Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Review: Huami Hit a Home Run!

Amazfit Bip Review

Product Name: Amazfit Bip (from Huami)

Overall Rank: 4/5

Price: $79.99 + shipping (shipping free in the US)

Best Place To Buy:

Guarantee: 12 months (US service if needed)

A couple of months ago I did a blog review about the Pebble smartwatch. A custom watch that can be used with different apps and features created by developers that enhanced the device’s functionalities. The Pebble smartwatch still survive (with but the poor development of apps (open source) and the warranty/service made the watch less attractive for the potential users.

The Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is the replacement of Pebble Smartwatch that users has been waiting for Huami, a Chinese tech company that sold more than 50 millions units today, has hit a home run with this smartwatch. Launched in 2018, the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch got a lot give: Awesome battery life, beautiful design, cheap price and much more.

With my Amazfit Bip Smartwatch review you will know all the ups and down of this wearable, helping you make the right decision at the end. Let’s get it started!

What’s in the Box?

Like most of the smartwatches these days, the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch comes with the minimum:

  • Amazfit Bip smartwatch with Quick release strap/band
  • USB Charging Dock
  • User Guide

The Case

The plastic metal (polycarbonate) case is very light making it very comfy, making you forget that you are wearing a smartwatch. On the right side you have a ”fake” bezel that act as a ”enter” button when you are accessing the menus. A short press allow you to wake up the watch if it is locked or view activity details when you are in sport mode. A long press permit

The strap/band

The smartwatch come with a 20 mm standard strap that can be purchase in black and white. The first time you wear the watch it looks ”cheap” but comfortable. The other two colors (cinnabar red or kokoda green) are more grayish with the custom color on the rubber loop as shown below.


Credits: Amazon

Some users feel that the strap is not comfortable and sometimes can scratch the skin. They suggest to purchase different strap models that you can easily found on the web or on Amazon. Here’s an example.



The Amazfit Bip smartwatch comes with a 2.5D Corning Gorilla glass (3rd generation) with anti-fingering coating. Built with an LCD touchscreen, old Pebble users will have the same feeling with this smartwatch. The 1.28 inch display uses always-on technology, allowing you to always see the screen when you need it. No need to twist/turn you wrist to show you data (can be configured that way too).

The display is also scratch-resistant and you are able to set up the brightness with 5 different levels. This can be helpful when the sun or ambient light becomes a problem.


This watch is packed with watchfaces to choose from. You have a bunch of watchfaces by default, if you enter into the settings of the watch or by using the Mi Fit app. You are the experimental type of person you can also have more customization by accessing XDA Developers forum. Pebble users will love this!

30 Days Battery Lifeamazfit bip charger dock

This watch is a ”killer” in terms of battery life. On regular use this watch will give you about 30 days of battery autonomy and 45 days if you use it with minimal notifications. If you use the fitness features like GPS and heart rate (sensors) the Amazfit Bip will last about a full week.

It will take about 2-2.5 hours to fully charge the 190 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. Take note you can use the USB charging dock with a standard USB charger from another device (like a smartphone).

Waterproof Smartwatch (IP68)

This feature is become more and more embedded on wearables these days and no one will complain about it! 🙂 I’m a fan of waterproof stuff since a smartwatch or fitness tracker is generally used all day long on any conditions. Not worrying about getting the watch wet or submerge make it stress-free.

Keep in mind that it is not suggested to wear while swimming.

Smartwatch Features

Phone one-way notifications

The Amazfit Bip paired with an iOS or Android smartphone will give you one way notifications for emails, text messages, incoming calls and social medias (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn). If you get a call, it will prompt you a message but you will need to answer with you phone.

Extra apps and watchfaces

You can also get weather forecasts and other third party apps that can enhanced the watch functionality. If you want more details how to ”tweak” or add the best apps or watchfaces please check this Techwiser post.

Gadgetbridge allow installing custom firmware and fonts (credits: Techwiser)

Fitness Features

Built-in GPS

Packed with GPS (US satellites) and Glonass (Russian satellites) will allow to have a faster positioning and tracking. A great feature even if it is not the most accurate GPS sensor in the market. But it will give you a better accuracy for distance and steps taken compared to a standard pedometer.

