Fitbit cuts down prices with 4 new products

Fitbit cuts down prices with 4 new products


As many of you know, Fitbit wearables are not cheap. It’s pretty easy to spend more than 150 bucks to get one of their flagship models like the Fitbit Versa, Ionic or Charge 3. But this is a thing of the past now. Since the beginning of March Fitbit has announced 4 brand new models that will attract a new clientele making it more affordable.

On the smartwatch side they just introduced the Fitbit Versa Lite, a similar look to the original Versa but with brilliant colors that cost $40 less. They also have launched a new fitness tracker family called Inspire. The Fitbit Inspire cost $70 and the Fitbit Inspire HR (heart rate) price tag is $100. This is around 30 bucks less than his predecessors.

Fitbit didn’t forgot about our kids too, they launched the Fitbit Ace 2. The redesigned fitness tracker is sold at $69.95, a drop down of $30 compared to the original Fibit Ace.

Fitbit’s Purpose

With these products Fitbit want to get back on track after loosing 6% of profit ($1.51 billion) compared to last year ($1.62 billion). As chief operating officer of Fibit Health Solutions said, they are sibling people that needs a wearable that is less expensive.

In order to have a meaningful impact in health care, you’ve got to be able to do it at scale, which means it has to be affordable” – Amy McDonough, chief operating officer of Fitbit Health Solutions

Fitbit is struggling against Apple new Apple Watch (4 Series) even if it is an expensive smartwatch. They also want to ”revive” the fitness tracker market since the smartwatch market is slowly but surely taking the lead of the wearable world. This could also bring down the prices of other fitness trackers from different companies to stay in competition with Fitbit.

New Models Breakdown

Let’s break down each new models with their separate features.

Fitbit Versa Lite ($159,95)

Fitness features: Step and Calories, Sleep Tracking, 24-7 Heart Rate,15 + exercises modes, Female Health Tracking, Real-Time Pace and Distance

Not included (compared to the Fitbit Versa):

Floors Climbed, Swim Lap Tracking and On Screen Workouts
Not included (compared to the Fitbit Versa):

No internal storage and can’t access Pandora or Deezer (streaming music).

Note: There’s no on-wrist payments with Fitbit Pay (like the standard Versa model)

Battery life: Up to 4 days

Fitbit Inspire ($69.95) and Fitbit Inspire HR ($99.95)


Fitbit Inspire family are a more affordable option for people who wants a fitness tracker with good fitness features. The HR model add up the heart rate sensor adding extra fitness features that will give you more insights about you health and fitness level. The display is a little wider compared to the older models.

Fitbit Inspire Fitness Features (also included on the HR model): Automatic exercise recognition, sleep tracking, female health tracking, all-day calorie burn, food logging, time, stopwatch, move reminder, swim tracking.

Fitbit Inspire HR extra Fitness Features: 24/7 heart rate tracking, heart rate zones recognition, cardio fitness level, sleep stages, real-time pace and distance (connected to a phone GPS). Guided breathing sessions.

Battery Life: Up to 5 days

Here’s Fitbit official Inspire video:

Fitbit Ace 2 ($69.95)

Fitbit Ace 2 (Credit: Fitbit)

The last wearable that Fitbit has launched is the Fitbit Ace 2. This second generation comes with new enhanced features like a bold style body that will prevent hard chocs to the screen, a full waterproof wearable (up to 50 m) and a redesigned application making it more kids friendly. You can also add sleep tracking to the menu, that will help monitor your kids sleep time.

The Ace 2 got some new stuff but they are not reinventing the well if we compare it to his predecessor, the Fitbit Ace.

Fitbit ‘s Great Bet

With these new 4 models, Fitbit is taking risky but well calculated bet to be able to approach more customers that are looking for an affordable wearable with great technology and fitness features. Yes, a calculated bet because they knew that there’s a lot of money to dig up in that specific market that no big wearable company has taken yet.

No company want to lose money and with these new wearables Fitbit will definitely increase his next annual profit. I can guarantee you that !

What do you search on a fitness wearable?

Does these products are finally something that were looking for?

Does price can be something critical for you when you purchase a wearable device?

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