Boxing Athletes: Introducing Hykso, The Wearable Punch Trackers

The fitness tracker market is huge and doesn’t stop progressing. Some people think that you can use these wearables only if you go to the gym or when running. But it goes further than that… Many sports and disciplines are now using wearable device to monitor the intensity, force and progression of their athletes. One of these sports that is incorporating wearables now is boxing. If boxing is (or want to be) your sport, this one is for you. Let me introduce you the latest wearables that will help you monitor your workouts in the ring from beginners to pros. Let’s get ready to rumble!!

Who Is Hysko?

Hysko is a well acclaimed (by Forbes, ESPN, The Boston Globe to name a few) company that has implemented his science into a sport wearable for boxers that want to track their progress over time. They have understood what boxing was missing compare to other sports: a wearable that monitor a boxer with different statistics to help him concretely see his workout, improve and unlock his full potential.

The Hykso Trackers

Designed specifically for boxing, the Hysko Trackers have been developed to endure any extreme training of the world’s top fighters. They are sweat proof, durable and comfortable. To use them, you need to wrap the trackers on the top of your wrists. The trackers are sold at $149.95 a pair on Hykso’s web store and comes with a charging dock plus a USB extension cable. You can also purchase them on Amazon and the price can sometimes go lower depending on of the seller.

The trackers runs a powerful processor that uses an artificial intelligence system that recognize motions. That allows to remove the motions that the company don’t consider to be useful for data analysis like blocks, skipping rope, battle ropes, parries and much more.

A crazy 6000 data points per punch are calculated giving you stunning quality data from your punch speed, type and intensity. Hysko don’t let anything aside, they are even differentiating the type of punches that you are throwing. From left/right straight (including jabs/crosses) punches to left/right power punches (including hooks/uppercuts).

This technology easily connects via Bluetooth 4.2 with most of the smartphones available in the market. The battery life should work around 10 hours and it takes about 1 hour to fully charge the trackers. To charge the trackers, you need to use the charging station (with the USB extension cable if needed) that comes with the kit.

The Hykso App

Hysko app can be installed on many iPads and iPhones (running iOS 8 or later) and Android devices (4.4 or later). You can also display the Hykso App on a monitor using the Air Play feature or with an Apple Digital AV Adapter (plus an HDMI cable). That way you can show the training data to customers.

The app can be used in real time (useful for coaches) or post-workout (if you are training alone). In real time, you also have a timer with the number of rounds you are working out, added to the punch count, average speed, intensity score and more.

You can also record your sessions that you normally do and track your progression over time to see if you are getting the results that you wanted or if you need to step up a notch.

Below you can see a link on YouTube from a coach (Marty P. Hill) showing in real time how the app works:

How It Can Improve Your Boxing?

Hysko stipulates that after 3 months of training with his trackers, athletes improve their workout intensity more than 20%, punches 6% faster and use their jab 33% more. On the other side, it can also detect if you are over training to save energy.

US and Canadian boxing teams are already using the Hysko sensor at their advantage. Coaches are saving tons of hours of videos since they have now all the data in the palms of their hands. Having this metrics are important and draws a lot of insights to see if the boxer is working out the good way. By example, if you not throw enough jabs, it could mean that you are not fighting smart and at the end, finishing with a W at the end of the bout.

Wearable website has recently posted an interview with the Olympic US boxing team using these great trackers at their advantage. You can click here to read it.

Intensity Score

The Intensity Score is a feature that allows to monitor the fighter’s physical output when throwing punches. This scoring system rewards hitting as fast as possible and as often as possible putting aside the force. To put it simple, this feature base itself more on the way the punch is outputted than just the force. Having the intensity Score would help coaches to optimize his boxer’s technique and maximizing it by pushing him as hard as possible.

You can find more information about the Intensity Score by clicking here.

Is It Worth Buying It?

Is this a wearable for everyone that want to start boxing? Probably not but if you are already a boxer, this can be a game changer if you want to improve your technique, intensity at the gym/ring and see your daily progress. Something that boxers didn’t have in the past, a way to monitor their workouts, punches and intensity with solid metrics.

If you are a starter, a wearable like the Moov Now could be a better (and cheaper) match to have giving you the calories burned post-workout and punches thrown with an easy application. Knowing that Olympic athletes are already using the Hykso trackers to train more wisely and smart, I am sure this wearable would be a great addition for intermediate/pro athletes in their arsenal.

Looking at Amazon’s reviews about this product, they are pretty positive with 4/5 stars.


What do you think about the Hykso trackers? Do you think this can improve your boxing?

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will want to know your feedback. Any comments would be a pleasure to answer.


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