoing workout directly on the watch while you are performing each exercise.

Software and Apps

Alexa Support

For the first time the Versa 2 is now compatible with Amazon Alexa support, to be able to control smart devices or ask for the weather or set timers. Thanks to the new built-in microphone.

Fitbit Premium

If you purchase the Special Edition version of the Versa 2 you also get a 3-month trial of Fitbit Premium. The Premium version of the app allows you to have access to guided programs depending on of your needs, advanced insights and sleep tools and dynamic workouts. Premium is available for most of the Fitbit models.

Fitbit Pay

Did you ever though about paying your grocery or a gift with your watch? Well, don’t look further. Fitbit Pay is one of the best technology that give access to your credit and debit cards with your wrist. A great addition since the original Versa didn’t include this feature. Fitbit assures that this method is protected against fraud 100%. To be able to use Fitbit Pay the store need to have the ‘Paypass” symbol.

Music on your wrist

Another new feature on the Versa 2 is the capability to store music data, playlists and podcasts on the watch. Fitbit will get a lot of happy clients with this one. Even if it seems a bit complicated to transfer your files from your PC to your Versa 2, this feature is something great to have. Once you pair your watch with some Bluetooth headphones you are ready to go.

Fitbit app and extra apps

As you may know the Fitbit App is a must to configure your watch and to check your post workout data. In the app you can get some insights about your health, change your watch face and much more. There’re tons of third party apps available for the Versa 2 (like the Versa 1). If you need the weather, it is there. Strava or Spotify? No problem. You can see the list of apps available by clicking here. Note: Some apps may not work with all Fitbit watches.

Pros and Cons



  • Amazon’s Alexa Support is now included
  • Battery life improved (compared to the Fitbit Versa)
  • Waterproof and Lightweight
  • Display brightness boosted and durable screen (Gorilla Glass 3)
  • Music storage is now available


  • More expensive compared to other brands that can offer the same
  • No built-in GPS and No WiFi
  • Sync is a MUST with Fitbit app for better fitness insights and setup
  • Fitbit Pay doesn’t work with all banks. In Canada, it is even worse.
  • You need a Spotify and Deezer premium accounts to download music into the watch

To finish let get this one straight, the Fitbit Versa 2 is definitely an upgrade to his predecessor. With is Alexa Support, better battery life and music storage new users will be happy. Still, comparing it to other brands with the same price tag it should deliver more. Why no built-in GPS? To save some battery life? I guess it is part true.

Also, make sure you know some tech stuff since you can’t setup your watch without linking it with a smartphone and Fitbit app. My stepmom has one and I had to configure everything for her (she’s 73 years old!). These things could drop the excitement to acquire a Fitbit. So make sure you make the good choice before purchasing your first Fitbit.

I hope you enjoyed my Fitbit Versa 2 review. Take a moment to drop a comment if you have any questions or if you have any experience with a Fitbit fitness watch.

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Stay active! Have a good one!

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62 Comments on “Fitbit Versa 2 Review! Here’s What You Should Know!”

  1. I am always interested in the new technology being showcased by the industry, but FitBit especially. I am an Apple Watch user and of course, am always a little hesitant because of the cost of Apple products. 

    I know you stated one of the cons being that it is a little more expensive than other products offering similar features, however, being an Apple user I feel this product is fairly priced. 

    It seems as though it has all of the same capabilities as my Apple watch, and might even have more. I don’t think my watch is able to store music, so that is a new one for me!

    It seems like an awesome product! I’m wishing now I had seen your post before purchasing my Apple watch!

    1. Hi Kara, 

      Thank for your comment! Great that the price tag is not a downside for you! Apple is able to store playlist or podcasts if I remember. This product will be a great seller for Fitbit for the next months. If you love Fitbit and looking for a smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa 2 is a great option. Al 

  2. I like how you gave the pros and cons of the fitbit versa for us. I have thought about it verses a traditional fitbit but the cost has stopped me from getting it. It took me several days just to figure out how to use the one I have. This one has really good instructions with it you have shared. Thank you for reviewing all the wearables you have. It makes it easier to make decisions when the time comes to upgrade or change. I appreciate it.

