5K Run In Switzerland !

Last two weeks I was traveling to Switzerland with my wife and boy to see some friends. I had the chance to run in this beautiful country, more specifically in a city called Sion. I am pleased to show you some pictures and videos showing the view and also what I used as fitness wearable. This will be ”short and sweet” post ! 🙂

One With Mother Nature!

As soon as we landed in Geneva, Switzerland, we already saw some breathtaking panoramas all around us. This country is entouré of many mountains and valleys. Talking about mountains, it was the Alps mountains. Pretty impressive as you can see from the pictures above!

I already saw the Cordillera Andes but only by looking down from a plane. This time, I had the chance to stand close by. The Swiss Alps cover more than half (61%) and the highest peak is at Dufourspitze (Pointe Dufour) with 4634 meters high on Monre Rosa. My 5k run was 156 meters high…not that impressive but notable compare to what I used to do (10-30 meters) here in Montreal.



What Fitness Wearable I Used ?

I only used my GPS fitness watch for this run. The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio. There is basically 3 models of Spark 3: The Spark 3, Spark 3 Cardio (with heart rate sensor and GPS) and Spark 3 Cardio + Music (HR, GPS and 3 GB of music storage). There’s also another model that includes some nice Bluetooth headphones. I didn’t want music in my watch because I prefer to run while being in my ”bubble” and concentrate on my breathing. Also, take note that using a fitness wearable with Bluetooth connectivity will drain the battery fast. It’s a big downside for me.

Here’s a quick video that I did when I was there showing my run details with my watch.


5K Run Breakdown With Strava

When I got back home, I was able to export the data from my watch and here’s the breakdown.



As you can quickly see, I struggled on this one! Why? because of the elevation (156 meters) difference VS my normal runs (generally averaging between 10-40 meters). And this was a steady 156 meters of elevation, uphill/downhill. My average time for a 5K is around 23 minutes. So, It took me 3 minutes more than my normal runs. I should start running with more elevation! That would help me to get better on my normal run, no doubt.


My pace (minutes/km) was OK. As you can see, I struggled at the beginning and at the end since I was running uphill. In the middle, it was downhill or almost flat. The GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) is a nice feature in Strava. It estimates an equivalent pace when you are running on flat land. So, you can see the effort and compare hilly and flat runs more easily. So, by example, my effort on my first km was really high and the GAP recorded was about 4 minutes/km. It took me more time to do this 5 KM but my effort was higher than what I normally do. It tells you how your heart react to different level of effort.


The last image shows PACE vs GAP vs Heart Rate. My HR was higher than normally but pretty consistent. I’m telling you, I was exhausted! LOL. Here’s a video just after the run. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed my videos and pictures. Here’s a last one!




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