Optical Heart Rate sensor

optical hr sensor

Being able to read you heat rate from you wrist is something great when doing intervals workouts or runs. Having this fitness feature built-in is something that you will love. Of course, it is not super accurate but it is better than nothing right?

Multi-sport tracking

You have the ability to track you runs or cycling with mapped routes, detailed stats and heart rate zones.

Timer and Stopwatch

These two features can be helpful during workouts but they can be a pain since you cannot use it in background mode.

Software and Apps

The Mi Fit app that need to be used with the watch is really basic with 3 different menus. You can use the QR code available on the manual to get a direct link to the app download or you can just search it on the AppStore or PlayStore. The Bluetooth pairing with the smartphone can be frustrating due to slow connection.

1. Workout

This menu allow you to see you daily activity status with the steps that you need to take to reach you predetermined goal. You can also see the recorded when walking, running or cycling.

2. Friends

You can connect you friends or people from the MiFit community for a healthy competition.

3. Profile

That’s what you will use the most at first for configuring you watch the way you want it. From setting you step goals to smart analysis that can give you guidance for you sleep or body, everything need to be set up in here.

Sync with Google Fit

This is a great addition since MiFit doesn’t give you in-dept analysis of you data (beside sleep). Google Fit can be you personal coach and has team up with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to bring new activity goals (Move Minutes and Heart Points) that can help improve you health. Really impressive!

Pros and Cons


  • Stunning battery life (up to 30 days) while using fitness features
  • Built-in GPS and heart rate sensors
  • Lightweight and waterproof (IP68) Smartwatch
  • Ability to tweak/customize the watch with third party apps
  • Cheap smartwatch that got most of the fitness features that an active user needs


  • Mi Fit app is not intuitive and doesn’t give any recommendations about you health habits for improvement
  • LCD display is outdated and can be a downside for some users
  • Syncing can sometimes take forever (arm yourself with patience!)

Bottom Line… This Smartwatch Is a Winner

If we look at the full picture, this watch is undeniably a great choice. If we compared it to the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Versa, his closes competitors it is a no-brainer due to his price tag and battery life. Of course, if you are looking at a ”elite” smartwatch to run a marathon this watch won’t do the job. But for normal activity use it does the job and it does it well.

Old Pebble techy users will also be happy with the Amazfit Bip in terms of modifying or tweaking the watch the way they want it. There’re no games but many customs apps and firmware are available to get a more programming/tech experience.

I recommend this watch 100%. So, are you tempted like I am?

I hope you loved my review of the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch! Click the button below to add a comment if you already own this watch or if you have any questions. I will be pleased to answer you the best I can!

Until then, have a good healthy week! Stay active! 🙂

Alvaro ”Al” Paez

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78 Comments on “Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Review: Huami Hit a Home Run!”

  1. Amazfit Bip smart watch is really a great choice, what triggers people’s interest in getting some things they get especially watches is how multi-tasking the watch can be because we now have several watches that can perform the duty of clocking, monitoring sporting activities, exercises and lots more that are at a very affordable price. It really nice to have one of this. I’ll share this with some other people, thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad to see that Huami hit a home run here with Amazfit Bip. With this watch I see that it really has a sleek design and that it has all the bells and whistles such as the watchfaces. I can see how this is such a popular and high-demand product with such a great price tag as well. Additionally, the battery life at 30 days is outstanding. I know some people who are big into watches and I will definitely share your post with them. Great review and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you find out there!

  3. It’s like having your phone in your watch, it has so many cool features! And a really long battery life! I love that it is waterproof, because many of my watches in the past had short life spans because I always forgot to take them off before showering … 

    Built in GPS is useful, so are the notifications for email, messages, calls, and social media. I think that the price is also pretty good, not too expensive, it would definitely make a great Christmas gift! 

    1. It is a great gift that won’t cost you a lot like other fitness trackers or smartwatches. Being able to use the watch in water or when taking a shower is something important I think. Al 

  4. Fitness watches are a great tool. No doubt about it. Monitoring the performance of your workout and fitness routine practice after practice will give you a great insight into your stages of fitness and improvements you do along the way. Besides, what is actually one of the most essential things when working out is the heart rate zone.

    depending on your age it is the ultimate guide for the intensity of your training routine. Thus, having on hand such a helpful tool will make you a real “expert” in your practice routine.

