Fitbit Ace: The New Kids Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Ace: The New Kid's Fitness Tracker

Worry about your kids health and how active they are? Let me introduce you the Fitbit Ace. This new fitness tracker is specifically made for children age 8 years + and will get your kid moving and show them how fitness can also be fun. The Fitbit Ace was launched this week at the same time as the Fitbit Versa, the latest “mass-appeal” smartwatch from the California based company. With this new kid’s fitness tracker, Fitbit is now including the complete family into the mix.

Kid’s First

O.K. Let’s be straight. Fitbit is not reinventing the wheel with this new fitness tracker but it definitely makes kid’s fitness motivating and enjoyable. Fitbit’s research has found that at age of 8 years and plus, kids are tending to become more sedentary and this is who they want to target with this $100 fitness device.

If you are a parent you know: the more they get older, the more they start to stick in front of a screen. It has as been statistically proven that children are spending more than 7 hours in front of a TV or computer each day! Another long-term study by the National Institute of Health has shown that between 9-15 years old, physical activity declines by roughly 40 minutes per day each year. I am not even talking about young adults around 18-19 years old…it gets even worst.

Healthy Habits Start At Home

Healthy Habits

If you want your kids to have good healthy life, you need healthy habits. And healthy habits starts at home. This is why the Fitbit Ace was created: You use the screen to motivate your children to step outside, get moving with friends and/or with the entire family. This is how you can learn and create a healthy lifestyle together. With the new Fitbit Family account, you engage healthy and fitness related exercises and goals.

Here’s some examples of what the Fitbit Ace can do:

Group Challenges: Your kids can compete versus their family on a daily or weekly basis using the Challenges or via Family Faceoff. This last feature is a 5 days step challenge for the entire family (using the same Family account) to compete against each other. You can cheer or send messages within the family using the app.

Activity Tracking: With this feature, your kid can monitor how much time they have been active. Tracking steps, sleep stats and active minutes are on the menu. The standard active-minute goal that need to be achieve is 60 minutes (as recommended by the Center of Disease Control an Prevention) daily but this also can be customize as preferred.

Rewards: The Fitbit Ace will vibrate if your children achieve a goal with cheers/messages and collect badges. Kids are able to see their progress moving forward, compare their stats with friends and much more within the Fitbit app.

Here’s the official introduction video of the Fitbit Ace (from Fitbit’s YouTube Channel):

Ace’s Design

You probably have noticed, the Fitbit Ace looks a lot like Alta, an all-around fitness tracker with a slim style. But the software seems to be revamped and the goals are more related toward your kid’s health (recommended by the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control).

The battery life should approximately 5 days on a full charge (using a charging cable) but can vary on the usage, settings and other factors. The Ace comes with a 3-axis accelerometer (that tracks your steps and active time) and a vibration motor used when achieving a goal or setting an alarm.

Fitbit Ace back

Fitbit Ace’s back view

The adjustable (fits wrists 125 mm-161 mm) is a durable plastic-kind (elastomer) perfect for kids and comes in two colors: electric blue and power purple. The OLED tap display is mounted on a stainless steel material that is resistant to rain, sweat and shower-proof (IPX7). This is great since your kids would be all over the place!


The Fibit App And The Family Account

Once you sync (via Bluetooth) the kid-band to an iOS or Android capable phone, you will be able to manage it with the new Fitbit Family account inside the all-known Fitbit app. Parents can watch their kid’s activity with the account and kids can view their progress, stats and badges in the ”Kid View” mode.Fitbit Family Account

The app can also monitor your children sleep habits and see if they got the rest needed. Bedtime reminders can be set in the Fitbit app with vibrating alarm on the band. Sleep goals are also important for kids and Fitbit didn’t let that aside. Take note that each Fitbit’s child account are designed with the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and a parent consent is required to create one.

Another plus to the Family account is that your kid’s account grows with them. By example, if your kid turns 13 (age of consent in the U.S.), they will have full functionality of the Fitbit app. That includes more fitness information like calories burned, female health tracking and BMI measurements. Social features are also included once the account changes.

Fitbit Kid’s Revolution

I think Fitbit has pin-pointed what was missing for kids these days: Something new and tech-oriented that will keep them moving and staying active. There’s always a way to use technology to help us improve and get better in different aspects of our life.

This time, we are targeting kids and their health. Who doesn’t want his child to go outside and play like we did before? I do! And there’s probably plenty of parents that does. So why not try it? I can guarantee that as soon as my boy will turn 8 (OK, maybe 9. :)), I will let him try one of these.

I am sure that Fitbit has now open the fitness wearable world to kids and more companies would do the same in the near future. You can pre-order the Fitbit Ace on the company website or by clicking here.

Would you buy the Fitbit Ace to your child? Let me know your comments below.

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