Amazfit Verge Review! Is It Worth Buying?

Amazfit Verge Smartwatch Review

Product Name: Amazfit Verge

Overall Rank: 3.5/5

Price: $ 127.99 USD ($ 211.54 CAD on

Best Place To Buy: and Amazfit website.

Guarantee: 1 year (check with customer service)

After being completely surprised with the Amazfit Bip with his fitness features, accurate sensors and low cost, I decided to dig up a bit more and see if Huami had other great smartwatches in their arsenal. And they do. From the eleven wearables listed on their website came to my attention: The Amazfit Verge.

Made with a combination of style and technology the Amazfit Verge is one wearable that I have to break down to see if it worth buying or not. Packed with 12 sport modes, built-in GPS and Alexa support assistant this wearable that cost less than $150 could be a good competitor to costly brands like Garmin, Suunto or Fitbit just to name a few.

Let’s start with the Amazfit Verge review!

What’s in the Box?

The box comes well packed with the watch on top and sliding the cartoon holder, you access to the accessories (manual and charger).


Proprietary charger

The charger of the Verge is proprietary with 4 pogo pins that connects to the back of the watch. You can use a standard USB port of a laptop or PC to charge the watch or you can also use a USB power supply for a bit more juice (depending on the amps of the power supply, ideally more than 500 mA). It takes about 2 hours to charge the watch to his full capacity.

One weird thing when charging the watch is that you must flip it upside down so it doesn’t fell on the side.

The manual

The manual that comes with the watch is well detailed and is separate by 9 different languages. From English, Spanish, French or Portuguese the choice is yours. For a digital version of the manual, click here.

Hardware and Design

Robust case but material feels cheap

The first thing you noticed with the watch design is the rugged plastic look of the case. Made with reinforced poly carbonate the case feels a bit cheap compare to other smartwatches in the market. So if you are a business person that want to wear a watch that reflect you outfit, this watch is not for you!

Unless you wear a casual outfit the Verge doesn’t feel classy (Credits: CNET)

For some users the watch will feel a bit too big if they have small wrists. The edges of the watch looks too simplistic with the fourth red bars that looks like a crosshair. Comparing with other watches (like the Huawei Watch GT or the Samsung Gear/Galaxy) in terms of style this watch is far behind. I suggest going with the Amazfit GTR if you are looking for a much sharper watch than the Verge.

The GTR model comes with stainless steel body and a beautiful leather strap (Credits:

The Verge comes in three different colors: Twighlight Blue, Shadow Grey and Moonlight White. If you want a more casual look, go with the Twilight Blue.

The strap fits great

The band made with silicone is very comfortable on the wrist and should fit any of wrist’s sizes due to length (70 mm + 113 mm). Weighted at 46 g this watch is very light so you won’t feel like you wearing something heavy every time you twist you wrist to look at the display.

The band is replaceable and comes with locks that allows you to interchange it very easily. You will find plenty of replacement bands online to customize the watch.

Bright AMOLED color display

The Amazfit Verge is built with a 1.3 inch AMOLED high-res (360×360) screen that makes the colors more vibrant and at the same time it improves the brightness for a sensation of the images popping out. This is one of the best display technology out there (beside Super AMOLED and OLED like the Apple Watch).


The screen of the Verge also automatically adapts to lighting environments to give the best visual experience possible. Due to his size, the screen allows to view a lot of functions (distance, calorie burn, steps, etc…) directly on the main screen (depending on the watchface used). The anti-fingerprint coating of the display will keep away any fingers traces.

Also, keep in mind that this the display is made with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that has been proved to be built tough and damage-resistant.

Touchscreen and Home Button for navigation


The watch is controlled using the Home button and the touchscreen. The Home Button is used for locking/unlocking with a short press or to turn on/off the watch by holding the button.

The touchscreen is very responsive when navigating through the menus and features. The dual-core 1.2 GHz chip set make the navigation on the watch really smooth without any lag. To navigate on the menus you can swipe up/down and slide right/left to change interface.

5 Days Battery Life

Like most of Amazfit models this watch comes with a 390mAh rechargeable battery (Lithium-ion) that will last 5 days in normal mode but as soon as you use the integrated sensors the battery will drop to 3-4 days at maximum.

Fitness Features

Good HR Sensor depending on the workout

The Amazfit Verge comes with a new optical heart rate sensor (compared to the Stratos) that sits flat on the back of the watch. One thing that people noted with the HR accuracy is that for upper body or boot camp workouts, the watch won’t give accurate readings.

If you are planning to use the watch while running/walking it will give you more precise readings. A thing to keep in mind. You still can pair (via Bluetooth) the watch with a HR chest strap to get more precise measurements.

You can set the watch to monitor you heart rate for a 24 hours. That way you can find if you heart has any abnormal heart rate that could indicate some health problems.