    Obviously, not all watches are of the same quality. It seems the one you are presenting within your article should be one of the “user-friendlier” once. It is good to know “fitness people” have the choice and opportunity to choose the proper one.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    Best regards,

    1. You are right. It is a tool that would help you on the long run if you are planning to improve or lose weight. The wearable market is huge and I am happy to guide them into the right direction! Thanks for the reply Igor. 

  5. This amazfit smartwatch sounds like the real deal right now and to be honest, I think it is the smartwatch to buy right now. I think that it is very nice to see you come up with this very lovely post about it. I didn’t know about the pebble watch as well. I need to get one of these. The feature I admire most is the awesome battery life. Looks cool. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Henderson! 

      Thank you for the warm comment! I’m reviewing many wearables on this website so if you want to can spread the word to anyone you know that needs a wearable device! All the best. Al

  6. I  got this watch as a birthday gift few months ago. It has so many features and they all work so pretty fine but the best feature to me is that ability to change the watch face and there are lots of them for every mood and occasion. You can make changes between classy analog for fancy dining and large digital for those having problem reading small watches without their glasses on. Another key feature that I love is the battery life of over 30 days without having need to recharge, compared to other watches where you have to charge every few  hours the battery life is really amazing.

    Nice post!

    1. Jordan, 

      I am pleased to hear that you own that cool smartwatch. Were you a Pebble user? The battery life is one of the great thing on the Amazfit Bip for sure. It is great that you have tweaked your watchface with this smartwatch. It demonstrate the capabilities that this watch has. 🙂 

  7. Amazing the product you present. This smartwatch with its many applications and properties can be used by anyone. I would choose it as a gift to my cousin who is an athlete. It would be very useful for him as he has GPS and a heart rate sensor. The price is reasonable if you consider the applications it provides. Your approach is very good.

  8. Thank you for your in depth review of the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch. All I can say is WOW! I am definitely sold! 

    I had actually been looking into getting one of the newer Apple wearable devices but the Amazfit has all the functions I am in need of covered and the price is unbelievable, especially compared to Apple’s version. It is true I will have to do without a few features in this case but I think the trade off is well worth it. Thanks again!

    1. It is a great bargain if you compared to the Apple Watch Series. Come on, the Apple Watch last about 2 days when using the standard fitness features. This is a no-go for me! I hate to remind myself to charge my watch every night or so. Thanks for the comment Shan!

  9. The amazfit smart watch is quite a good one. What I liked about it is the fact that it looks real simple even though it has quite some  good quality on it. If the prices are remaining unchanged it is really on the affordable side. How long can this watch be submerged under water? Wish I could also get the free shipping obtained by those in the US the shipping charges to my country are quite too high.

    1. You are right, getting a watch overseas will jump up the price unfortunately. You can try to check if a local store got the watch to save high cost shipping price. Al 

  10. Thanks for the detailed review. Besides the basic purpose of what I would buy a watch for, knowing the time of day, the ‘health’ feature to me would be a great bonus… especially coupled with a GPS sensor that should give you a heart rate reading for a given distance of walking, running or jogging. It would be a great workout tool in a small package except for the few caveats you mentioned. Realizing that this is a very affordable product, would you happen to know the margin of error regarding the Optical Heart Rate Sensor… is it significant?

    1. Hi Michelle, 

      Thanks for the reply! It is definetely an affordable watch compare to others. The accuracy of the HR sensor really depends. It is not consistent and that’s why I’m not giving the Amazfit Bip  a score of 4.5 out 5! Sometimes you get about 25-30 bpm less or more than your actually heart rate. Al 

  11. Amazfit Bip smart watch is one of the best watches I’ve seen, only few of them monitors heartbeat like it does. I like the features that it has and most especially it’s durability, 30 days battery life is not a small deal and to have such an amazing watch at such an affordable price is very nice. I’ll add it to my list. It’s nice to read through.

  12. Nice one for the wrists here. I think I have heard about the pebble watches before although I didn’t get the information on that from this site. I like this one with the very strong gorilla screen which gives one full confidence that nothing wrong will happen even if it drops. The battery is also overwhelming and it has good apps too. I will very much want one. It seems like it was made specifically to deal with health-related issues.

