Fitbit Charge 3 Bands: What’s New?

As some of you may know, this time of the year is when most of tech companies launch their new products for the upcoming year (or months). Last month Samsung with his Galaxy Note 9 unpacking has unveiled the new Galaxy Watch. Recently, Apple has also launched his latest watch model, the Apple Watch 4. Now, it’s Fitbit turn, they just unveiled the Fitbit Charge 3 Bands that are ready to be pre-order! So what’s new with the Fitbit Charge 3 Bands? Let’s check out what there bringing to the table.

Hardware ImprovementsFitbit Charge 3 Bands: What's New?

With this new wearable, Fitbit’s popular (they sold more than 35 millions units) new Charge model has been tweaked to satisfy what his clientele wanted the most: more health tracking features to understand and help you improve yourself in new different ways.

Bigger Display with Gorilla Touchscreen screen

The fitness tracker company has boosted the display size 40 % more and uses Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen. Who doesn’t want a bigger display anyways? The back lit adjusts accordingly to the light condition to make it more easy and convenient to the user. The upgraded display is of course, compatible with plenty of bands models that will fit your own style and personality.

WaterproofCharge 3 is finally waterproof!

Finally, the new Charge model is now 50 meters waterproof. This is definitely a plus and I can’t think about an expensive wearable not being water-proof. These days, you can find cheap fitness wearables with waterproof certification and I think Fitbit had to implemented on this watch.



New Inductive Touch Button

The new touch sensitive button on the left of the Charge 3 acts like a home button. Fitbit had to use that type of button to save some internal space and be able to keep the watch water-proof.


Lighter than his predecessors

The Charge 3 is 20 % lighter than the older models. Being lighter can make you forget that you are wearing a watch. So this is a good improvement. The case is now aerospace-grade aluminum for more durability.

Boosted Processor Speed and Up to 7 Days of Battery Life

The processor has been boosted helping the navigation speed between menus and display animations that you can find in the watch. Battery life as now being increased up to 7 days, that’s of course depending on of the usage that you do with your watch.

Sleep Score Program (Using SPO2 Sensor And Sleep Patterns)

The SPO2 sensor tracks oxygen levels on your blood, more specifically on arteries. It actually estimates the amount of arterial oxygen saturation. Fitbit want to test the tracking of breathing disruptions, which can be indicators of health issues such as sleep apnea, allergies or even asthma.

With the tracking of sleep patterns and the SPO2 sensor data, the watch can give you more accurate info about your health and how you improve it. Let’s take it with a grain of salt since the program (called Sleep Score) has just been launched and is in beta state. Still, Fitbit is moving and doesn’t need any approval from the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), yet.

Women Health Tracking

Like the latest Versa and the high-end Ionic, the Fitbit Charge 3 is capable of detect your menstrual cycle (most known as ovulation cycle). This feature was requested by many and according to one of the recent Fitbit survey, 80% of woman don’t know the menstrual cycle phases and more than 70% don’t know how to identify the average length of a cycle.

Knowing this helps understand better how it can affect your health and fitness. On your watch’s health dashboard you can track where you are in your cycle, check when your next period will be and see your upcoming estimated fertile window.

On the Fitbit app you can also find useful news and tips about menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility and more. Everything developed by Fitbit professional advisers (Katharina White and Larry Tiglao).



NFC Payments, Notifications And 3rd Party App Compatibility

Fitbit Pay using NFC technology is now available with the Fitbit Charge 3. So, once you set up your account with a credit card, you are able to pay with your fitness band anywhere that NFC payments is available. One thing to note is that for North American and European users, you need to purchase the Charge 3 Special edition (Asia Pacific users have that feature already included).

Note: NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Let’s just say that it is a wireless payment technology used between two electronic devices. 🙂

For smartwatch features lover, the Fitbit Charge 3 comes with in-watch notifications such as calls, calendars events, text messages and quick replies. Quick replies let you reply with automatic replies directly with your watch. The only downside (for now) is that is only compatible with Android phones. We all know how Apple can be a hassle in term of app features implementation…


The Fitbit Charge 3 will be released on October 7th and is ready for pre-order. Price wise, the wearable sells at $149.99 in the U.S. and $199.99 in Canada. If we look at his predecessor (Charge 2), it has some great improvements like 7 days battery, waterproof certification (50 m), app notifications and touchscreen display.