    Keep it up


    1. Hi Lisa. 

      Correct. The setup using the smartphone can be easy for some but a pain for others. I have experienced some bad connections or freeze up with the Charge 3 recently and the only way to fix the issues is to connect the watch to his cradle and reboot. What a shame!!

  3. Hello there. Thanks for sharing your review and opinions about the Fitbit Versa 2. Fitbit really has some great products of which Fitbit Versa 2 is one of them. The price for this one is not bad and the rating of 4 out of 5 is quite okay too. A 1 year warranty for this product tells us that the company has some trust for this product.

    1. Hey my friend!

      You are damn right! 🙂 1 year of warranty is kind of the standard on the industry but Fitbit also gives a 30 days return policy that I forgot to spoke about. A great think to mention. Let’s hope that Google won’t break everything on Fitbit side if they purchase the company. Here’s a nice link showing the worries.

  4. This is a very nice watch indeed. Haven read various reviews on a number of smartwatches, this happens to fall amidst some of the one’s I like for its features. Generally, the ability to track heart rates is one feature I don’t really give many credits to as its been very much available in almost all smartwatches. However, the aspect of getting to keep track of a females period is one amazing feature. In tracking the sleep, do I need to sleep with the watch in my wrist?

    1. Hi Benson, 

      Correct. You need to sleep with the watch to get the sleep hours and patterns. The good thing with Fitbit is that they give deeper insights about your sleep (and health) and also give you suggestions made by a real doc. A plus. Al

  5. I have a dilemma. I have apple watch but what I hate the most about it is the battery life, it is horrible! That is why I am shopping for a new fitness smart watch. I want to track my sleep patter and with the apple watch there is no wag I can do that, I have to charge it when I go to bed! The looks and the battery life sold me. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Nuttanee!

      Yeah. That is one big down side for the Apple Watch. The battery life is bad!! The Fitbit Versa 2 is surely battery on that category. It is the same for more, I hate poor battery life!

  6. I have been thinking about buying a fit bit as a present for my girlfriend. She is very active and has an old one and I think that this will be a great present to give her an upgrade! It is great they have the women’s health feature too I know that she will love that!

    1. Hi Wilson! 

      She will love the Fitbit Versa 2! Female Health Tracking has become the ”go-to” feature in the last 2 years and Fitbit is one of the best in term of giving you insights about that feature. A plus for every woman. Al

  7. I am not sure about this fit bit compared to other models I have read about and the price is a bit too high for me.

    I know I need to update my watch so I am going to read more of your reviews to see if you have a better one I could purchase for a little cheaper.

    I need a good battery life as well and wonder which Fitbit you could recommend for me.

    I do a lot of gardening and fishing so it will need to be resilient- Thank you

    1. Hi Vicki, 

      You are right, these kind of expensive watches are not for everyone. This is why I also love to review low cost fitness trackers/smartwatches too. You should try the Kungix smartwatch that has a batter battery life. You can see my video review on my blog by clicking here. Thanks for the comment. Al

  8. Wow, this is even more expensive compared to the review that you made here on totobay. The very significant differences that i can notice is that this one also has a touchscreen feature and the warranty is quite different as well. The price is very high though. I will prefer to go for totobay still. Thanks!

    1. It is expensive I agree, but you get more quality and accuracy. Still if you want a cheaper one this one ir the Kungix smartwatch are great options. Al

  9. The first edition of Fitbit was very lit and I read about it then, I like it’s features and the services it renders but I must really say this new edition is more and more better than as it’s been improved in so many ways like the battery life that has been extended and improves to 6days. I wasn’t able to buy the previous one but I’ll try as much as possible to get this. Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

    1. It is a good update compared to the previous version. It is a great option is your looking for a quality watch with great sensors. Al 

  10. Reading through this second review on your site. I like the way you structure information, it makes it much easier to compare products.

    Love to see the Versa 2 brings Alexa onboard, they kept saying they will , but kept postpone the integration. I do have a question: FitBit used to be the company that provides good quality products at an appropriate price. Do you think they become greedier? Do they slowly become like most others, charging more and more money, justifying the price increase with their brand? 

