Did The New Apple Watch 4 Series Just Saved A Life?

Wearables. Fitness Wearables. They give you insights about your health and check your fitness level to help you improve and be a better version of your own self. As we move forward into the fitness wearables world, the technology always get better and keep improving for the good sake of each end user.

With the new Watch 4 Series launched last September, Apple has introduced some useful health features called the ECG (electrocardiogram) and the Fall Detection. These two features weren’t really tested by Apple’s clientele until recently. An Apple Watch 4 user in Sweden has recently used the Fall Detection after falling down in his house. Did the new Apple Watch just saved a life?


Gustavo Rodriguez’s Story

Like any normal human being, Mr. Rodriguez was on the kitchen cooking food on the oven until his back pain started to struck hard. So hard, that he was barely able to move his body until he finally collapsed on the kitchen floor all alone, with no help nearby. Everything went black… This was first reported by 9to5mac and Forbes.

That’s what he thought until his watch detected his fall and asked him if they need it to call the paramedics for immediate assistance. The watch gave him the options: Call 112 (emergency number in Sweden), select ”I felt but I’m OK” or choose ”I did not fall” as an answer.

Gustavo choose to not call the local emergency services and instead he called his mother-in-law from his watch (since his iPhone was on another room) so she can turn the fire off the stove. Once she came to his house, an ambulance came to pick him up and brought him to the hospital to receive a couple of morphine shots to alleviate his terrible back pain.


How Does The Fall Detection Feature Works?

If your Apple Watch 4 detects a hard fall while you are wearing the watch, it alerts you with a sound and displays an alert. It’s up to you what will happen next. From the choices displayed you can choose to :

1- Call the emergencies services

2- Tap ”I’m OK” and select the proper option on the screen.

If your watch detects that you haven’t moved after one minute, it will call automatically the emergency services. Once the call ends, the Apple Watch will show your emergency contacts that you have previously set up into your Medical ID.

The advanced algorithms that Apple has created for the Series 4 helps the watch to find moving pattern if you fall, trip or slip. With that in mind, the watch also uses the Taptic Engine to tap your wrist, activating an alarm and showing an alert on your watch screen.


Fall Detection Setup

The Fall Detection feature is turned on by default only if users are 65 years old and more. The Apple Watch Series 4 uses the age that you have entered once you have initially configured you watch or in the Health App.

To activate that feature, you need to open the Apple Watch app on your phone and then select My Watch tab. Hit Emergency SOS and turn on the radio button for Fall Detection.

Why does the Fall Detection feature is not automatically set for users below 65 years old? Is it because the fall detection is too ”sensitive” while doing intense activities/workouts?


Apple’s FDA approval and The EGC Feature

Apple has been recentlyapproved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to use his new feature, the ECG (electrocardiogram) as a medical device. The ECG feature has been announced with drums and trumpets at their annual show but it’s still not available (app not ready yet).

                                                         (Credits: From Apple’s community forum)


Once the feature becomes functional, it will be a great add up to this new watch. A breakthrough that no other companies have done so far, pushing the limits of the smartwatch. The ECG feature will allow sending notifications on your Apple Watch when your heart rate is too slow or irregular. This will help to detect and diagnose problems early on. Still, this feature, full of promises, will be good for specific persons if we look more in depth.

(Credits: The Verge)

So, this feature can’t be more than a slight preview of your health issues (more specifically for irregular heart rate). Nothing more. It makes me think when you watch TV and see stunning deals on brand new cars. There’s always some miniature characters at the bottom of the screen that you never see explaining all the terms and conditions.

I won’t call it false promises but…

So, Did Apple Saved A Life?

OK. So did Apple really saved a life? In some way, yes. Without having the fall detection activated on his Apple Watch, things would have been worst for Gustavo Rodriguez. If he wasn’t wearing his watch during this awful story, this guy would maybe still on the floor right now or the house could have caught on fire (I know I’m exaggerating!).

Apple should be proud of how this ended. The fall detection worked, so it confirms that their new technology can help people if something happens but will it be a great sale’s argument? It can help but I think that potential clients that are interested in an Apple Watch are already Apple lovers or are looking to match up with an iOS device (since Apple is barely compatible with other smartwatches).

Still, Apple always trying to keep us connected and bringing us new advancements. That pushes other companies to work harder and trying to stay close to the multinational company.


Are you an Apple Watch user? What do you think about these 2 new features added to the Apple Watch Series 4?

Let me know your comments below and it will be a pleasure to reply to you!

Have a good one.






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8 Comments on “Did The New Apple Watch 4 Series Just Saved A Life?”

  1. Okay I have to say the story about the fall is funny…sorry for the saying that. Most men would call for help from almost anyone but their M-I-L. But I guess the threat of fire would have made things a lot worse.

    My sister has an apple watch, it does everything for her. I have to say it looks pretty funny when she is talking into. It makes her seem almost like a spy of some sort, maybe that is the indication this watch is supposed to bring in. 

    What do you feel is the most useful aspect of this watch, my children are looking to get one for Christmas…so much for surprises right?

    1. It is true that smartwatches sometimes make you look like 007. This is exactly (in some way) what Apple wants with their Apple Watch: stay connected all time with the latest technology and make you improve your health and much more. 

      The most useful? I will say the ability to talk to your watch adding a SIM card and of course the beautiful finish that everyone likes. If your children is just starting using a smartwatch or fitness tracker, there’s other models that are less expensive that does a lot. If your children are Apple lovers, then, it will be hard to not buy it. Still, we are talking about an high end smartwatch. What are they looking to do with a the smartwatch? It could narrow down the possibilities. Al 

  2. Apple company is always doing the unthinkable. They are taking the world of technology to a whole new level. It’s wonderful to see this great feature in an Apple watch. This means that you are assure that you will get help once you know how to dial the correct information. For me that is mind blowing. I really feel lucky to be part of this generation and witness such an amazing devices been developed each time. 

    1. Kuu, Thank you for the prompt and great reply. We are there my friend. Where technology is invading our own privacy (Google mini is another one) for the good I think. This story can happen to anyone. I already had back pain (hernia) and I was barely able to move. Walking straight was a miracle at that time. Apple could be the precursor of a revolution in the smartwatch world. Thumbs up! Al

  3. I also agree that the Apple Watch 4 may have saved the persons life in one way or the other. 

    I am definitely interested in the EKG function of the watch. If it becomes able to detect irregular heartbeats or any heart health issues, that would really save the lives of people who could otherwise die to heart attack or heart disease.

    How close do you think apple is to being able to perform those functions?

    1. Jessie! I agree. If this features can help only one person, then, it’s a job well done. Im pretty sure they will probably save more lives in the future. The only thing that I dont like is how Apple presented theses features in their last Show. Great options but the ECG is not even ready! That’s straight business but it’s not a good thing for users that just bought the watch. Let’s hope it will be ready before the end of the year. 

  4. Hello Alvaro. I enjoyed reading this whole stuff. Cool.

    Answer to your first question: I’m not an Apple Watch user. Secondly, I think these two features that were added to the Apple Watch series 4 are so so mind blowing. Who would believe that a watch could actually save a life? Anyways, it did. I had fun reading this… Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mr. BEazzy! I’m not a Apple user either (beside buying an Apple Nano) but this is one step ahead of anyone. We can’t be negative, really. lol It’s refreshing news. New technology is always booming. It make me think about the Matrix PowerWatch! It only getting better.

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