Activity Tracker For Kids: Meet The Vivofit Jr 2

Activity Tracker For Kids

Product Name: Vivofit Jr. 2

Overall Rank: 3.5/5

Price: $69.99

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So you are a parent looking to motivate your child to be more active? This one is for you! Since the end of last year, Garmin has introduced an awesome activity tracker for kids called the Vivofit jr. 2. We waited a couple of months to see how the kids reacted using this wearable. The final verdict all around is that they really enjoyed it! And it is more than just an activity tracker! A lot of improvements have been done since his predecessor (Garmin Vivofit jr.) and we will explain it below.

Disney’s Partnership

The first big addition to the Vivofit jr. 2 is the partnership they have announced with Disney. You can now choose from a variety of styles featuring many Disney’s characters such as Disney’s Princesses, Minie Mouse, Star Wars and Marvel Avenger. Each design comes with his own theme app adventure that can be played with his companion app, the vivofit jr. app.

Disney Partnership with Garmin

Stylish Bands, Color Display and Waterproof

With their association with Disney, Garmin has completely revamped the Vivofit jr band’s design. All designs have been created beautifully to represent each Disney’s theme with style. If you compared them with the designs from his predecessor, this is great improvement!

As you may know, I am a waterproof lover and the Vivofit jr. 2 delivers. It is fully waterproof with ATM 5 rating, meaning that your child can wear it while washing the dishes (yeah, right!), taking a shower or playing in the pool.

The American company has also changed the type of bands for this new generation of kids tracker. They are now stretchy bands available to accommodate wrists up to 147 mm (4 to 7 years old kids) and adjustable bands that fits 130 to 175 mm wrists (4 years +).

The display size is similar to the old one (11 x 11 mm) but the resolution has been boosted to 88 x 88 pixels (instead of 66 x 66 pixels). Sunlight-visible color display (8-color MIP) has now been implemented, making it more appealing to kids.

Weighting only at 17.5 grams, this wearable can load up to 4 weeks of data and his battery last up to 1 year! This is pretty good since kids of that ages doesn’t think about charging any stuff. A piece of mind for everybody…

Not Just An Activity Tracker!

The Vivofit jr. 2 has been specifically made to monitor your kids daily activity time and rewarding them by advancing in their mobile adventure app if they meet their daily activity goals. Here’s the 3 main activity tracking features from this device:

Step Counter: Tracks your child’s daily steps

Move Bar: A bar that shows up if your kid stay inactive for a long period

Sleep monitoring: Track sleep time, periods of movements and restful sleep

The activity tracking features are pretty basic but you won’t need more than this. Don’t forget that the end user is a kid between 4-7 years old!

If you are more a visual person, feel free to check Garmin’s video from their Youtube channel below.

There’s also a Youtuber mom (Katie Ellison) that’s tested this wearable with his kids for a complete week. You can see his review by clicking here

Goals, rewards and challenges

Beside the 60 minutes of activity goal (as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the Vivofit jr. 2 includes controlled chores that the child has to do with reminder (and audible) alerts. You also have Task timers (e.g.: 5 minutes to go brush your teeth) that are pretty useful to have if they are set up properly when paired with the vivofit jr app.

Rewards (in coins) are also acquired if your kid have met his daily goals. These coins can be used within their adventure story using the vivofit jr. mobile app. Your boy/girl can also challenge his friends or family (if he also has a Vivofit band) on the playground once sync (Connect IQ need to be installed on the band) with them. One on one challenge or timed step competitions are available for more fun and of course keep your kid active!

Theme Adventures And The Vivofit Jr. App

Each band bundle comes with his own theme adventure. By example, the Marvel Avengers bundle comes with Ultron’s Revenge: A Marvel Avengers Mission. Each theme adventure are accessible through the vivofit jr. app that can be downloaded for free on a iOS or Android device (also available for Amazon Fire tablet).

Click here to see the complete list of themes depending on of which bundle you will purchase (Overview tab).

Note: You can buy different band designs to have access to new app adventures.

Parent-controlled App

Within the app, parents are able to view the activity, responsibilities and sleep once they sync/pair their kid’s band with a compatible smartphone (iOS, Android and Amazon Fire tablet). You can also add task such as brushing teeth or homework by scheduling chores and settings reminder alerts. This is awesome for kids that need to be ”daily-instructed” and we know that there’s plenty!

The mobile app allows the parent to check his kid’s daily progress and you can manage each profiles separately (because kids are not all the same!). All the data is sync once you connect the phone within range of the vivofit jr. 2 band.

You can also give more responsibility to a specific child if you think he’s ready for it. You just need to enable the ”Kid Mode” in the app to give some limited access to monitor and check off their own chores or view their latest mission progress.

Reward Giver

In the app, you can also design custom rewards that your kid can exchange for their virtual coins that have acquired after meeting their daily goals.

That way you can tell them that they can earn a movie night by earning X numbers of coins by example. This can keep them motivated and create a decent family competition!

Would It be Good For Your Kid?

I think that Garmin has hit a homerun with his new partnership with Disney. They probably got wind from many parents or critics about the vivofit jr not appealing enough to the kids these days. They had to come up with something refreshing and updated, and they did! With a price tag of $69.99, the cost is well-deserved if you want a rugged waterproof band to help your child staying active and motivated.

If you are looking for an activity tracker for kids, then this one is definitely a great choice. Of course, parents before had many tricks up their sleeve to keep motivation high with their child and I think it is still the same today. But we can’t avoid that technologies (smartphones, television and so on…) are omnipresent these days and our kids are first in line to see that. So, why not using wearable technology in a good way?

I hope you enjoyed this post and I am eager to know what you think of the Vivofit jr. 2.

Parents, do you think that this wearable device could motivate your child to move and stay motivated?

Please add your comment below and let’s engage!

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