As you probably noticed, this new model still don’t include a built-in GPS. Why? Probably because internal GPS takes a lot of power consumption and that would have decreased the battery life by half or so.

Still, even without GPS, this wearable delivers. It is packed with most of the fitness characteristics that a fitness band should have. By adding advanced health insights, Fitbit take it to the next level and want to be the best version of yourself.

With all these new improvements (hardware and software), Fitbit lovers and newcomers won’t be disappointed at all. Expect this wearable and the Fitbit Versa to take a big part of next year Fitbit’s sales.

If you want to pre-order the Fitbit Charge 3 with Amazon, click the image below.

Or, if you have already an Fitbit account, you can go directly on their website by clicking here.


Does this advanced fitness tracker is appealing to you? If it was for you, what type of feature your wearable device must have?

Add your comments at the bottom of this post!



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8 Comments on “Fitbit Charge 3 Bands: What’s New?”

  1. One time I bought a cheap fitness band and thought it would serve me well, after all I don’t workout everyday but it didn’t even last for 6 months. I gave up on fitness bands but your review has revived the desire I had for one. This Fitbit Charge 3 looks like it is worthy especially the part where you touched on women’s health. I would like to keep track of my cycle, so I will consider this fitness band maybe for a Christmas gift to myself.

    1. Hi Anita, 

      I’m glad that this post has revived the fire in you and push you to keep going with a wearable companion. That’s why choosing the right fitness tracker or smartwatch is important and Fitbit understood this: helping you to relax with breathing techniques, ovulation cycles check up and more. You can also check my post about the Fibit Versa too (that includes many features too with built-in storage for music). It’s only about knowning your needs. There’s a fitness wearable for everyone. 

      I appreciate your comment. 

      Have a good one. Al 

  2. Woahhh! Fitbit has gone Wild. The Fitbit Charge 3 Band is so so powerful. The added features are just so overwhelming. The Waterproof, the light weight, the new inductive touch button and most overwhelming to me is the ability to detect ovulation cycle etc are so welcoming. Thank you for sharing your review on this awesome product. Fitbit is good at technology.

    1. Hey BEazzy, 

      You got that right! Fitbit had to come up hard on this one. There’s so many great fitness trackers now at a low price that they had to come up with something great. They have raise their standards due to competition and they are also bringing a little bit more to the women clientele. With all the new features and their great app/community, this wearable is a great pick!  

      Thank you for your comment. 

      Regards, Al 

  3. I really did not heard anything about this things but I think that it is very cool. I might buy this to my girlfriend, I know that she would be surprised especially for the New Year. I like that it is waterproof because it always happen that it falls in water no matter what.

    1. Hi Daniel, 

      Thank you for your comment! 

      With this wearable, Fitbit wanted to ”tweak” his well-acclaimed Fitbit Charge 2 and of course make it happen before Christmas time. The Charge 3 is a great all around fitness tracker. I just bought it to my girlfriend and she loves it. It’s a good price if you are on a budget. A tracker that will last long. I’m a waterproof wearable lover. This new feature for the Charge model is a great addition. I would never had bought it if it wasn’t waterproof. A must in my opinion! 

      Have a good one. Al 

  4. Hey Alvaro,

    Thank you for reviewing the latest Fitbit Charge 3 Bands, and wish to get one for myself especially the blue-gray color. The features are great but l have a few questions:

    1. Can the Fitbit be used alone or does it have to have a smartphone?

    2. Can l download songs on Fitbit?

    3. Does it track heart rate issues like fibrillations or does it just give beats per minute?

    4. Does it count calories?

    Best regards.


    1. Hi Shui, 

      It’s a pleasure to answer you. See below.

      1- No need to be connected to a smartphone unless you want to use the built-in GPS of your smartphone. This option can be good if you love to see your running route or want to share you data with different communities like Strava, Endomondo or Runtastic. 

      2- Unfortunately it doesnt include built in storage for music. If you are looking for fitbit watch to store music you should consider the Fitbit Versa. 

      3- It can gives your daily HR and resting HR with the PurePulse technology. It can uncover health trends but not fibrillations (irregular HR). A feature that the Apple is pushing hard with the Apple Watch 4 (see my post on my website for more details). 

      4- Correct. It counts your daily calorie burn. 

      All the best, Al

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