    1. Hi John, 

      Make sure you tune into my blog more and more as we get most of smartwatches and fitness trackers reviewed every week and so. The Amazfit Bip is a great choice since it is cheap and got all the bells and whistle that a user needs at first. 🙂 

  13. I have always thought about purchasing a smart watch but I never knew where to go for one or how much to spend.  I don’t really need a ton of features on it.  But I love this review and it is definitely a watch I will have to keep my eye on because it seems amazing for the value and I like the color choices and simplicity.

  14. I must admit I am definitely an Apple product user. However, I have been doing more research lately on the other options out there because they are come out with SO many its unbelievable!

    I am actually really shocked at the battery life on this watch in particular… I have an older Apple Watch, but even the newer ones only hold a charge for 2-3 days at the MOST with minimum use. Holding a charge for up to 30 days??? That is enough to sell me on it right there. My watch has been sitting on my nightstand for the past 15-20 days not being worn simply because I have been too lazy to charge it.

    I really just can’t believe this – Apple needs to step up their game or Amazfit Bip might take over! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kara, 

      Thank you for the reply. Since the Apple Watch 1 Series, Apple never got better in terms of battery life. O.K. slightly better (2 days when using the fitness features). Not having a battery that stands a week is something that kills me! Al

  15. Hello Alvaro “Al” Paez. There are numerous smart watches out there from different brands and it is a huge job choose the one to go for, you are doing a great job here.

    This watch caught my attention. I love the battery life (30 days is huge), the designs are really beautiful and attractive too. The Amazfit Bip smart watch is loved!

  16. Hi there. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this review of the Amazfit Bip Smart Watch. Technology keeps getting better and better as each day passes by. This watch is great, I love all its features but it is near perfect. It would have been awesome if the LCD display is high quality. I love HD screens.

    Good Vibes!

    1. Hi Techie! 

      I know! With a better display like AMOLED it will be crazy! Still I am not sure if the battery life will stand 30 days! he he he ! 

  17. Hello Alvaro, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. I recently heard about this watch but honestly, I did not know it is so powerful. I would really invest in it just to save some money. It is great how long battery life this watch has. I sometimes work as a guard at the swimming pool so it is awesome it is waterproof.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It is truly a great smartwatch. Not the best looking or best display but it does the job and it does it well. That’s what everyone needs if they want to start working out and get healthier. Al

  18. Thank you for your review on Amazfit Bip smartwatch. I am currently using the Apple Watch and I have to say that I hate the battery life so much, it only lasts 18 hours which is not practical at all. That is why I am on the hunt for a new smartwatch. That is amazing that it is scratch resistance. The fitness function is a nice touch as well. For $80 and free shipping is totally worth it.

    1. You will never get the same experience as the Apple Watch but in term of battery life it is a no brainer. I expect to have a watch that last around a week and this one exceed the expectations!

  19. Hi Alvaro “AI” Paez, thank you very much for writing an informative and great article about Amazfit Bip Smartwatch. You covered almost everything about its features but I have a little question about it. Can I answer for email from this smartwatch? and is it supports voice to text conversion.

    1. Hey Abul, 

      Unfortunately you cannot use supports over voice. The Amazfit Verge includes Alexa support if you are looking for voice assistance. I am reviewing this watch in my next post by the end of the week. Al 

  20. Hi Alvaro is smart watch is very nice judging from all its features it seems to be a very nice watch, as a techie guy I love tech stuff and smart watches are the top of my list because they are durable easy to wear also easyfit and most of them have the ability to monitor your body system which is very important so I think I will try this one out and add it to my collection of smart watches.

  21. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is very well featured. If I have this type of smartwatch then no need a phone. The gorilla glass is well protected that protect my product. It’s really amazing. Long battery life is a great point to have. GPS is useful and call, message, Email, social media services that needed all the time is providing. We can call it an ”all-in-one” watch. Love it!!

    1. This is one of the best cheap wearable that I reviewed the past months. Even if it is a year old it don’t get old lol! GPS, big battery life and great watchfaces are a plus. 