  11. Undeniable, it is much more expensive than its predecessor but then, the sleekness and the latest updates added to it too is worth it to me. I like the outlay, the designs and how it is presented generally not to talk of the performance level in terms of fitness and what it has to offer. Fitbit versa 2 is a great one and I would love to own one for myself. thanks 

  12. Hello Alvaro, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative, you definitely convinced me the I should buy this watch. I like it has fitness features as my girl and I like to run in the morning so this could benefit us a lot. The warranty of one year is more than great, it is not expensive compared to its features. May I ask can they ship worldwide or not?

  13. As a woman, I really appreciate this product for it’s consideration for how Fitbit can be of help to us. Logging period Is a nice feature and I also love the other features too. The different colours and patterns of wrist band makes it really fashionable as well as matured. I’ll add it to my bucket list and I’ll share this with my husband, he loves using stuffs like this.

  14. Pretty Impressive. I like this Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch and all its very awesome features here. I wasn’t thinking that I would see so much from the awesome wristwatch but to be honest, it really is so impressive and I think that I personally need to get one. The wireless connection is very good and the wristband looks nice too. Nice review you have given here. Good work!

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for the warm comment. I am happy that my Fitbit Versa 2 Review has being helpful to you. You get everything with this watch. Of course it needs more battery life even if it got better compared to the previous version. Fitbit is one of the best when we speak about app connectivity and post workout insights. Al

  15. Many others might not agree with me concerning this fitbit but surely, it is a great one. True, it has not make those big steps compared to the last one but then, the little steps it has taken to reform are worthwhile and no matter how small they are, each of them has contributed to making it better. i personally like the deigns and if for that alone, I will surely buy it. Besides, it has also improved well. Fitbit Versa 2 is surely a success product.

    1. Ramos!

      You are right, sometimes you dont need to change much to see the benifits. The looks and styles of Fitbit have been proven long time ago. Yes you need innovation but why changing everything if the device is already well acclaimed? 🙂 

  16. My wife recently bought me a smart watch, then decided she wanted one for herself of course! She had mentioned that she wanted a Fitbit so I was looking here for one, I think that the Versa 2 will do the job. I didn’t realize that they were every bit as advanced as the iPhone and Samsung watches, I can’t wait to see her face when she opens her gift! Thank you so much for the help!

  17. It has been recommended to me by my doctor to get some sort of monitoring wearable like this.  I’m not sure if I can, I really don’t like wearing something on my wrist like that.  Do you know if there are other options in the wearable monitoring scene that may work better for me, like not on my wrist?

    I will say, I do like the Spotify connectivity on this, that would be a nice feature.

    1. Hi Rob, 

      If you don’t like wearing a smartwatch then there’s some other possibilities but it depends of what you are looking for. HR monitor? Blood pressure check? Knowing that I will be able to point you the right wearable. Al

  18. A friend was talking to me about the FitBit Versa 2 because he had to use the guarantee and it worked out smoothly. So he was telling me about the features he used the most. But from the things he mentioned, and I also saw it mentioned on your post, I really liked it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa.

    1. Hi Henri. I am happy to see that the guarantee move has worked out fine for your friend! We hope one day we would be able to control our home with Alexa and your Fitbit! Let’s keep hoping!! 🙂

  19. I love to go to the gym. I train five days a week. And I have been reading that the fitness features are really nice. One that has cough my attention is the Cardio Fitness level. Tracking our progress and receiving stats to improve over time is just what I need. I need one of these.

