Best Samsung Smartwatches: My Top 3!

Best Samsung's smartwatches: My Top 3!

As you may know the smartwatch industry has been booming since the last decade, surpassing the fitness trackers in terms of sales all around the world. In 2018, we estimated to 174 million of wearable device we sold and half of them were smartwatches. Multi-functions and now more affordable than ever, the smartwatches is now more appealing than ever.

The best smartwatch vendors are between for companies: Apple, Garmin Fitbit and Samsung. You may not think about Samsung right of the bat when you want to purchase a smartwatch but you should think twice.

In this post I will talk about what I think are the best Samsung Smartwatches available to help you get healthy and of course lose weight. Be aware that these wearables are only based on my opinion and experience.

Number 3 : Samsung Galaxy Fit ($99.72 CAD)

Great hardware but design can be better

Weighted at only 23 g the Galaxy Fit is a great choice for people who want something discrete, affordable and with most of the fitness features that you are looking for to start your journey. It is very slim (the main screen is only 0.95″/24.1 mm) making you forget that you are wearing a tracker on your wrist.

It is waterproof so it gives you the liberty to wear the watch on any type of conditions. Swimmer? No problem due to his ATM water rating. It is built tough thanks to his military-grade durability standards’. Unfortunately the clicking system of the wrist straps are not the best (some users have complained), I would have suggested a standard clipping button that you find on many wearables these days.

Yes, the screen is small and some will probably won’t like it but the AMOLED screen has good resolution (120×240) thanks for his 16M colors. His touchscreen allows you to navigate easily (with not much lag) into menus. The Samsung Galaxy Fit also comes with a side button that can be customize and also let you start an exercise, open the watch screen, turn on/off/reboot you watch.

The lithium rechargeable battery will give you power for 7 to 8 days depending on the usage of the tracker. If you activate the Bluetooth all the time (or add widgets) it can drop your battery life to 4-5 days. It is an internal battery so you can’t change it unless you are a tech person.

Fitness Features

Wrist Optical HR Sensor

Coming with a built-in HR sensor you will get accuracy heart rate reading all day and night. Thanks to his body form the optical sensor reads a bit better your heart rate compared to bigger watches like the Samsung S3 Frontier. The Galaxy Fit is capable to alert you if your heart rate has exceeded your limit previously configured (predefined-level).

Tracks Calories, steps and distance

With his gyroscope and accelerometer, the Galaxy Fit records your calories, steps and distance without problem. You can set up goals and alerts to keep you motivated.

Sleep with some advanced features

There’s some advanced features when using the watch while sleeping thanks to his 24/7 HR sensor. Sleep stages are tracked correctly using the Samsung Health App.

Apps and Compatibility

Using Galaxy Wear/Samsung Health Apps

Like all the Samsung wearable product you need to configure your watch with the Galaxy Wear app. In this app you can change your watchface, check your battery status, add widgets and more. With the Galaxy Fit you can’t change a lot of things due to his small memory capacity.

The watch is also capable to receive smartphone notifications from your calendar, answering phone calls and messages. If you are a iOS lover you will disappointed with the app unfortunately.


  • Affordable is you are on a budget
  • Track steps and distance accurately
  • Robust watch with Waterproof ATM5 rating
  • Discrete and lightweight
  • Bright AMOLED display



  • It is Bluetooth V5.0 so your phone must be compatible with that technology. Older phones could not work.
  • Some users may find the screen too small to read
  • No Built-in GPS sensor
  • Limited connectivity with iOS devices

Number 2: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Price: $445.99 CAD

If you are looking for a more big and rugged Samsung smartwatch you should think about the Samsung Gear S3. Packed like Rambo with all the features that a smartwatch should have. Even if this watch is more than 3 years old (released in late 2016) you can expect great things with it. Still, it can be a gamble since technology evolves so fast…

There’s two models of Gear S3 watches. The S3 standard model and the S3 Frontier model. They are exactly the same (in terms of technology and sensors) beside weighting 5 g more, with different strap and a more rugged look for the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

Note: On some parts of the globe the LTE version of the Frontier is not available.

Rugged and stylish design but doesn’t fit to everyone

Forget about this watch if you got a small wrist size, it will look bulky on you. Weight at 59 g it is the heaviest and also the biggest (dimension 49 x 46 x 12.9 mm) of my top 3. Still, I found the design one of the best out there for a Samsung smartwatch. Still, you are looking at a well-made smartwatch that feels that you are really wearing a high-quality wearable on the wrist.

The 1.3 inch Super AMOLED display looks sharp and has a 360×360 pixels resolution, that looks really bright on any type of light conditions. The screen is made with Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ technology that keeps you safe from scratches and bumps. It also has an always-on display that can also be deactivated if you want to save some battery life.

Rotating Bezel with Tizen OS

Besides using the touchscreen, Samsung has introduced a rotating bezel to navigate in the menus. Thanks to the Tizen OS and his dual-core Cortex-A53 processor the experience is nothing but awesome. You can now see more and more brands copying this rotating bezel function that works like a charm. The Gear S3 Frontier also included two side buttons to enter/close a menu or to turn on/off your watch.

