Apple 4 Watch Series Review! – Is It Still Worth Buying?

Apple 4 Watch Series Review! - Is It Still Worth Buying?

Product Name: Apple Watch 4 Series (GPS version)

Overall Rank: 4.5/5

Price : $349.00 (40 mm), $379.00 (44 mm)

*Temporary out of stock on Only Available on or

Best Place To Buy: Amazon, Apple Store

Guarantee: 1 year

Other Info: You can trade your iPhone 6x and + to save some $


The Apple Watch 4 Series launched a year ago and was announced like the new generation of smartwatch for everyone. Packed with many new health features like fall detection, ECG (electrocardiogram) and new heart monitoring sensors the Apple Watch is one of a kind in terms of innovation and new technology.

But does spending almost $400 USD on a 1-year-old watch is still a great move? Now that the Apple Watch 5 is available on the market, should you go “all in” and get the latest model?

Product Description (Unboxing)

The unboxing for the Apple Watch 4 series is a killer. With his origami unboxing style, you see right from the start that Apple want you to have awesome experience. The layers that you unfold make it a magic moment. Great thinking Apple.

Once you lift unroll this baby up, you get the watch and the strap separate, plus the charger with the Apple magnetic charging cable.

The straps’ come in multiple styles and colors making it even more appealing to you. You can purchase some replacement straps’ from the Apple store or just find one on Amazon (looking with third party sellers).

Here’s some examples:

Note: The Apple Watch 4 Series doesn’t come with any earbuds, you will need to purchase it separately.

Click here if you want to see why you need earbuds in duo with your Apple Watch 4. It also

Hardware and General Features

The watch come in two sizes, 40 and 44 mm. Each of them comes with an awesome resolution with a stunning bright OLED (16M colors) touchscreen.

Apple Display Sizes:

  • Apple Watch 40mm display size: 394×324 pixels.
  • Apple Watch 44mm display size: 448×368 pixels.

There’s a lot of watchfaces to chose from and most of them looks awesome with this beautiful watch. From solar to kaleidoscope themes to your even selecting from your photo album since (recent memories or 10 custom photos).

For a list of the 8 best custom Apple Watch Faces, please click here.

The Apple Watch 4 series comes with dual-core 64-bit S4 processor and is built with an accelerometer, barometer and gyroscope to calculate speed, track atmospheric pressure and give you precise orientation. It also has an ambient light sensor to regulate the watch screen depending on the luminosity from your environment. It only weights 48 grams.

This smartwatch is also IP68 compliant, meaning it is dust and water resistant (immersion 5 ATM). It also has a built-in microphone (and speaker) that is useful if you want to ask Siri to open a podcast or make a call (using the cellular option) like James Bond!

Apple says that it takes up to 2 hours to get a full battery and the battery should last you around 18 hours (so at least 1 day of activity). This is reported on Apple’s website as shown below:

As Apple says, getting steady 18 hours of battery life depends on different factors like if you are using cell network or GPS tracking with the watch.

For storage, the Apple Watch 4 Series is packed with a 16 GB internal storage to add up some music or podcast to your workouts. In terms of wireless tech., it comes with NFC, Wi-Fi, BT 5.0 and LTE cellular connection(on selected models)

Fitness Features

In terms of fitness features, this watch got it all. From monitoring your heart rate with his optical sensor to sensing that you have taken a fall (like when you have a stroke by example) with his ECG (electrocardiogram) feature. This feature has been proven on the past to have help someone in physical problem and even save a life!

Note: Please note that the ECG feature is now available in Canada with OS 5.3 update.

This add up to the standard irregular heart rhythm notifications that has been working since Apple Watch 1.

What is interesting for us fitness lovers, is how long the battery will last while doing some exercises/workouts with/without streaming music from the watch. As you can see below, the battery life drops to half (10 to 5 hours) if you use GPS, Cellular and/or streaming audio (via Bluetooth to your wireless headset).

The Built-in Location sensor uses GPS, Glonass and also Galileo satellites. Having these three constellation of satellites will speed up satellite acquisition and give you an accurate tracking while cycling or running.

Activity Tracking is also to the rendezvous with this watch, allowing to automatically recognize the activity that you are performing during a day.

This feature will help you know if you need to workout more before the end of the day or change your active daily routine to improve and get better. Activity tracking can also be shown with easy to see rings that looks quite fun. This watch is also capable to track/monitor your swimming recording laps and distance.

Fitness and General Apps

The Apple Watch 4 comes now with WatchOS 5.1.3 (since January 2019), that brings bug fixes and performance improvements to the wearable. This is where Apple stands out from the rest of the world. This watch is packed with a lot of apps. Here’s a couple of ones:

– Weather

– AutoSleep (sleep tracker)

– Shazam

– Calculator (PCalc Lite)

– theScore (sports news and scores)

– Citymapper (bus and subway transit app)

– Workouts, Strava, Runtastic, Under Armour, Endomondo

This is only a few… You have access to a wide variety of apps depending on of your likes. Note that Apple Pay is available for LTE watch users only.

