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Hi everyone and welcome to Fitness wearables!

This website will help you find how to lose weight, get healthy and improve your fitness with different types of wearable that are more and more accessible in the market these days.

Let me tell you the truth, I am not a certified gym or fitness instructor but I definitely have a lot of knowledge in electronics and fitness skills to guide you into the path of success. Wearable devices have been a game changer for many persons all around the world including me.

Made for all kind of persons, these fitness ”gadgets” are now more available than ever and can aid you get healthy and lose weight. This website will bring you more understanding on how these fitness wearables works and how they can help you get active, improving your skills (depending of your activity or sport) and of course, keeping you fit for many years to come.

My Story…

I’m Alvaro, Chilean born but came to Canada when I was 5 years old with my close family. I’ve been active and playing sports since I was a little. I think that the feeling of always surpassing myself was unconsciously embedded in me. I always wanted to be better and improve on all sports that I played. At school, in the backstreets of Montreal, at the park…it didn’t matter. I just wanted to play.

Soccer was definitely the first sport that I played the most in my entire childhood. Thanks to my dad, who passed on his passion to me. Then, to improve my physical abilities and get better at that sport I started by working out at home with some dumbells and to going to gym. At that moment, I knew that finding a much to get better would always have a beneficial effect to myself, physically and mentally. Slowly, I let my first passion beside to completely dedicate my time to fitness and become better at what I wanted to do.

What also passionate me is electronics and technology. I am an electronics college graduate since 2003 and I always loved to play with electronic stuff and find out how they work and what they can do. From building electric car models to creating telecommunication satellite systems, this was the same to me. I enjoy it and feel like I worth a million dollar ! ha-ha !
So, having these abilities and passions brought me naturally to use wearable devices in my late 20s.

They made things much easier: they can monitor my strength workouts, create fitness exercises, watch my calories spent daily. All that to progress toward the goals that I want. I finally had something in hands that I can base myself, easily and efficiently. It’s like having someone watching and helping you. Kind of gym trainer… But let’s be honest, the cost of a fitness trainer is expensive long term, right? This is why wearable devices becomes handy: they are more affordable and you can use them anywhere you want.

What Is My Purpose?

Helping people is something that I always wanted to do but I never knew how to really achieve it. Besides charity, giving blood or helping an old lady cross the street (yes it’s happened often !), I never had the chance to do something positive that can impact someone’s life forever. But this is the time. Time to really accomplish something great that can help some that needs guidance and is willing to commit itself to change. Are you ready? I bet you are!
In this website, I will bring you more clarity into this wearable devices world. I will explain you how they work, what are their pros and cons and what they can bring you. That much you will know which device is the best for you to lose weight, to improve your health or increase your fitness level. I will also test and show you wearables that can be useful or not with my own opinion.

Based on that, I know there will be an opening to discussions and feel free to leave a comment. This will only be a plus for me and other person in this community.

My Goal Is…

The main goal of Mr.Fitness Wearables is to create a bond and guide you toward the goals that you want to achieve by using wearable technology. From smartwatches that keeps you fit, energetic and track your weight to shoes integrated with a fitness tracker, there is a world to discover. Let me show it to you.

So, if you have any comments or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Alvaro ”Al” Paez



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