Auto-tracking 12 sport modes

As we speak, the Amazfit Verge is capable to automatically track 12 different sports/workouts. This is great if you are someone that perform on different sports. Here’s the list that the watch can track:

  • Running, Indoor Run, Trail Run, Walk
  • Elliptical Training, Jumping Rope
  • Climbing, Tennis, Skiing, Soccer
  • Outdoor and Indoor Cycling

We are not sure that more sports will be added with a system update.

Great GPS tracking (route)

The location sensor if the watch uses GPS and Glonass (Russian satellites) for more accurate positioning when tracking you route. If you look at the accuracy when performing a run session (by example) the watch tracks the route correctly without any hiccups.

The manufacturer suggest raising you arm to you chest to accelerate the positioning. The watch also use assisted GPS (AGPS) that collects orbit information data to help the watch perform positioning faster. Each time you sync the watch with a smartphone (and the app) it will update the AGPS data on a daily basis.

Note that this watch also let you track lap times with the stopwatch feature and also use the timer to create a workout with a specific amount of minutes/hours.

Sleep monitoring

With the HR optical sensor of the Verge you are capable to monitor sleep data such as Sleep time and also deep and light sleeps. You can check these values directly on the watch or with the Amazfit app for more insights (still limited).

Software and Apps

Widgets and Apps

To add or delete widgets and applications, it need to be set using the Amazfit app that you can download for iOS or Android. Once accessing the ”My Watch” interface you can ”tweak” the watch as you want it.

Using Amazon’s Alexa

A new addition incorporated to the Amazfit Verge is the Alexa voice assistant. With this feature you can talk to the watch with some commands and the assistant will reply right information. By example, if you want to know what’s the weather in you city you can ask Alexa (if you watch is sync with you smartphone).

Note: To have Alexa assistant make sure you are running OS version and up.

Real-time Notifications

If you phone is connected to you watch it can receive and display plenty of phone notifications. To enable app notifications you must use the Amazfit Watch app, once that is done you can receive most of you social medias apps, emails and texts notifications on the Verge screen.

Ability to make and receive phone calls

To be able to receive and make phone calls on you watch is something that not all smartwatches are capable to do. But due to his built-in microphone the Verge is capable of doing so. Once you are paired with you smartphone, the watch will download (after prompting the access) all you phone contacts into you watch and you will be able to call you mother or you wife directly from the watch.

The phone app also give the option to configure you phone calls with vibrations and ringtones.

Music Storage and Bluetooth Connectivity


The Amazfit Verge is capable to store music directly on the watch and with 4GB (1.9 GB available for users), you will be able to add many MP3 files without problem. To listen to the music you will need to pair some Bluetooth headphones with the smartwatch. Of course using that feature will decrease the battery life of the watch faster.

Pros and Cons


  • Low cost smartwatch if you are on a budget
  • Lightweight and waterproof (IP68)
  • Good GPS tracking and HR sensor
  • The watch interface is user-friendly
  • Built-in storage to add your music included
  • Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is useful (with the microphone)


  • The plastic casing feels cheap
  • Touchscreen can sometimes be unresponsive
  • The Amazfit app need revamping and some translations need to be fixed
  • Bluetooth connectivity can be a problem for iOS users

Is It Worth Buying?

Let’s call the Amazfit Verge a great smartwatch if you are in a budget. I don’t have any problem suggesting this smartwatch if you want to get accurate (but not perfect) fitness data (heart rate, GPS, distance) with it. If you are starting in the smartwatch world this is a great option since this wearable is user-friendly and can be configured easily for quick start up.

Of course if you are looking for a classic look smartwatch, you will be disappointed with the Amazfit Verge. It looks more like a fitness tracker that you had in the past years instead of a nice smartwatch. If you are looking for a more decent look at the same price I will go with a Fitbit product, like the Versa 2 by example.

Also, keep in mind that the Amazfit app looks outdated and is less intuitive than Garmin Connect app or Fitbit app just to name a few. The last two will give you a more enjoyable experience compared to the Amazfit app.

I hope you’ve liked my Amazfit Verge Review!

Please take a quick minute to write a comment of what you love or not on the Amazfit Verge Smartwatch.

Until then, have a great week! Stay active!

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30 Comments on “Amazfit Verge Review! Is It Worth Buying?”

  1. Thank you for your review on Amazfit smartwatch. I am on the hunt for a new smart watch, I am currently using the Apple Watch and I have to say I am getting tired of the battery life. This one seems good but I actually do not mind to pay a but more for something better. On to the next! 

    1. The Apple Watch is on another league ! he he ! Still you can track a lot of fitness features with the Amazfit Verge at a low cost. Of course you don’t have the deep insights or the Apple Health but if you don’t need them this watch is a great purchase. Plus, the battery last really more compared to the Apple Watch (1-2 days only). Al

  2. A very nice watch both by inbuilt features and also external designs. I am really thrilled with simple smartwatches that are simple and can do some of the good features of those high rated watches. I have been a fan of smartwatches and I have seen a couple it bad ones. Although the cons of this watch is there, but its quite good and i really love its design. Cheers.

    1. Hey Benson,

      You are right. You can now get accurate readings with internal sensors with a low cost wearable. The same with this wearable. Still, the design is not the best out there but it depends if that is a problem or not to you. 