    1. Hello Ann, 

      This is one specific feature that the Fitbit Versa 2 got that others doesnt have. It is great if that could be helpful for you! Al 

  20. Sorry for my ignorance (I’m just not a tech savvy person), but does this watch work with Android phones? I don’t really know what amazon alexa is, can you explain it in brief? All I ever had were android phones …

    Otherwise, a very nice review of a very nice watch. It would look perfect on my hand. 🙂

  21. I have to say that I have the Versa and was like no way is the 2 gonna be that much better.  Well here you go and put all the information about the 2 in front of me and now I wish they had a trade in program so I could get the newer version.  I do really like the first one and like the swimming feature as I do go swimming at the gym (they have an awesome pool) and that you can go so deep with it also.  Do you think these smart watch companies will eventually do a trade in type of program?  I mean that would be awesome so you can always have the new version but not sure if they did.  Thank you for the great review and I will be saving up to purchase this one very soon.  Just hope they aren’t planning on an even better one next year.  Thank you again


  22. Ah thank you for reviewing FitBit Versa 2. I’ve been searching for smartwatch that will good for both day-to-day activities and fitness activities. I love the design and features, but the price is my main concern. Do you think it will be worth more compared to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2? I’ve been a Samsung smartphone user, so using another Samsung product may be beneficial for me. But I still need to compare the price worth with other brand 🙂

    1. Yeah pricy but worth buying. The Active 2 is also a great watch and yes it can be compared. Fitbit interface is better than Samsung. In terms of style and look it all depends of your taste. 

  23. Hey Akola, Thanks for reviewing Fitbit versa 2 and explaining in details. Your review method is awesome. I found your each review is unique. I want to buy this one. I checked its price on amazon but due to its price I am not able at this time. I hope I will buy it soon and tell my friends about fitbit versa 2. 

    Thank you


  24. It looks like a nice watch. I have used Fitbits for years for fitness. I think not having WiFi ability is still a real minus. The last Fitbit I had wasn’t waterproof so I find that to be appealing. I want to keep track of my stats when I am swimming. I have found that the display is easier to protect than an Apple watch. I have found a variety of wrist brands that are interchangeable with the Fitbit as well. The ability to store music is a real plus as well.

    1. Hi Lee, 

      Thank you for your comment! You are right about customization. Fitbit make it great. 

      You seems to be an happy Fitbit lover 🙂 

  25. Hey thank you for the awesome review!  I have the Fitbit Varsa and I love it!  I have been considering getting the Fitbit Versa 2, and your review is actually helpful in my decision!  I have been hinting around to my wife that I want a new fitbit, and I’ll send her the site today before Christmas!

  26. Hello, great review on the Fitbit Versa 2 which is something I’ve been thinking about purchasing for myself this Christmas. It looks elegant and stylish and would go hand in hand with my new years goal of getting into shape.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative, I love how it’s water resistant up to 50m because I tend to go swimming after the gym, so it’s perfect so I don’t have to take it off. I might give this one a try and see how it works for me. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  27. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Fitness wearables are my addiction the versa 2 watch is just so lovely and the fact that it now supports Alexa is so intriguing. The battery low is fair I am  getting one of these for myself and also for a friend as a Christmas present. It is a bit costly but worth buying I think. 

  28. OMG! I found my new go to site for SmartWatches. Thank you so much for saving me so much time doing research before getting a new watch. I am constantly in and out of the water, plus I have kids and pets, so my watches keep breaking. I’m wearing my third watch now. This site will help me find the right watch. Thank you for all of the reviews. Again, you’ve saved me a ton of time. I’m following your Instagram and Facebook too. Thank you!

  29. I am looking for a sports watch and I am very interested in the Fitbit Versa 2. I have already read some reviews on this product. I like the simple look (which you likened to an Apple watch), as well as being able to choose wristband to my liking. What I like most is that he can evaluate my fitness level and give suggestions on how to improve it. Also, Fitbit pay is a fantastic option.

    1. Using a Fitbit is a bit different from other brands. They have a huge community and their style is one of a kind. Like the Apple Watch too… It is a matter of knowing your style !

  30. Awesome Product! Looks very elegant when used plus sophisticated features.

    I am thinking of giving this item to be a Christmas gift for my sister. Because he diligently attended the gym and also yoga classes. Are there any other colors besides that color? And is it suitable if I give it as a Christmas gift?

  31. This looks epic!!! Thanks so much for this review I’ve actually been looking for a new tracker device. The all day tracking and heart rate monitor are the 2 things I’ve been looking for but with all the other features and benefits this looks like the perfect watch and device for me!

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