  22. What an insightful review. It is comprehensive and detailed. The pictures follow the content well and one is fully able to make an informed decision on whether to buy the watch.

    It is good that you compared it to two other well-known brands so that we know how it measures up. Battery life is also a major issue for me and durability. 

    I’m convinced that this product will be the perfect buy for an enthusiastic runner.

    1. Hey Randal. I appreciated your comment. You get all the bells and whistles with this watch. Your sacrificing display quality and case robustness for accurate sensors and custom interface/straps. I think it is a good match. Al

  23. Hello there, I love your blog I’ve been following it up for quite some time now and you are very interesting articles, as a fitness personnel I tend to follow the trend and what’s trending now it’s smart watches I tried a couple of smart watches although somewhere bad and the others were pretty ok the one I love most was the Samsung smart switch very unique and durable, but I think this one the Amazfit bop smart watch you be able to competite with the Samsung smart watch.

    1. Hey Nelson! Love to see you coming back. 🙂

      Samsung produces great smartwatches but they are a bit expensive for the everyday people. That’s why I am trying to find a balance between cost and accuracy when it comes to smartwatches. Also not forget the look. Better display always on (like Samsung watches) means lower battery life. At least technology is changing every 6 months so we should get better in the near future. 

  24. There are two things I really liked about this watch, and that in my book, make this purchase worthwhile. The first one is the built in GPS. I work outdoors and this is a must for me. The other one is the optical heart rate sensor. After a run, being able to quickly check our heart rate on our wrist is very convenient.

    1. Your are looking for the same as I do! 🙂 I’m a runner and I love to have accurate readings and insights about my workout and this one got them. 

  25. Hello Alvaro. I had seen the pebble Smartwatch and felt interested in it. But after some time, I didn’t hear anymore about it until now. So, I’m glad Amazfit Bip Smartwatch has continued the route that it’s predecessor opened. The feature I like the most is the phone one way notifications. Very convenient.

    1. Hi Ann, 

      This watch is way better than the Pebble since it has more to give. GPS accuracy is great and battery life is awesome. The notifications are also good if you are a social media lover. Thanks for the comment. 🙂 

  26. Hi, I think that is a pretty cool looking watch. I like the color and style of it. I think it would actually make a good Christmas gift considering the price.

    I do not like the idea of having to charge my watch every month, but if the value is good enough then I would be willing do it it. 

    What exactly can these smart watches do, besides telling the time, and looking stylish?

    1. Jake, 

      Having a smartwatch that his battery life stand a month is rare these days. Just by example, the Apple Watch 5 or 6 batteries last only 2 days! This is nuts! Well it makes me nuts! 

      This watch gives a lot of fitness insights that would be great to have if you are planing to get healthy and lose weight. 

  27. Thanks for this great post about Amazon Bip smartwatch, well this is the kind of watch I have been looking for it has so many features and this makes it unique, the feature that reads my body temperature when am working out makes it the best out of all, I wanna ask if I charged fully can it work a full day on a stretch while using it??? thanks 

    1. Hi Rose, 

      This watch doesn’t record your body temperature. Only outside ambient temperature while being connected to a smartphone via the weather app. You can workout for many days with the watch if that is your plan. Al

  28. At this price it makes it easy to overlook some of the Cons. The long battery life and the water resistance alone makes this a wise purchase. It also looks so closely to the Apple Watch. So if someone would like an Apple Watch but cannot afford one, purchasing this is a no brainer.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


    1. Hi Edwin, 

      The Apple Watch is on another category since it has so many fitness insights, Apple Health care and much more accurate and high end technology. If you want a low budget smartwatch that does a little more than just giving you readings, this one is for you. Yes, the price is great. 

  29. I like the simple design of this watch and the many features it offers! I currently use my phone to track fitness metrics, so I like that this watch would sync with my phone. Do you know if there are any specifications on the exact types of phones that it’s compatible with? I’m also kind of worry that you say the app isn’t intuitive. I’m wondering if you can expand on that a little and if you have any suggestions to get over the learning curve when it comes to app use. Thanks! 