  3. If truly amazefit smartwatch delivers everything that has been shared here that it does, then definitely this is worth it and would be awesome to add up to my collection of watches. For such a price it is going for, I really like this a lot. Thank you so much for sharing here and I will try to check it out this minute. Thumbs up

  4. Amazfit is a very good smart watch here and I see the fact that it is good for those that are in a budget. I have been thinking of buying one of these for a big friend of mine and now seeing how well it works, I have more reason to buy. I will surely get this even though it has some cons, it still works well and the tracking features are accurate too.

  5. Thanks for sharing this amazing article review about Amazfit Bip smart watch, it’s a good product that is filled with useful and nice features even though it has its own cons, I think for a low budget, it’s a good choice. There are lots of watches online that are not up to the quality of this product as well as some better than it, it all depends on how much you can spare. 

  6. Thanks for this great post on amasfit verge review, with the reviews been read on this post i think the watch is a very good one and I think am gonna get one for my son soon since he likes sports and this watch can help him on that, I wanna ask if make an order how long does it take to be delivered and will there be any warranty on the watch?thanks 

  7. I’m looking for a smartwatch that give the sensation of a regular watch “something more classic” you recommended the Versa 2 from Fitbit, but I find interesting the feature of the music storage and the connection with Alexa, don’t know if the Fitbit has something similar I’m pretty sure I look into it. Thanks for the review it is very informative and made me think about witch smartwatch I’ll purchase in the nearest future.

  8. This looks more like a male wristwatch though I still think that it is tp class. There are some features that I was expecting though that I didn’t get here. It looks very nice that I can see all the information on Amazfit verge. The design looks simple. I doubt anyone would know that it is a smartwatch with all the sleek design. Does it come with a warranty?

  9. I had no IDEA that a smartwatch could do so MUCH!  It’s absolutely amazing.  You are right – it doesn’t look very good but to me, that is the only big downside.  For the price, it offers an amazing selection of processes.  I especially like that it will monitor your sleep as well as your exercises.  Sleep is important to overall health and if you aren’t getting enough or enough quality sleep, nothing will make a difference.  I think the only thing this watch won’t do is the exercises themselves!  I love it!

  10. Apart from the Samsung Galaxy watch one of the smart watches I have used that proved to be one of the best. The Amazfit verge smart watch tis unique with is relative size and are easy to use .I really enjoyed your article I has really been of help to me.i would get one for my wife.

  11. Hello there, thanks for this awesome article it has really been of help to me and I know I would help others too.i have really heard and see alot of smart watches from the apple series 4&5 to the Samsung galaxy watch bit I has not really freaked me not until I read your article I think I would get this one immediately.

  12. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I like the watch a lot. And I’m always looking for something brand new. The watch I am using now is not going to give me the benefit of my mind like the battery .I am glad this article for you is another .The Amazfit Verge Smart Watch will look really cool in my watch collection .And the name is more convenient for me .I must thank you for your wonderful article and soon I will purchase it and fulfill my dream. 

  13. Wao it seems to be great. It’s very nice and I also love the exchangeable straps (that’ll make it look more or less formal depending on the current outfit used). It’s a super plus its platform independency (Being able to connect to iPhone or Android is great). Do you know if I could connect it to both types of phones simultaneously? (I have a personal and a fleet iPhone from my job).

    The running registry doesn’t depend on the GPS (this is good as I used to have another brand that didn’t register running activity on the belt). Sleep monitoring is a very important feature. If we’re capable to understand how our habits affect our sleeping efficiency, we’d definitely be able to make better decisions and encourage better habits.

    Plastic encase comes with the low-cost pro! Thank you for bringing this review to us. Having a full year of guarantee I understand it could be a good purchase for its price. 

    1. Hi Juan,

      Connecting at the same time won’t work unfortunately. Most phones have one a single secure BT connection. The only way would be to have a USB BT dongle but on phones I never saw that. Only PCs/Laptops. 

      I appreciated your great comment my friend.

  14. Hello Alvaro, I have day that the amazfit verge is in a league of his own. For a while now, I’ve been contemplating ditching and replacing my regular digital wristwatch a smart watch, albeit subtly. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, but somehow, I felt I would recognize it if I saw it. When I heard of the amazfit verge, I still wasn’t sure but this review has answered all the questions I had. My favorite attribute of this smart watch is it’s battery capacity. I’m truly glad I found this, thanks for sharing 

  15. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article review about Amazfit Verge Smart Watch. I’m glad I found this article. The watch is filled with useful and awesome features even though it has its own cons. I want to buy it for my Husband. I think for a low budget, it’s a good choice. I have a question. If I bought this watch, how long would it take to deliver it? Thanks for sharing. I will definitely share it with my friends. My best wishes to be always with you.

    1. Hi Sabrinamou, 

      I appreciate your comment. Sorry for the delay. The shipping depends on your location. Generally in North America it takes a couple of days (faster with Amazon Prime). For international orders it can take a couple of weeks. 


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