Packed with great GPS/HR sensors

With the HR sensor you can monitor your heart beats daily and with the Samsung Health app you can get in-depth information like light and deep sleep and if you have recuperated correctly during your night. Resting HR is also good to have to check if you have irregular patterns when you are not exercising. While training, the HR can give erratic readings during intervals but can be adjusted if you use an external Bluetooth HR strap (sold separately).

The GPS sensor is great. It can track GPS and Glonass satellites for faster satellite acquisition. Had Never issues. Take note that using the GPS sensor during workouts will drain your battery life very quickly. With the GPS turned ON you can see your pace, distance and much more when sync to a third party app.

Waterproof with 4 days of battery

One of the best water ingress protection rating available these days. Wearing your watch in the water or when swimming would never have been easier. Similar to the IP67 that most smartwatches have these days but can go even deeper into water (3 m compared to 1 m) for more time.

And of course it tracks distance, calories and steps without problem. Just make sure to select the proper widget or app to do it. Charging the watch on the cradle is all done wirelessly and it takes 2h30-3h to get a full charge.

Apps and Compatibility

Being able to use Tizen OS 4 instead of Android platform, the apps available and stunning. Tizen OS is a more open source OS that can brings more quality apps not only made by Samsung but by other developers, enhancing the user experience. Apps like Speedometer, Uber, Calculator, Weather, Watchface, Facer (watchface customizer) are all available and much more. Pear, Under Armour and Strava are some fitness that worth trying.

The Frontier version can be purchased with LTE functionality that allows you to send/receive text messages and phone calls. It can be a great plus if you want to stay connected without bringing your phone when exercising. The downside of the LTE function is that is not available everywhere and is compatible with only some specific phone companies.

Beside the optional LTE functionality you also get Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi embedded in the watch. You can also use contact payment thanks to his NFC compatibility. The Gear Applet you configure the watch from head to toe.


Awesome and bright Super AMOLED display

Dual-core processor and Tizen OS brings excellent performance

A lot of custom apps available via Gear App or other developers.

Battery last 4 days


iOS compatibility is lacking badly

Design can be too big/bulky for some users

LTE functionality is not worth it and is not compatible with all phone carriers

Number 1: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Price: $347.13 CAD

The latest generation of Samsung’s smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes at number 2 in my ranking. Appealing for what it can do at a reasonable price, this watch is the best one to pick up to have the latest technology for a wearable.

Nice Edges with great AMOLED display

Without reinventing the wheel the Active 2 has a very similar style as the first generation with is rounded edges but also with a brand new way to navigate into the menus, thanks to integrate (on the display) bezel. With Tizen OS installed on the watch, you won’t feel any lag when scrolling through the menus.

With his slightly bigger display than the Galaxy Active watch, you also got Gorilla Glass DX+ technology with anti-scratching technology with a robust body. His 1.2″ inch AMOLED display delivers up to 16M colors to enhance brightness and visual quality. You can also select between two size models: 40 mm and 44 mm.

Waterproof to the core but lacks battery life

The Galaxy Active 2 watch is rated with IP68, one of the best in the industry (after IP69) that lets you use the watch on any conditions. An example would be while swimming (ATM5 rating) or taking a shower. This wearable that weight only 30 grams is limited in terms of battery life, it will last you less than 3 days when exercising daily. This could be bad if you hate charging your watch every two days, you will also lose your sleep tracking if you are charging overnight.

Elegant look with a great selection of watchfaces

Elegance is what you will get with this watch. For me, the rounded body make it looks more like a casual watch than a sport watch. You can also select from a wide selection of bands thanks to the Samsung’s web store. Customizing your watchface is also fun to do. You can select from the watchfaces already created but you can also create your own.

Fitness Features

Good HR and GPS sensors but enhanced features are lacking

Besides having the standards’ fitness features like step counting, distance and calories burn, this watch also comes with built-in HR and GPS sensors. It also automatically track the exercise you are performing. You have predefined exercises and you can also add some into the watch if needed.

ECG and fallout detection and also to the rendezvous but their functionalities have not been proven yet (fallout detection needs a firmware update to work in 2020). Up to know the only brand capable of using these two functionalities are the Apple Watch 4 and 5.

App and Connectivity

LTE option (not available with all phone carriers), contact less payment (NFC only) are great addition but the extra cost is not worth it. We are talking about more than 100-150$ more to add these two functions.

With his big internal memory (1.2Gb) you can add a lot of music, widgets and watchfaces. Online streaming apps like Spotify are available and you can also pair your own Bluetooth headphones/earbuds to listening wireless. Please note that you need Spotify Premium to listen to music offline. You can transfer your own media files using the Wearable App.


  • Stunning style with rounded display with 16M colors
  • Good HR and GPS sensors
  • The rotating bezel is a great addition
  • Bixby and the Running Coach are useful
  • Customizable watchfaces and multiple straps to choose from


The short battery life can be a pain

Deep insights lacks compare to his competitors

ECG and Fallout detection functionalities are not 100% working at this time

My Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed my Top 3 Samsung’s smartwatches available up to this date. My 3 selections come with different price tags so you can has a choice depending on your budget. With Samsung, you are sure to get quality on the wrist, no doubt.

What do you think about this Top 3? Are you a Samsung’s smartwatch owner?

Please take a moment to write a quick comment! 🙂

Until then, has a great day!

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