    1. Tucker! Thank you for the comment! Any smartphones that are Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and above will be compatible with this watch. If you want more info about how to check fitness data please click here. Al

  30. This is a very nice smart watch, and for the fact that it’s not apple or Samsung that are very regular, this is a thing of beauty and it features are just too good to neglect. I don’t give much credits to smart watches, but this one caught my attention and i am really impressed by it. The app that works with it, how do I get it matched with the watch so it can work together?

  31. Hello!

    I really like the Huami Amazfit Bip smart watch. As you explain the battery has an incredible duration. 

    It supports very well perspiration on the skin. It also provides important information for people like my son who trains regularly at the club. 

    I will consult him before making the purchase. 

    Thank you very much

  32. Its like having your telephone on your watch. It has so many cool highlights, and a truly long battery life, I love that it is waterproof and the fact that a large number of my watches had short life expectancy in the past because I was always forgetting to take it out when showering or washing dishes. 

    The built-in GPS is helpful, the same for notifications regarding email, message, calls and online life. I feel that the value is additionally really great, not very costly, it would make an incredible Christmas blessing

    1. Hi Arzu, 

      Not having a smartwatch that is waterproof Is a true blessing now. Most of the watches now comes with that feature so rest assure now. 🙂 

  33. Hello Alvaro, thanks for sharing this useful information. I have been a victim of buying smartwatches that are not always good enough and it really gets me pissed on realizing I have just wasted money on it. I am pleased with the features of the watch and since I am not having any good smartwatch now, I will get this on son.

    1. Hi Bella!

      That’s why we blog reviewers are there to help you find something affordable and that really works without stressing out! 🙂 Thank you for the comment! Al

  34. Hey thank you for the awesome review!! I really like the looks of this smartwatch! I have been needing a decent one and have been looking for one for Christmas. I particularly like how long the battery power in this one last and that it takes less than three hours to fully charge! It has a nice sleek design as well!

  35. Hey, it’s pretty crazy how cheap this watch is, considering the amount of features it has! The battery life is incredibly long as well. There is also so many different straps and styles you can use, especially if a certain strap isn’t comfortable for you. I thought you could only get different colours in these. So really handy that there’s more options. 

    I’ve never really worn a watch myself, but something like this seems a lot more cool. Makes me think twice about it. I really like the look of the product. Is this something where you are able to count your steps at the same time as well? That would be even better, as I do it on my phone at the moment. Overall great product. Thanks for letting me read your review. Darren 

  36. Amazing product with honest reviews! I like your balanced review. 

    I think Apple Watch does have a good brand, but it doesn’t have the specifications as complete as this product. And with a cheap price, I can have a product that is designed to provide health (health is expensive, right?). I really like this product.
    By the way, the display of this watch, can we changed according to our wishes? Or need another application?

  37. Hi Alvaro

    Thanks so much for sharing a great review of the Amazfit bip smartwatch, as Christmas is over, and I was talking with one of my sons about his present, he told me he would love to get a smartwatch, he gave me this smartwatch name, as he is a teenager, he told me this is a good one and not high price, so I won’t break the bank on this late Christmas present.

    Do you think this smartwatch if for a teenager?, 

    I see you also suggest to buy an extra strap, I like the one on the photo, do you have the link to check on it also, thank you

    1. It is a bit complicated to setup at first so he will need some help but then I am sure it will love it. Still Garmin and Fitbit has some pretty decent smartwatches for kids of you want to take a look. By example, the Fitbit Ace (check my reviews). 

  38. Wow, that’s a hell of a choice haha! I really find this watch a very good option.

    Only 80$ and it has a lot of features. About syncing…I have a Garmin which I bought two years ago (so it’s pretty new model) and it’s a lot more expensive and it does the sync sometimes incredibly slow…For a 80$ watch that won’t necessary represent a problem.

    Anyway thank you for sharing a lot of good and valuable information about this gadget, I will put it on my shortlist!

    1. Correct. Garmin can be a pain but never bad as Fitbit. This one is more affordable and the pairing/sync is top notch! Rest assured. 🙂 

  39. I found your article very useful and informative.

    Smart watch has so many nice features. Built in GPS , heart rate sensor , MULTI sport tracking,Timer and Stopwatch , 30 days battery life , light weight and waterproof etc.I will bookmark your page for reference 

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for sharing the review of the Amazed fit Bip Smart watch.

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