Pros and Cons


Stunning OLED display with great animations

Fast responsive touchscreen

16 GB built-in storage for apps/music

Watch feels nice, classy and high-end

Lightweight and Waterproof (50 m)BT connection with Apple earbuds feels great (wireless)


Battery life could be a pain (18 hours only)

The LTE version doesn’t worth the money

For enhanced connectivity/support you must use an iPhone


I think you know the answer to main question, right? This watch  is worth buying because it can do so many things great. Fluently.  You will save $ right now if you purchase one since Apple recently has released the Watch 5 series that starts at $249.99. The price dropped and that’s good for all of us. 🙂

Does charging your wearable is a pain for you?

What you find great about the Apple Watch 4?

I hope you enjoyed my post! If yes, please write down a comment below and it will be a pleasure to interact.

Make sure you tune in again. 🙂

Have a good one!

Alvaro ”Al” Paez

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28 Comments on “Apple 4 Watch Series Review! – Is It Still Worth Buying?”

  1. Oooh. I’m already imagining how I’d customize my Apple 4 Watch! I think I’d choose the coral wristband and the sunset theme. It’s really good to know about the limited battery life – although I think that’s fine. None of my workouts are likely to last more than 4 hours unless I’m backpacking or something. 

    What are some of the best apps that go along with it? Are there any really fun ones? 

    1. Hey Wendy! that color would fit you right! Yeah battery life is a killer for some (like me). Apps like Workouts, Strava, TheScore, Autosleep and much more! fun ones, I didn’t look but I will see! 

  2. I ran across your article and wanted to chime in because I have the Apple 4 Watch (44mm display) and I absolutely LOVE it! I don’t think that I use it to it’s full capacity, but (now that I’ve gotten used to it) I almost couldn’t live without it. I NEVER use the ECG feature, but I use it so much while I am at work to quickly see who is calling or texting and can provide a quick reply so easily. In addition, I ALWAYS use the heart rate monitor for my workouts and check my steps on an hourly basis lol! I custom ordered a band (Louis Vuitton) that I LOVE! I’m sorry to rant and rave, but this is one of the best purchases that I have made in a LONG time!!!

    1. Hey Dr. Baker, 

      Your comment worth a million! Thanks! 

      You seems to be pleased with the Apple Watch 4 Series! This watch is beautiful and got most of the bells and whistles that a smartwatch should have. The full experience of this watch make it one of a kind. It is now only a matter of extending the battery life but since they have added so much high technology it seems hard. Al  

  3. I know that I have already commented on this article, but I am coming back! I forgot to mention another facet that I use so much on my Apple 4 watch… the exercise feature. I had joined a gym where exercises are performed in a sauna setting. Guess what… I was able to calibrate my apple 4 watch to add in the additional calories burned throughout the exercise because I was in a sauna setting. I just wanted to add that and I had forgotten before! ((:

    1. Hey no worries! You are always welcome! 🙂 This is stunning! I didnt know how accurate/pro/active this watch could be and now you are showing us that from your own experience! Awesome! Thanks for being one of my followers :). Sincerely, Al

  4. Thank you so much for this nice and wonderful review of the Apple watch 4 series. I think it is somehow worth it price to some reasonable extent but I think it should come with ear buds and the LTE and battery life should be more better. I expect the price to drop continually since Apple watch 5 is finally out 

    1. Hi Charles, 

      The Apple Watch 5 Series is already on the go! That’s why the 4 Series has received a price drop in the last days. So make sure you check the stores for the be deals. seems to revamp the Apple dpt since they took out all the Series 4 from their web store. I guess it is because the new model has become available and they want to push that. I hope some other sellers will keep and sell the Series 4 very quickly. We don’t have that kind of problem here in Canada. Thanks for the comment my man! Al 

  5. The watch looks very nice and I really like the cool design. Apple Watch 4 sis 1 year old but it is still attractive to many people (including me!), it’s amazing. By the way, I like your unboxing watch, umm.. hopefully i can also buy the watch someday,  all the best. Intan.

    1. Hi Intan, 

      I appreciated your comment. You wont go wrong with this watch. The only big downside that I found is the battery life that last less than 2 days. How ridiculous if you compare it with other smartwatches in the market. Al 

  6. Hi there, 

    Apple Watch 4 series is still great if you compare with the previous version – Apple Watch 3. I like they made the screen bigger and more user-friendly for viewing experience. Although Apple Watch 5 would be released soon, if you care much about the always-on display, you could go for 5, I think I will definitely go for 4th generation as you mentioned in this article. 

    It’s the best health monitor on our wrist, and due to its size, I think it’s very convenient. Also, I think good health walk you a long way, so the price won’t be an issue for me!

    1. Hi Matt, 

      You are right. The display is something they need to tweak (or at least get a bigger model) with a larger display. It depends of your style and also your wrist size ! lol It is a great purchase since you will get quality, hardness and high end technology. 

      Thanks for the comment! Al 

  7. Apple products has been always the epitome of great technology when it ccomes to personal gadgets. You can never go wrong with this brand as has always complied according to high preference of its clients. One thing I’d like to know more is about the ECG feature. It detects fall and all but how does it save a life? Is there like an automatic emergency feature that calls 911 or alerts the guardian if ever the watch owner collapse or faint? Thanks for reviews and important details of Apple Watch 4 that you shared with us.

    1. Hey man, 

      Correct. The ECG feature that is finally available detects if you have fallen (on any circumstances) and the watch will pop you a message saying what the watch should do. If you are paired via Bluetooth to your iPhone, it can call the paramedics right away. Take a moment to read of my posts concerning the ECG feature by clicking here

      Regards, Al 

  8. I need a activity watch to help keep track of things to get better insurance and I was thinking of buying a fitbit instead of an apple watch, primarily due to the price.

    What do you think of the two devices and are they even worth comparing? Is Apple in a world by itself?

    I would like to get an Apple watch but sometimes it’s hard to ignore the bank account balance or budget.

    Do you have any thoughts you can help me with on this?

    1. Hey Rick, 

      There’s many other wearables that will get you what you want. At a lower price…

      Make sure you take a look at my reviews by clicking here. Apple is a great watch and gives you more than the others. I agree with you concerning the price but you get a long term wearable. One thing I found bad is definitely the low battery life. Al

  9. First of all, big ups to the author on this know I have never considered to buy an apple smartwatch as for the unique price, while others that were half the price or less would perform just fine, well this was untill I saw this post, I’m seriously considering buying one now. Cheers guys

    1. Hi Georgian, 

      Thanks for the warm reply! There’s new additions to the new generation of Apple Watches but who will buy a watch that cost more than $600 USD? Still, the battery life seems to be improved. Is it enough for make the switch? I doubt since the 4 Series is 200 bucks less. Al 

  10. Hey great post! I see that the Apple Watch 4 Series is now a great option since the latest generation Apple Watch has been released! Great! I will make sure to check the deals before they go off! I never had an Apple Watch and this post also gives me a lot of insights concerning the watch. Much Appreciated! Shelley

    1. Hi Shelley, 

      I am happy for you! You will be in good hands with this watch and it is more affordable than before. Thanks for the reply. Al

  11. This is one very nice watch I must say. The competition each of these companies are putting up when it comes to making better and more quality devices lately is really nice. Looking at this watch, I must admit I’m really impressed by its features and the apps in it are just really nice. I once got one of these expensive watch that couldn’t follow up with my work out and it was really annoying. I have high hopes on apple anytime. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chloe, 

      You will get all the data that you need  and see your health level from every perspectives with this one. Don’t worry. 🙂 Al 

  12. In my opinion, this is one of the best wrist watches that have ever been made by anyone. A friend of mine uses it and I always envy him. I am thinking of grabbing one myself but now that I have seen your post and i can see that the price has gone down, I will must definitely be buying the apple 4 watch series. Nice post.

    1. Hi Henderson, 

      I’m glad you loved my post. I can deny your excitation lol. It is surely a nice watch to have now since the price has drop like Snoop said (drop it like is hot). 😛

  13. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I am a sport fun and right now training for New York Marathon. I always want to have Apple Watch to monitor my sport activities. But I never bother to do anything and I am still holding my iPhone while running.

    Here comes your article. it is nice to hear that the price is dropping, costing only $249.99. The battery can be a pain, since I need to remember to do charging daily, but should be fine.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. I am going to purchase one and will let you know how it works.

    1. Hi Anthony! Wish you a good training for your marathon. I am doing the half-marathon in Montreal this year. You will get some decent data if you use it for your marathon. This watch is great but it depends what your looking for. For running, ill go for Garmin instead of Apple. Just my opinion…

  14. So many geat features from the apple 4 watch series. I think that this is a good one and I have been thinking of getting a smart watch, this is one of the best. You have shown us what’s in the pack and it really looks like a simple watch worn by anyone. I have to get one. Thanks for a good review on the wristwatch. Good review.

    1. Thanks John. Apple made it clear that they are looking for their users to have an awesome experience. This is exactly what they get with the Apple Watch 4 Series. 

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